T 1/475/104 - Estimated cost of repairing Douglas Pier & Harbour

In due obedience to the Directions of the Right Honorable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury signified in your Letter of the 6th April last, I have received the inclosed Estimate, Amounting to £155:8:- of the necessary Repairs for the pier of Douglas in the Isle of Man, washed down by the Storms as mentioned in my letter the 25th March last.

I humbly request their Lordships Directions to proceed in compleating of these Repairs, for a part of which [] an immediatiate necessity when the accident happended to prevent the Harbours being entirely Choaked up. And as it will be necessary for the Security of his Majesty's Sloops and Cutters and Navigation in general in St George's Channel to have the Harbours of the Isle of Man, which are now vested in the Crown, kept in sufficient Repair. I beg leave humbly to recommend to their Lordships, that an Act may pass next Sessions of Parliament to lay a Tonnage upon All Ships and Vessels putting in there,(His Majesty's Ships excepted) which will not only Answer that purpose, but also Defray the above Expence,
I am &c Chas Lutwidge

15th June 1770 [to] Grey Cooper Esq

An Estimate of the Expence of the Repairs necessary for the Harbour of Douglas in the Isle of Man washed down by Storms the 10th & 11th March 1770.

£ s d
To Money Expended and Due to Masons and Labourers since the time the Accident happened
50 8 -
To Compleat the North pier in its former State for Workmen & Labourers will require about
50 - -
To Lime for Ditto about
20 - -
To Rebuild the Light House at the end of the pier about 5000 bricks at 20s
5 - -
To the Roof and Glazing for Do about
5 - -
To Masons Work for Do about
10 - -
To Timber for flooring & Staircase about
5 - -
To Building up a facing to the pier on the South side & placing a Capstan thereon
10 - -
155 8 -


pier wrecked 1787
Plate from Robertson's Tour showing the Brick Lighthouse

It would appear that these repairs were done only for the pier and lighthouse to be again wrecked by storms in 1786 which led to the Herring Fleet disaster in 1787. See Appendix D.17 of 1792 report for a description of the rebuilding post 1770 destruction.

The capstan on the South pier was to allow boats to be winched in or out of the harbour if the wind was insufficient.


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