Douglas Artificers' Friendly Society

A report in Manx Sun 15 Jan 1841 read as follows:

Every inducement should be held out to young men to enroll themseves as members of Benefit Societies which have for their object the relieving of each other in case of sickness which is much more indpendent and prefereable to that of charities.

We are led to make these remarks from having learned that the respected body, the Artificers' Friendly Society of this town [Douglas] have made alterations in their rules to allow young men to join on easier terms than heretobefore. This society which has existed for about 30 years and is still going on prosperously, numbers about 200 members, and for the purposes of extending its usefulness at the last meeting they came to the resolution of reducing their charge for admission to the following viz:-

18-25 years 10s
25-30 ,, 15s
30-35 ,, 21s

A half of which may be paid on admission and the other half at the year's end.



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