[Appendix D(16) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]

N° 16.


[In Lieutenant-Governor SHAW’S Letter of the 27th of November 1791, marked (A)]

To the Honourable the Commissioners, sent by His Majesty to enquire into and report the state and condition of this Isle ; and in such Report to point out wherein or in what respects the said Isle, without prejudice to the commerce and revenues of Great Britain and Ireland, may receive benefit.

WHEREAS the Honourable Lieutenant Governor of this isle has been pleased to signify unto us that your Honours will be glad to receive all propositions and informations which may tend to promote the object of your mission ;

We, the inhabitants of the parish of Kirk Maughold, therefore, whole names are hereunto subscribed, beg leave to lay the following information before your Honours:

That agriculture and the herring fishery being the only support of this parish, all conveniences tending to promote and forward the same are beneficial : That a safe harbour to secure our boats is a most desirable object ; the want of which prevents our attending the fishery, and carry limestones from Castletown, this parish being the most distant from limestones of any parish in the isle, (which is the only manure we have,) with that advantage we otherwise might : That there a place in this parish, called Cornah, exceedingly well adapted by nature for a safe, convenient and commodious harbour, and safe from all winds and weather, were there a pier or quay erected has eighteen feet water at spring tides ; a plan of which is hereunto annexed : That at this place most of the limestones brought from Castletown to this parish are, landed or discharged ; but at sundry times it is filled up with gravel-stones and rubbish, &c, by a southwest wind, that few or no limestones can be landed, and even that few with extreme hazard, to the great loss of the farmer ; and the fishermen labour under similar disadvantages, by being frequently obliged to run for Ramsey at a very great risque, even to the loss of their boats and crew ; whereas were there a proper pier. or quay made at Cornah, it would be a safe and commodious retreat, not only for the parish boats, but for the boats belonging to Ramsey, and other northern parts of this isle.

We further beg leave to lay before your Honours, that there are a considerable number of boats: belonging to the parish of Kirk Maughold, which pay a yearly custom of eleven shillings per boat; yet there is no safe harbour in this parish, for the above reasons, to secure and protect our boats from the violenceof the weather and sea, &c.

And therefore pray, if to your Honours it shall seem just and reasonable, to recommend our situation as deserving of such help and support from Government as will enable us to erect a pier or quay at Cornah, or such other relief as your Honours shall think proper and reasonable, &c.

Robert Joughin
John Kerrnish
Ewan Kissage
Ewan Callow
Simon Callow
William Callow
Robert Christian
Robert Christian
Wiliiam Callow
Robert Christian
William Callow
Thomas Fargher, senior
Thomas Fargher, junior
Edward Corkhill
John Quine, my +
William Kelley, my +
Ewan Kerrnish, my +
Ewan Kerrnish, my +
William Creer, my +
James Cotter, my +
Ewan Kerrnish, my +
John Callow, my +
John Corkill, my +
William Christian, my +
Thomas Kissage, my +
Robett Christian, my +
James Stole, my +
Robert Kerrnish, my +
Thomas Christian, my +
John Stole, my +
Thomas Croghan, my +
John Watchworth, my +
William Casment, my +
Robert Casment, my +
Robert Kissage, my ‘+
Roberr Stole, my +
Nicholas Hampson, my +
William Morroson, my +
MathiasMorroson, my +
William Kindread, my +
John Gill, my +

Patrick Gill, my x
Patrick Kneale, my x
Thomas Kerrnish, my x
Robert Kneale, my x
William Corkill, my x
William Corkill, my x
Robert Kelly, my x
Robert Looney, my x
Ewan Kneale, my x
John Callow, my x
William Quayle, my x
Thomas Looney, my x
Hugh Carran, my x
Ewan Kenish, my x
William Corkill, my x
John Cubbon, my x
Robert Cortan
William Kinnish
Thomas Kerrnish
Thomas Christian
William Christian
Robert Christian
Edward Curphey
John Curphey
John Kerrnish
John Looney
Robert Logan
William Callow
Charles Callow
John Kermode
WiIliam Corkill
Richard Kermod
William Kinread
Philip Skillicorn
Edward Callow
John Kerrnish
Dan. Callow
William Kerrnish
William Kelly
William Creer
Edward Corlett


William Taggart
William Lowey
Petter Murray
John Corteen
Daniel Kerrnish
John Corkill
William Sayle
Robert Kelley
John Kerrnish my x
William Taggart, my x
William Corteen, my x
William Kneale, my x
William Kermeen, my x
John Corkill, my x
William Kneale, my x
Thomas Gawn, my x
John Creer, my x
Thomas Kermeen, my x
John Corkill, my x
James Kermod, my x
Patrick Lowey my x

Thomas Kerrnish, my x
William Cashon, my x
Peter Corkill, my x
John Courlett, my x
Robert Kelly, my x
William Joughin, my x
William Goldsmith, my x
Davy Kinread, my x
Thomas Davis, my x
John Kerrnish, my x
Robert Kerrnish, my x
William Kermeen, my x
John Kermeen, my x
Ewan Looney, my x
Ewan Moor, my x
Daniel Looney
William Kenish, my x
William Quayle
Thomas Kernnish
William Kerrnish.

A PLAN of the natural HARBOUR of CORNAH, with the proposed PIER or QUAY,

&c. is here annexed.

 Plan of Cornah harbour



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