[Appendix D(12) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]

N° 12.


The EXAMINATION of THOMAS MOORE, Esquire, the Deemster of the Isle of Man, taken at Douglas, October 22, 1791.

THIS Examinant saith, That there were in 1765, within the castle of Rushen, distinct places of confinement for debtors and for criminals, roofed in, and defended from the inclemencies of the weather ; that there were then three rooms made use of for the confinement of debtors, one of which is now used as an armory, the other as a guard-room ; and the last, which is the smallest and most inconvenient of the three, is the only place in which debtors are now confined.

That the vaults in the inner ward of the castle, which were in 1765 used for the confinement of criminals, have now no floors or roofs over them, and the rain and weather penetrate through them; nor have they any bedstead or accommodation for the use of the persons that might be confined there, and are, in this Examinant’s apprehension, quite unsuitable for the confinement of prisoners.

That in 1765 the inner ward was roofed in and leaded ; but is at present in a ruinous state, without roof or flooring of any kind.


Jno Spranger.
Wm Osgoode.
Willm Roe.
David Reid.


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