[Appendix D(2) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]

N° 2.


The MEMORIAL of the principal PROPRIETORS of LANDS in the ISLE. OF’ MAN, October 31, 1791.

[ In Lieutenant-Governor SHAW’S Letter of the 17th of November 1791, marked (A).]

To the honourable John Sprainger, William Osgoode, William Grant, William Roe; and David Reid, Esquires, Commissioners appointed by His Majesty to enquire into and report the present Situation of the Isle of Man,

The Memorial of the principal Proprietors of Lands in the said Island, whole Names are hereunto subscribed,

Humbly Sheweth,

OUR most gracious Sovereign having been graciously pleased to send you among us, for the purpose of enquiring into and reporting the present state of the island, and the complaints and grievances of the inhabitants; and His Majesty's lieutenant governor having given public notice that you will be glad to receive all propositions and information that may tend to promote the objects of your mission

Impressed with the most: lively sense of His Majesty’s paternal care of us, we His Majesty’s most loyal and dutiful subjects, the inhabitants and proprietors of land within the Isle of Man, beg leave to state,

That we conceive ourselves considerably aggrieved by various acts, called Acts of Tynwald, passed since the revestment of this island in His Majesty, affecting the rights and interests of your memorialists, without our having it in our power to state our objections to such acts which became binding upon us before we knew the purport of them

That we do conceive the mode in which the House of Keys have acted in the passing of these acts, to be singularly hard and oppressive : but whether we ought to be relieved from this uncommon situation among His Majesty’s subjects, of being under the legislative controul of self-elected men since the revestment of the island, by the Keys in future being elected for seven years, by the suffrages of the inhabitants of the parishes and towns in the island ; or whether by the means of all insular acts of legislation being directed to be printed and affixed to the doors of every parish church in the isle three months previous to their pasting ; we submit to His Majesty’s royal will and pleasure : but one or other we do humbly conceive to be absolutely requisite for relieving us from that state of utter bondage, which leading men among the House of Keys would otherwise impose upon us

We beg leave further to state, that your memorialists have suffered extremely from the disuse of the Sheading, or circuit courts, which brought justice to their doors ; and from the abolition of a second Deemster ; and that the constitution of this island has not only been infringed upon by these means, but that the northern parts of the island more especially have been, and are still, destitute of that regular administration of justice, which they heretofore have, and all His Majesty’s subjects ought to enjoy.

We therefore, His Majesty’s most loyal subjects, intreat your honours to lay before His Majesty our most humble prayer,

That all the acts, called Acts of Tynwald, passed since the revestment of the island, may be revised , such of them as your memorialists can prove to affect their rights and interests, be repealed and such as may appear upon investigation t. be right and proper, be confirmed , that the House of Keys may either be chosen in a manner more consistent with the title they assume, that of Representatives of the inhabitants, or their legislative acts be prevented from passing without knowledge on our parts , and that a Northern Deemster may be appointed by His Majesty for the more easy administration of justice

We beg leave, gentlemen, to return you our warmest thanks for the attention with which you have looked into the affairs and interests of this small but loyal island , and we have not a doubt that we shall, from the day of your mission, be able to date the aera of the happiness and prosperity of the land. This the 26th day of October 1791.

[The names were listed in two columns - here transcribed as a single column - Orthography of name and place varies considerably, probably compounded by errors of English printers working from what appears to have been pre-printed petition forms sent round each parish. What is interesting is the strong resent felt in the Northern districts; also the illiteracy of some]


John Cannel, Ballacranamebeg
John Caine, Ballaikyr
John Cannell, Chester
John Garret, my X, Knockdoo
Robert Quiggin, my X
William Gell, Senior, my X
Paul Kewley, Eary
Paul Kewley, junior, my X
Thomas Connell, Bark
William Corlett, my X, Knockdoo,
Robert Fargher, my X, ditto
John Sayle, my X, Shoghlage
David Cowley, my X, Baregarroo
Robert Kelly, Ballachminck
John Caine, Ballanea
Phillip Cannel, my X, Kirk Michael village
John Caine, my X, ditto
John Corlett, my X, ditto
Pat. Clark, my X, Fourtown
William Christian, my X, Fourtown
John Caine, my X, Kirk Michael town
Philip Bodaugh
Charles Cannell, my x, of Lyre
Patrick Nelson, Ballarenny
Thomas Cannell, ditto
John Caine, my X, ditto
Robert Kelly
William Corlett, my X
William Corlett, junior, my X
Pat. Clark, junior, my X
John Christian, my X, of Lyre
John Kelly, my x, Moneymollagh
John Cannan, Cuillshelagh
Richard Corjeage, Ballionney
John Corjeage, ditto
John Quayle, East Ballionney
William Quayle, ditto
Patrick Cowley, ditto
Patrick Corjeage, Barrocks
William Kerren, Cleieen
John Quayle, ditto
Robert Corlett, Toarveg
William Quayle, ditto
John Quayle, Cammall
Dolin Garret, Ballachoain
John Quayle
Thomas Corlett
John Corjeage, Ballakilleyclieu
Thomas Corkil, Ballakulley
Robert Cannell, Knook-ashin
William Corlett, Booillably
Patrick Caine, ditto
John Caine, Balla-Corlett
John Caine, Bare-garroo
Thomas Caine, ditto
John Cannell, my X
John Caine, my X
John Corjeag
John Cannell.

The number of subscribers in Kirk Michael are 59.

[ same preamble as for Kirk Michael - here omitted]


William Cowley, G. Shogil
Thomas Corlett, Ballamoanabeg
John Corlett, Knockan
Pat. Cowley, my X, Closerenny
Michael Cross, my X, Curraugh
William Tear, Ballabeg
Robert Brew, Curraugh
William Quayle, my X, Gliondoo
William Killip, my X, ditto
William Kelly, ditto
Michael Cain, my X, ditto
Daniel Cowley, Scrondle
John Caley, my X, Carmodlebeg
Phillip Killip, my X, Carmodlemooar
Thomas Corlett, my X, ditto
W. Stephens
Anthony Kewley
John Kelly, my X
Thomas Stephen, my X, Knockole
William Corlett, Ballaterson
John Corlett, Ballanedden
John Tear, ditto
Daniel Corlett, my X, Curraugh
Robert Gawn, my X, Squeen
David Kneal, my X
John Gawn, my X
Daniel Badaugh
Thomas Kneen, Dollaugh
William Corlet, my X
Patrick Cowle, my X
Daniel Corkill, my X
John Corlet, Ballacorraig
John Cowin, my X
David Sayle, my X
John Corlet
John Kneen, my X
Nicholas Cowley, my X
Ewen Garrett, Ballacrosha
Daniel Boddaugh, Squeen
Thomas Grimspa, ditto
William Craine, Dollaugh
William Kermnish, Ballacorraig
Nicholas Mylrea, ditto
John Cannal, my X, Ballalhargey.

The number of subscribers in Ballaugh parish are 44.


Thomas Vondy
William Christory, my +, Ballacralory
Dan. Tear, my +, Kerrocrow
Pat. Kuwne, my +
John M’Meer, my +
James Kelley, my +
John Kinread
Thomas Nidraugh
Thomas Clark
William Kermode
William Kelley
William Corlett
William Cree
Thomas Christory
Thomas Kelley
Thomas Kelley
Thomas Kewin, Gollean
John Cleator, Doologh
John Kelley, Doologh
Ewan Kneen, Ballavanagh
William Kneen, ditto
Thomas Brew, ditto
John Caine, Ballavaran
John Mylevorreg
John Mylevorreg
Thomas Corlett
Patrick Caine
Patrick Moughtyn
John Moughtyn
Robert Kelley
William Kneal
John Cleather
John Corkill
John Quayle
Philip Clark
Thomas Gawn, Pollogh
Daniel Gawn, Pollogh
John Callister, Ballaconley
Isaac Voundy, Bulney
John Clark
William Clark
Thomas Callister
William Kinred
John Kaighin
William Nelson
William Kissag
William Christian
Thomas Killey
Pat. Voundy

The number of subscribers in Jurby parish are 49


William Quine, senior
Robert Corrin, Knockaloebeg
Thomas Radcliffe, of Gordon
John Quirk, Slewallan
William Callister, of Ballanass
Patrick Sayle, Kerrow-doo
John Kennough, ditto
William Quine, junior
Henry Callister, Glanrushen
Richard Clucas, Ronslew
Philip Quirk, Ballavaugher
Thomas Faragher, Ballergey
John Clucas, of the Lub
John Clucas, Bwoallacarney
William Clucas, Ballameanagh
John Kelly, Balldaa
John Kelly
William Gell, Ballelby
Patrick Hucthyn
Thomas Gell, Crakanmoor
Patrick Quirk, Ballacook
William Quirk
Jonah Quirk, Kerrow-doo
Thomas Teer, Ballecean
John Geil, Crakanmnoor
William Kelley
John Quirk, Ballacallin
Patrick Sansbury, ditto
William Callen, ditto
Robert Callen
John Kubben, Ballacallin
Robert Callen, Foxtel
John Quane, Ballahutchyn
John Quilliam, ditto
Thomas Hutcthyn, ditto
Robert Kione
Henry Waterson
James Gell
Henry Gell, Ballnylaghye
John Key, Knocmoor
John Sayle, ditto
William Carran
Thomas Kelley, Knocmoor
Richard Quork, Balleconk
Charles Quane
Thomas Cashin
Patrick Waterson, Ballnycarkey
Philip Quirk, my +
Thomas Gell
Patrick Saeyl, Gloaynruseyn
John Knickal, Ballnygragan
William Quilliam, Ballnycarkey
Richard Quirk, Rebymoor
Thomas Marten, Rebybeg
Patrick Halsall
William Quirk, Leakerew
Richard Quirk, ditto
Philip Faragher, Tallowcain
Philip Shimin,junior, Baltrowan
Richard Crellin, Bailnebenney
Philip Quilliam, Crosslongag
Thomas Callister, Glannedle
William Carrass, Kercweadoail
John Quilliam, Knockeking
Richard Quirk, Tallowcleaider
Henry Quilliam, Kerowcoail
Thomas Quine, Mullin-Eclij
James Killey, ditto
John Quilliam, Ballaspict
John Kelly
William Quirk, Ballaspict
Patrick Quayle, Balla-quayle
Thomas Crellinnear, Mullin-Eclij.
Silvester Tear
Robert Kelly
Philip Clucas, Ballaheig
John Shimin.

The number of subscribers in Kirk Patrick parish are 77.


John Gell, Kennaa
James Cowll, Ballaquane
Thomas Quine, Kennaa
John Kaighin, Scarifdale
William Bddough, Balakaghin
Thomas Woods, Knocksarry
Thomas Myleworrey, Driney
Thomas Crellin, Brackabrown
John Bridsun, Ballagarraghan
William Mylechreest
Thomas Callister, Ballalought,
Patrick Shimin, Airy-vear
Nicholas Shimin, Eary-glass
Thomas Kelly, Balle-killey
John Cain, of Largy-doo
John Kennen, of Balla-vaith
John Shimin, Balla-crink
Patrick Rewley, Cooil-slive
John Crellin, Balla-lig
John White
James Cowil, senior, of Balla-kilmovrey
Silvester Mylchrest
John Cross
John Mylchreest, Peel
Hugh Shimin, Benass
William Quirk, Lamfield
Philip Quirk, Balla-crink
Philip Kennough
William Clark, Balle-willin
Philip Killey , Kerroo-cord
John Kewley, Eary-Chane
William Craine, Balle-lig
James Caine, Balle-harrey
Matthew Crellin, Beary
Hugh Shimm, ditto
James Gell, Kerroo-coayrd
John Shimmin, Earyglass
Charles Shimin, Ballaboy
Charles Shimin, Eary-glass
Thomas Tauban, of the Stovey
Pat. Kelly, of the Carney
William Shimin, Kerrow-glass
Thomas Kelly, Kerrow-coayrd
Patnick Crellin, Kerrow-glass
Patrick Corkkill, Knock-doo
Henry Kelly
Thomas Shimmin, Ballaboy
Pat. Crellin, Knockbrack
John Kelly
James Cowin, of Peel
Samuel Callister
Thomas Clucas, Peel
Thomas Clucas, junior
John Quay, Corvally
Robert Corlett
William Corris, Pullowon
John Kione, Peel
Charles Costain, ditto
Richard Ellison, ditto
Michael Corris, ditto
Henry Quayle, my + Peel :
John Gawn, Peel
John Callister,
William Cowll, my +
David Callister, Peel
John Cowinn, ditto
James Cowin
Matth. Oates
Thomas Cowley, Knockbane
Philip Cottier, Knocksharney
John Quirk, Airy.Veg
William Cowin, Peel
Thomas Coujer, ditto
Thomas Watterson, junior my +.
John Cottier, my +
Patrick Clucas
John Colvin
Robert Boodel
Hugh Cannan
Thomas Garrett
Philip Boyd
William Corkan
Thomas Cowin
William Killey, Lamfell
John Cowley, Boileygeil
Matthew Cowll, Ballaquane
Thomas Shimin, my +., Grebey
William Kermod, my +,. Ballakilley .
William Lace
Thomas Skeally, senior, my +
Thomas Kaighin
James Ervin
Patrick Cubbon
Richard Bell
William Quirk, my +., Peel
Patrick Cannell
Philip Shimen
Thomas Key, my +.
John Cowll, my +
William Law, my +
John Shimin
Robert Kewley
Nicholas Corkill
John Sewell
Dollin Corris
Hugh Walker
John Cannell
William Boyd
Thomas Quayll
William Crellin, my +
Joseph Cannell
James Callister, my +.
Thomas Crellin
Philip Cottier, junior
William Kaighin, Brave
Thomas Cain, Scarisdale
John Kaighin, Ballaquine
John Cowley, my X, Bwoaligell
Philip Crellin, Corvalley
Thomas Garret, Ballakaighin
John Quay, Bwoalnemodey
William Goldsmith, Corvalley
John Quay, Stockfell
Patrick Cowley, Ballenigin
Gilbert M'Hutcheon
William Clucas, Ballalough
John Cain, Ballagyr ‘~
Henry Colvin, Peel
William Leece, ditto
John Quay, ditto
John Higgin senior, my +, Peel
John Clark
Thomas Dawson
Henry Llore
Thomas Christian, my + Peel
John Colvin, junior, Peel
John Cowll
John Kelly, Ballavarkith
William Kelly, Knock-doo
John Shimin, Ballavarish
Silvester Cottier, Eary-chane
Thomas Christian, my +, Peel
Patrick Cowley, Balla-lig
William Quilliam, Balla-dates
John Clague.

The number of subscribers in Kirk German parish are 145.


William Cottier, Balla-yeaman
John Kirmod, Balla crink
William Clague, Crosseby
Thomas Clucas, Corvalla
William Kelly, Trollby
James Kelly, Balla-lionney
Robert Kelly, Rock
William Cain, Ballagrave
Thomas Cain, ditto
Evan Key, Ballabeg
Patrick Clague, Eirey-ne-foore
Robert Quine, Ballahommey
Robert Key, Bellargey
Richard Callin, Ballellin
John Cain, Chibbaanagh
Philip Hargher, Slieu-charn
Robert Cretney
Thomas Karran, Balmyn
Robert Clague, Balla-yaarey
John Clucas, Balla-kelly
John Cottier, Hochronck
William Kelly, Major
Thomas Kirmott, Corvonagh
Philip Creer, Balla-kelly
William Killey, Ballaveagh
William Kewley, ne Braid.

The number of subscribers in Kirk Marown parish are 26.



Robert Creer, Ballamoddy
John Fayle, Algaar
Thomas Fayle
John Kelly
John Creer
Thomas Cain, Ballacaine
John Gellin, Knockrule
Pat. Kelly, Ballacaine
John Freere, Ballachruink
John Fayle, Ballalana
William Kelly, Boollshogil
Robert Cannal, Ballawollen
William Calow, Ballacrink
Robert Kelly, Ballawollen
John Quiggan, Ballaarey
Thomas Corkill, Ullican
William Garret, my +
Robert Kelly, Ballig
Robert Creer, Awhallan
John Cane, Bullibana
William Caneley, Araween
Thomas Quiggin, Ballagary
John Kelly, Ballaquine
William Cottier, Castelward
William Kewley
Matt. Corran, Menaoh
Thomas Creere, Balnesbeg
Robert Kewley
Pat. Cowley, Colldin
Philip Cane, Knockrule
William Kelly, Boodshogil
William Leece, Ballnaney
Charles Cowle, Balnebag
William Cowle, Knockbane
John Craine, Ballekmish
William Craine, Ballecottier
John Gelling, ditto
Evan Gelling, Ballneclybeane
Thomas Hampton, senior, Ballnebont
Thomas Hampton, junior, dittq
John Lewn, Braidequine
William Cribbin, Ballecubbon
James Kelly, ditto
William Cubbon, Knockbane
John Cubbon, ditto
Matt. Hampton, Ballaquigin
William Cubbon, Ballevare
William Hampton, Ballackronk
John Brideson.

The number of subscribers in Kirk Braddan parish are 49.



William Kinley, Ballahewin
Willam Kinley, Balladoo
John Harrison, Balla-corris
William Brew, Ballajick
John Crebbin, Ballakelly
John Oates, Balleoslane
John Curghey, Eargy
Robert Brew, Meryveg
Robert Brew, ditto
Thomas Moore, Ballacurry
John Leece, Heathhill
William Creer, Park
Robert Rigg.

The number of subscribers in Kirk Santan parish are 13.



Thomas Harrison, Ballachrink
Christopher Bridson, Ballagearey
William Clucas, Barrail
John Bridson, Ballachrink
Thomas Bridson, Ballahemen
John Shimin, Grenocaby
Robert Gellin, Ballaquayle
Thomas Kenith, Millinargher
Thomas Quinney, Ballastrang
William Fargher, Coolcam
John Halsal, Ballamoddaa
John Quayle, ditto
Robert Taggart, Cly.curr-beg
William Waterson, Barroole
Nicholas Haisal, Monie.more
William Taggart, ditto
William Quayle, Kerrow-more
Robert Quayle, ditto
William Bridson, Warfield
Thomas Clark, sen. and jun. Monie-more
John Taggar, Balla.gilbert
Thomas Caine, Flidraw
John Bridson, Woe-lane
John Corrin, Ballanank
William Bridson, Gibdle
Thomas Keem, Closelark
John Kegine, Kaggey
Thomas Callister, Closelark
William Corrin, Fildrow
Thomas Kegine, Closelark
Patrick Mylechrest Barroole
William Bridson, Ballarergey
John Kegine, Woleggoune
WillIam Callister, Carnlea
Thomas Callister, Broule
Thomas Cavil, Balla.gilbert
Charles Waterson, Barrole
John Tagart, juniors Balla-gilbert
William Maddrall, Grenaby
Thomas Farragher, Prast
John Cain, Wigin
William Taggart, Ballamoda-beg
John Halsal, ditto
John Callister, Nockreney
John Callistet, Clyroure
Robert Waterson, Clohure
William Bridson, Bourrul.

The number of subscribers in Kirk Malew parish are 49.



Robert Ceiney, Ronag
John Kelly, ditto
John Gawn, Ballacomish
John Quayle Ballacoish
Henry Cosstane, Harresttine
John Comish, Baley~comish
William Harnison, Harreystine
Hugh Callow
Thomas Cooil, Aristine
Robert Cag, Harreystine
John Cosstane, ditto
John Farragher, ditto
Charles Faragher, ditto
Thomas Carmel, Alisstine
Richard Juke, Ballakelly
Henry Clague, Ballagawn
William Costane, Harryistine
John Knele
John Quill
William Kridjeen
Richard Corrin, Ballagarmin
William Moore, ditto
Robert Moore, ditto
William Bridson, ditto
Robert Hudgin Colbey
Thomas Cubby, ditto
Mr Edward Harrison, Balla-cague
William Curfghey
John Quinney, Pale~quiney
John Quiney, Garehulyn
John Kinvig, Ballagoney.

The number of subscribers in Kirk Arbra parish are 31.



Thomas Cottiez, Rowaney
Thomas Kagine, Ballahane
William Karmet, Sirbey
John Kagg Balla-killawey
Thomas Woodworth, Portrion
John Quayle, Portrion
Edward Waterson, Balnahow
Stanley Waterson, ditto
Edward Kinley, Portrion
John Cain, ditto
Crisiper Bell, Sirbey
Thomas Nale, Ballsnale
John Cartin, Sirbey
Thomas Crebbin, Braddo
Jon Kermod, Portiron
Patrick Crebbin, Soreby
Jon Corkish, Soreby
Timothy Crebbin, Portiron
Jon Cregeen, Portiron
Henry Gawn, my +, Bowney
Jon Watterfon, my +, Howe.


[ same preamble as before - here omitted]

This the 3d day of November 1791.


John Christian, League
William Christian
Thomas Looney, my +
William Casson
Robert Kissack, my +
William Goldsmith, my +
John Cawe, my +
Philip Culleash, my +
Ewan Kirriush
William Cowle, my +.
John Corlett, my +
Peter Kinnish, my +.
John Cottiman, my +-
William Kermode, my +
William Casement, my +
John Kneen, my +
Daniel Joughin, my +
William Kissage
John Corteen
John Corkill
William Corkill, my +
William Kumnan, my +
Ewan Kissage
Thomas Quayle
Peter Corkill, my +
William Rinnish
Charles Callow
Peter Murray
William Corkill
Robert Logan
Thomas Davis, my +
William Christian
John Corkill, my +
John Kermode
Robert Kelly, my +
Thomas Kinith, my .+
.Richard Kermode
William Corkill, my +
Robert Joughini
Edward Curphey.

The number of subscribers in Kirk Maughald parish are 40.

[same preamble as before - here omitted]

This 31st day of October 1791.


William Curphey
William Cottier
John Kneen
John Crew
John Killip
William Cotder
Robert Kneale
William Clark
William Curpey
William Rieg
Edward Crow
James Clarke
John Crowe
James Clarke
John Kneal.

The number of subscribers in Kirk Christ Lezare are 15.


James Bancks
Thomas Christian
John Skillicorn
Daniel Kewley
Thomas Cowin
Robert Creer, my +
Philip Caine
Joseph Keowley, my +
Finlo Corkill
John Kelley
John Rane
John Taggart
Edmond Quine, my +
Daniel Christian
Daniel Quarke
Edward Christian
John Looney
Philip Quayle
Daniel Caine
James Fayle
William Caine
Christopher Karran
William Caine
John Cannel
Robert Quine
Thomas Quine
Robert Lewn
John Kissack
Robert Christian, my +
John Garrett, my .+
James Fargher, my .+.
Gilbert Fargher, my +
Samuel Skillecorn, my +.
John Killey, my +
George Oates
John Cannel!
John Christian
James Christian
Thomas Christian
Edward Moore
William Bancks.

The number of subscribers in Kirk Cochan are 41.



John Kelly
James Hampton
William Quay
William Crow
John Scarffe
William Clague
George Cain
Thomas Clague
John Killey
James Cowin
Thomas Kneacle
Thomas Moore
Harry Skillecorn
Thomas Kneacle
William Kermod
John Clague
Williamn Quark
John Kewley
William Kewley
John Kneal
Thomas Kneacle
John Cojeen
William Corrin
Robert Hampton
Joseph Claigue
William Corlett
Thomas Kelly
Christopher Corkill
Simon Fargher
Thomas Quark
John Cowile
Jo. Quayle
James Skillecorn
Henry Skillecorn
Thomas Quayle
Philip Fargher
John Fargher
Thomas Hogg
Philip Skillicorn
William Kelly
Thomas Skillecorn
John Kewley
James Cudd
James Kelly
Thomas Cottier
James Kelly
James Kelly
Robert Casement
Robert Lawson
William Hogg
Philip Hogg
John Skillecorn
Robert Clague
Philip Kinley
James Scarff
John Kelly
John Hogg
John Henrick
John Hinrick
Thomas Kneal
Thomas Cowin
Gilbert Kermod
Finlo Clague
Pat Killip
John Callister
John Rinith
John Sayle
John Quine
John Callilterbeg [?John Callow beg]
Daniel Kewley
John Kewley
Thomas Karran
Philip Skillecorn
John Quark
William Quayle
James Skillicorn
William Cotteman
William Lewney
Pat. Callow
John Skillecorn
Thomas Skillecorn
Phil. Kewley
James Quayle
John Quark
John Killip
Thomas Neal
Thomas Skillicorn
Thomas Skillicorn, junior
James Skillicorn
Edward Callow
Thomas Cowin
James Quayle
Thomas Skillicorn
William Kneale
Charles Kewley
Philip Cowin
David Molroie
Edward Callow, junior
Daniel Kermod
William Cown
John Killip
William Brewe
James Moore
Daniel Kewley
Philip Henry
Robert Craine
Philip Corrin
John Kermod
William Scarife
James Kewley
Robert Kelly
Thomas Cowley
Thomas Mylroie
James Quill
Samuel Brew
William Croaghen
John Kermod
John Kneal
Robert Kneale
John Kewley
\Villiam Quilleish
John Collester
John Sayle
John Quine
Thomas Cowin.

The number of subscribers in Kirk Lonon are 125.

The MEMORIAL of the principal PROPRIETORS of LANDS in the Parish of KIRK BRIDE whose Names are subscribed

Daniel Nelson
John Moore
John Kneale
Charles Cowle
John Cowle
John Christian
Richard Kneale
Henry Howland
Thomas Howland
William Casltil
John Crow
Thomas Cowin
William Christian
William Caimash
Robert Cowle
William Cormode
John Garrat
William Quark
William Christian
John Christian
John Castil
William Christian
William Lace
Robert Brew
John Cowle
William Caimase
Daniel Christain
Daniel Skiner
Philip Wade
John Kneal
Thomas Corlett
Charles Kewish
William Howland
John Cowle
Joh. McHemeer
Charles Kewn
Patrick Kneale
Gilbert Faragher
John Goldsmith
William Cowle
Daniel Kneen
John Ganred
Thomas Radcliffe
William Kneal
William Joughin
William Cailly, my +
William Christian
William Christain
John Christian
John Crenelt
William Christian
John Sayle
Daniel Christian
John Christian
John Meason
John Christian, my +
Mark Joughin
Daniel Kneen
Daniel Ganred
John Ganred.

The number of subscnibers in Kirk Bride parish are 60.



John Cleaer
William Cleatar
William Radcliffe
Johm Tear
John Sayle
John Lace
John Corlet
Philip Lace
William Kewin
William Mylecharne
Michael Lace
William Christian
John Kinley
Edmond Kneal
Stanley Kneal
Jo. Kinnell
Patrick Kneal
Richard Christian
William Cottier
Patrick Canneen
Joseph Lace
John Cormode
James Tear
William Lace
William Lace
John Cain
Robert Casment
Daniel Skiner
John Cormoad
John Cormode
Michael Lace
Philip Faragher
Mark Skiner
John Garret
Thomas Faragher
Daniel Lace
Philip Faragher
Gilbert Tear
Mark Goan
William Cowley
James Sayle
John Jougin
John Tear
William Corlet
Patrick Faragher
Daniel Tear
William Radcliff
William Quirk
John Martin
William Crebbin
Patrick Garrat
James Cleatter
William Tear
Robert Corkel
William Faragher
Daniel Cormode
William Corrnode
William Killip
Thomas Radcliffe
John Cleater
John Tear
John Tear
Stephen Kneen
Philip Crin
John Kneen
John Tear
John Radcliffe
William Skinner
John Christian
William Corlet
Patrick Christian
Daniel Christian
William Radcliffe
John Brew
John Kneen
James Lawson
Callumbus Kneal
William Macknemer
Thomas Quirk
Patrick Cormoad
John Lawson
Thomas Moore
Thomas Corlet
James Dowan
John Kee
William Sayle
John Sayle
William Sayle
John Christian
Daniel Wade.


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