[Appendix C(62) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]

N° 62


The EXAMINATION of Mr. DANIEL QUARK, a Coroner of Garff Sheading, the Isle of Man, taken at Douglas the 4th Day of October 1791 ; and signed 21st of October 1791.

THIS Examinant saith, That he is a Coroner of the district of Garff Sheading ; that it is an annual office, with a salary of three pounds sterling per annum, and is in the appointmentof the Deemster.

That, in civil affairs, the duty of his office is to summon all Juries, in pursuance of warrants issued by the Deemster, and also to serve and levy all process of execution awarded by the Governor, Deemster, Water Bailiff, and High Bailiff; and likewise, in pursuance of the Deemster's warrant, to summon and swear a Jury of Inquiry in all matters of trespass within his Sheading and to serve the first process of summons in all actions commenced in the courts of Common Law.

That he likewise, in pursuance of the Receiver General’s Precept, once a year gives notice to the master of every herring boat in his district to attend at the Custom house, to pay the herring duty, upon a day appointed.

That he also gives notice, by virtue of a Precept from the Clerk of the Rolls, to all who mean to take out licences for keeping public-houses, to attend on a day appointed for granting such licences.

That in criminal matters he executes all search warrants, apprehends offenders, and serves summons to call Juries in pursuance of the Deemster’s warrants.

That in civil matters he receives a fee of six pence from the plaintiff upon the summons of every trespass Jury, and is entitled to a fee of two pence from the plaintiff, for the service of every first process of summons in all civil actions.

His Sheading comprehends the parish of Kirk Maughold, Kirk Lonnon, and Kirk Concon. There are six Coroners in the whole island, whose districts comprehend the seventeen parishes into which the island is divided, and whose duties are, within their districts, similar to those which he has before described in this examination.

DANL QUARK, Coroner of Garff Sheading.

Jno Spranger.
Wm Osgoode.
Willm Roe.
David Reid.


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