Appendix C(31) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]



(In the DUKE of ATHOLL's Letter of the 3d February, 1792.)

Lib- Irrotulamentor. 1702, &c.

THE Most Noble John, Duke of Atholl, and Charlotte, Duchess of Atholl, Baroness Strange, Lady of Mann and the Isles, &c. To all to whom these presents shall come or may concern: Know ye, That we the said Duke and Duchess, reposing trust and confidence in the fidelity and integrity of Peter John Heywood, Gentleman, have made, constituted, impowered, and appointed, and by these presents do make, constitute, impower, and appoint him the said Peter John Heywood, to be one of the Deemsters of our said Isle; giving and hereby granting unto him the said Peter John Heywood, full power and authority, in every respect, to execute and discharge the said office and post of Deemster, according to the ancient and known laws of our said Isle, and the tenor of the oath usually administered in that behalf; and to take and receive the accustomed yearly salary, with all fees and perquisites to the said office clue and of right belonging. For all which this shall be his commission, to continue during our good will and pleasure. Given under our hand and seals, at London, the 18th December, 1764.

(L. S.) C. ATHOLL and STRANGE, Feb. 8th, 1765.

A true copy of the original commission, inrolled and recorded by JOHN QUAYLE, Compt. C. Rolls.

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