Appendix C(27) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]



The Oath administered to the Water-Bailiffs of this Isle.

YOUR allegiance to the King's Majesty of Great Brittaine reserved;

You shall true faith and fidelity bear to his Grace James Duke of Atholl, Lord of this Isle, and his heirs, during your life.

You shall not commit, nor see any voluntary or wilful waste committed by any manner of person, but you shall reveal or amend the same as it lyeth in your power.

You and your deputys, as far as in you lyeth, shall execute the office of Water-Bailiff and Customer duly and truly, according to the trust reposed in you, during such time as you shall execute the same office.

You and your deputys, as far as in you lyeth, shall duly and truly receive and take for the said Lord's use such custome of all men, for ingates and outgates and other customes, as is limited by the book of rates or otherwise, as upon your discretion ratably you shall receive and take the custome of all comoditys to he transported or brought in, not mentioned in the said book of rates.

You and your deputys, as far as in you lyeth, shall make true and just accompt unto the said Lord, or his officers, of all such receipts as you shall receive, or ought to receive, for and in the name and behalf of the said Lord, from time to time, and as often as you shall be called upon, to the most profit, best use and advantage of the said Lord, any use, custome, or other matter to the contrary notwithstanding. You shall not give your consent for the transportation of any prohibited wares, forbidden to be transported by the said Lord or his Lieutenant-Captain and Counsell.

You and your deputys, as far as in you lyeth, shall not conceale any wrecks, or any other commoditys due, or which ought to be due, to the said Lord, appertaining or belonging to the said office of Water-Bailiff or Customer.

You and your deputys, generally as far as in you lyeth, shall do and execute all other matters and things belonging to the said office of Water-Bailiff and Customer not hereinbefore mentioned, and all and every other matters and things what-soever whereunto you shall be called, or otherwise shall come unto, or do and execute of your own accord, for the execution of justice and equity in the said office, or any other cause to the Lord's most advantage, not favouring the rich or oppressing the poor, and all this according to the purport and extent of your commission.

So help you God.

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