Appendix C(23) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]



The Oath administered to the Receivers-General of this Isle. You shall be true, and true faith and fidelity to bear to his Grace James Duke of Atholl, Lord of this Isle, and his heirs, during your life.

You shall not reveal the secrets of this Isle, nor houses or garrisons therein, to any foreigner or stranger.

You shall not commit, nor see any voluntary or wilful waste, but you shall reveal or amend the same, as it lieth in your power.

You shall deal duly and truly as well in the receipts of money to be levied for the Lord's use within your charge of the office of Receiver, as all such customes and other com-moditys due to be paid to the said Lord, and shall employ the same to the Lord his best profit to your knowledge.

You shall deal uprightly, truly, and indifferently, betwixt the said Lord and his tenants, for and concerning the said receipts of the said money and customes, or any other matter wherein you have to deal with the said tenants for the said Lord or otherwise, without sparing the rich or oppressing the poor, or without any other unlawful exactions, other than such as is necessary for the use of the Lord, and the safe keeping of the said Isle and houses.

YOUR allegiance to the King's Majesty of Great Britain reserved ;

You shall make due and true accompts, as well of all your receipts of money and customes aforesaid, as also of all pay-ments wherein you stand charged by virtue of the said office, or wherewith you may not be charged otherwise than upon your own conscience, as need require you to be called by the Lord, or his officers authorised to call upon you for the making of the said accompts.

You shall be aiding and assisting with your best advice and counsel (at all times hereafter) to the Lieutenant-Captain, and the rest of the Lord's Council here for the time being, so often as is needful, and so often as you are called upon by them or any of them, for the furtherance of the government, and benefit of this Isle and houses, and the preservation and safe keeping of the same.

You shall generally, to your knowledge, do and execute all and every other matters and things belonging to the due execution of the said office (and not hereinbefore expressed by special words), to and for the best use of the said Lord and Isle, without oppressing or concealment as aforesaid.

So help you God, and by the contents of this Book.

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