[Appendix C(7) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]


THE EXAMINATION of JOHN QUAYLE, Esq. Clerk of the Rolls, taken at Castletown, October 21, 1791.

The Great Inquest consisted of twelve men out of each Sheading, who were sworn into office every half year, and continued to act in such office as often as they were called upon during the said half year, and made their presentments to the Deemster as often as required, or otherwise at the next Court of General Gaol Delivery, and were attended either by the Coroner, or Lockman his deputy, whenever they were called upon to act.

The Long Juries consisted of twenty-four men chosen out of [blank] and acted, when impanelled for that purpose, as a Traverse Jury, and were suppressed by an act of Tynwald.

The Setting Quest were in the nature of a Homage Jury, and consisted of four persons out of each Parish who are occasionally changed as necessity might require. After having served some years, they were sworn to examine and present the rightful tenant of any lands upon the demise or alienation of any former tenant, and also to apportion the rent of lands upon any division that might take place between the landowners. This Quest exercised the duties of their office within their several parishes as often as occasion required, and made their respective presentments at the next Sheading court held for the parish for which they were chosen. For the more particular account of the duties of their office, this Examinant refers to the Liber Assidationis and Liber Vastarum, manerial records of the Duke of Atholl.


This examinant saith, That the earliest records in his office of the proceedings of the court of Exchequer is in the year 1580, and of the proceedings of the court of Chancery is in 1578, and of the Common Law courts in 1417 ; and all the records that are extant of the above-mentioned courts are to be met with in his office : and he believes that the transactions of. each years proceedings the said several courts are regularly entered, and to be found in these records.


Jno Spranger.
Wm Osgoode.
Willm Roe.
David Reid.


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