[Appendix B(87) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]

APPENDIX (B.) N° 87.


The MEMORIAL of the principal Inhabitants of the Town of Peele.

To the Honourable John Spranger, William Osgoode, William Grant, William Roe, and David Reid, Esquires, Commissioners appointed by His Majesty to enquire into and report the present Situation of the Isle of Man.

The Memorial of the principal Inhabitants of the Town of Peele, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, Humbly sheweth,

THAT public Notice has been given to us by the Honourable Alexander Shaw, His Majesty’s Lieutenant Governor, signifying your Wish to receive any Propositions or Information that may tend to promote the Interest and Prosperity of this island, beg Leave to state,

That the Port of Douglas, into which all Rum, Refined Sugars, Tea, Tobacco, and all other licenced Goods such are allowed to be imported into this Island, is distant from the Town of Peele eleven Miles : That the Highway which leads to and from the said Town runs in almost a direct Line from East to West through the Middle of that Part of the Country, and is rendered, from the Situation of the Land in many Places adjoining it, very difficult and expensive. to make a proper Carriage Road, by Means whereof many Accidents happen to loaded Carts being overturned, and is otherwise attended with Losses and Inconveniences to your Memorialists.

Your Memorialists further beg Leave to state unto your Honours, That the Harbour and Quay of Peele are at present in very bad Repair, although it is the only Harbour on the North West Part of the Island fit for the Reception and Safety of Vessels that frequently pass that Side of the Island, and has often been the Means of saving the Herring Fleet.

That many Inconveniences arise to the Inhabitants of the Town and District of Peele for the Want of a proper Jail, as well for preserving Peace amongst His Majesty’s Subjects, as for the safe custody of Debtors, who frequently depart the Island (after being arrested) before Process can be obtained for establishing of Debts.

Your Memorialists therefore molt humbly pray that your Honours would be graciously pleased to lay before His Majesty our humble Request, That all such Goods and Merchandize as are allowed to be imported into this Island by Licence, and at present restricted to the Port of Douglas, may in like Manner be allowed to be imported at the Port of Peele in Vessels of no less than thirty Tons Burden : That the Harbour and Quay of Peele may be enlarged and put into proper Repair ; and that a Jail may be erected in or near the said Town, containing two or three separate Apartments and your Memorialists shall for your Honours Health and Happiness ever pray.


15th November 1791.

Robert Farrant.
Caesar Parr.
Angus Munn.
Silvester Crellin
Hugh Cowill,
John Christian
John Cowin.
Thomas Costain
William Cowin.
John Gawn
William Clark.
Philip Shimin.
Matt. Oates.
Charles Costain.
John Neal
Henry Corlett.
Robert Corlett.

John Crane
John Higgins, Juniors
Thomas Jones.
John Taylor.
Peter Sorensen
John White.
Richard Wilson.
Charles Cooper.
Nicholas Corkill.
Gilbert McHutcheon.
Henry Colvin.
John Quay.
Henry Graves.
Thomas Garrett.
Eleanor Moore.
Thomas Cottier,
Hugh Walker.


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