[Appendix B(73) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]

APPENDIX (B.) N° 73.


The EXAMINATION of Mr. THOMAS BRAYDEN, Collector of Harbour Duties the Port of Ramsay in the Isle of Man, taken at Douglas the 19th of October 1791.

This Examinant saith, That he is Collector of the harbour duties, and Pier Master in Port of Ramsay, and the district thereof, being from Maughlan Head to Blaff Burnfoot and was appointed so by Mr. Lutwidge, the late Receiver General, but gave no security. As Collector of the harbour dues, he has five per cent. on the sum collected, which, for the year 1790, amounted to one pound seventeen shillings and nine-pence. He has no emolument of any kind as Pier Master, except when he superintends repairs. As Collector of harbour dues, he boards all vessels anchoring in the bay, or coming into the harbour of Ramsay, and receives the dues upon their tonnage , which tonnage is ascertained if Britith, or Irish, by the certificate of registry ; and if foreign, by measurement, which he does himself. The Collector of the Customs takes the quarter per cent. for harbour dues on goods entered and liable, when the entries are made, and accounts with him for them quarterly. At the end of each quarter he, the Examinant, makes up his account for that quarter, sometimes swears to the account, and sometimes not, and pays the whole sum received to the deputy Receiver General. He collects these dues on the tonnage only in the bay and harbour of Ramsay, no vessels coming to anchor in any other part within the district. Sometimes in an easterly wind, when the weather is rough, he is unable to go out in the bay.

As Pier Master, he gives the several vessels their births.

When any repairs are to be made in the harbour, he, by the Commissioners’ directions, superintends the work, and certifies thereto, as well as to the materials used, and pays the money under the direction of the Collector of the Customs , for every day he is so employed, he receives one shilling for himself

The Collector never inspects or checks his accounts before they go to the Deputy Receiver General

The depth of the harbour of Ramsay, within the Pier Head, at spririg tide, is from twenty-two to twenty-four feet , at dead neap tide, from twelve to fourteen feet


Jno Spranger.
Wm Osgoode.
Willm Roe.
David Reid.



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