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Kirk CHRIST LEZAYRE is an extensive parish, the church of which is situated about two miles west from Ramsey. The parish measures seven miles in length from north to south, and is five in width from east to west. It is bounded on the north by Andreas and Bride, on the south by Braddan, on the east by the sea, Lonan, and Maughold, and on the west by Ballaugh, Jurby, and Michael. In 1861, the parish contained 510 houses and 2526 inhabitants. Of the houses, 487 were inhabited, 21 unoccupied, and 2 building. Of the population, 1141 were males and 1385 females. In 1851 the number were, houses, 489; population, 2468; thus strewing an increase during the ten years, of 21 houses and 58 inhabitants. The northern part of the parish is composed of fine rich land; the rest is very mountainous; but considerable improvement has been made in agriculture within the last few years. The principal proprietors are Messrs. J. Caley, William Callister, T. Christian, F. B. Clucas, John, John James M., and T. A. Corlett, T. Cowley, J. Crellin, C. & W. Crow, W. H. Cudd, Patrick T. Cuninghame, W. Curphey, Edward C. Farrant, E. Gawne, Hugh C. Gill, J. Goldsmith, A. Guinness, J. P. Harrison, Hugh Kinrade, J. ~ J. R. Kneale, F. J. D. La Mothe, L. McWhannell, R. Maddrell, C. & T. Moore, A. M. Skinner, J. Stephen, John S. G. Taubman, Philip and Richard Teare, and F. Tellet, Major Bacon, Rev. William B. Christian, General Goldie, Miss and Mrs. Christian, Mrs. Corlett, Mrs. Llewellyn, Mrs. Qualtrough, and Mrs. Quayle. The parish church, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, was erected about the year 1834. It occupies a pleasant situation on the south side of the main road, at the base of a mountain, and is embosomed in stately trees. It is a ...


POST OFFICE at Matthias W. Corran's, Sulby. Letters arrive from Ramsey at 7.30 a.m., and are despatched at 6 p.m. For those names in or near the town of Ramsey-.see Ramsey Portion

Callow Jas.,vict.,Ginger Hall
Carran John, gent., Ballagarrow
Catherine Mrs. Eliz.,Primrose Cot.
Christian Mrs. Edmd., Pooildoeie
Christian Rev.Wm.Bell, Milntown
Clark Captn Henry, Cottage
Clucas Miss, Glentrammon
Corkill Elizabeth, vict., Sulby
Corlett John Jas. M., gentleman, Glentrammon
Crellin Mr. John, Auburn Cottage
Cretney Mary Ann, mistress Sulby school

Dance Mrs., The Druin

Dodd Mrs. G. O., Rose Cottage

Farrant Edward Curphey, Esq., Ballakillingan
Fell Mr. Jas., Balladoole Cottage

Garratt Elizabeth, schoolmistress
Gill Mr. Hugh, Glen Aldyn
Goldsmith Daniel,merchant,&c., Riversdale
Goldsmith Mrs. Eliz., Balladoole

Hall Capt. Geo., Cooil Bane
Hunter Mrs. Sarah, Glen villa

Karr Mrs., Lodge
Kneal Mrs., Kella, Sulby

Lawton George, woolen. manufr., Glen Aldyn

Marsh Captain Richard John
Midwood Mrs. Annie, Bellevue
Murray Lieut. Alex., Glen Aldyn

Quayle Wm., overseer,Ballamanag

Renton John, manager, Sulby Glen Mills
Reynolds Henry, Esq.,M.A.,East Kella

Snepp Rev. Edward, Vicarage
Southward Ann & Sons, (John & Francis.,) woollen manfrs. & dyers
Stephen Henry, gent., Clark Villa
Swinton Capt. Edw. Geo., Woodlands

Tear Philip, Esq., Bolivia Mount

Walker Quarton L., gent., Sulby
Walker Rev. Sml.,Parsonage,Sulby
Watterson John, mastr. Sulby schl.

Yates Edward, Esq., Ash Hill



Craine Charles, Sulby Glen
Cubbon Henry, Sulby
Garratt Edmund, Sulby


Allen James, Narradale
Anderson William, Sulby Glen
Cain Philip, Ballaneigh
Cain Robert, Glen Duff
Caley Ann, Sulby
Caley John, Ballacaley
Cannon Wm., Narradale
Cartwright Thos. R., Ballagarrow
Cashen Wm., Glen Duff
Christian John, Sulby
Christian Robert, Sulby Glen
Colvin Robert, Aust
Corlett Ewan, Ballagarrow
Corlett John, Clenagh
Corlett John, Ballamanaugh
Corlett Robert, Ballacoyle
Cottier John, Kerrow Moar
Cowin William
Cowley J., Cramagg, Sulby Glen
Cowley John, Clenagh, Sulby
Cowley Robert, Sulby
Cowley Wm., Sulby Glen
Craine Isabella, Chaddaugh
Craine John, Glen Aldyn
Craine Margaret, Sulby Glen
Craine Thos. Wm., Holly Lodge, Ballamanaugh
Crowe William, Narradale
Cubbin Thomas, Glen Aldyn
Curphey John,Garratt's Mill, Sulby
Curphey Robt., Dry Closes, Sulby
Curphey William, Ballacottier
Fargher Charles, Staward
Fargher Thomas, Sulby
Garratt John, Reggaby
Garratt Wm., Glen Aldyn
Gill Edmund N., Prospect Villa
Gill James, Ballagiah
Goldsmith Thos. Young, Staward Mill
Kelly Mrs., Lyragaenney
Kewish John, Sulby Glen
Killip Ann, Sulby
Killip John, Clenagh
Killip John, Sulby
Killip Thomas, Sulby
Killip William, Sulby
Kinrade Hugh, Ballamanaugh
Kirk Thomas, Narradale
Kissack John, Sulby
Kissack Robert, Clenagh
Kneal John, Grange, Primrose Hill
Kneale Thomas, Aust
Kneen Helena, Sulby Glen
Kneen John, Bliee
Kneen John, Griee
Lace Isabella, Sulby
McWhannell James, Kella Mills, Sulby
Moore John, Balladoole
Morrison John, Kella West
Mylechreest John, Glen Duff
Mylecraine John, Coradee
Quayle Daniel, Aust
Quayle John, Narradale
Quayle Mrs., Ballaskella
Quayle Nicholas, Sulby Glen
Quayle Thomas, Sulby
Radcliff Thomas' Dry Closes
Sharp Alexander, Ballreary
Stevenson Thomas, Kerrow moar
Teare Richard, Glentrammon
Teare Thomas, Sulby


Caine John, Ballamanaugh
Christian John, Sulby Glen
Cowley John, (and builder and cabinet maker,) Sulby
Fargher William, Sulby


Curphey John, Garratt's Mill, Sulby
Corkill John & Co., (John Corkill & William Lace,) MilneTown & Criggall Mills
Goldsmith Thos. Young, Staward Mill
McWhannell James, Kella Mills, Sulby
Monk Wm. J., Bowling road, Ramsey


Clague Wm., Sulby
Cowley Daniel, Kerrow Moar
Killip John, Sulby


Corkish Charles, Reggaby
Corran Matthias Wm.,(& draper,) Post Office
Kealing Edward, Lezayre Lodge
Kelvin Margaret, Ginger Hall
Kneale Thomas, Sulby Bridge
Skillicorn John, Sulby
Wade Catherine, Sulby


Hall George, Sulby Glen Mills.


Corlett William
Killip William, Sulby


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