[From Smith's Directory, 1883]


MAROWN, in the sheading of Glenfaba, is the only parish not washed by the sea and is bounded on the east by Braddan, on the south by Santon, on the west by Patrick, and on the north by German. The parish is about five miles long, and averages about three miles in breadth ; the northern and southern parts being mountainous and barren. The parish church is situated about 4½. miles W. by N. from Douglas, and is dedicated to St. Rooney, from whom the parish takes its name. The living is a vicarage in the gift of the Crown, and held by the Rev. B. P. Clarke. The Wesleyans have chapels at Crosby and Mount Rule, and the Primitive Methodists at East Foxdale and Braaid.

Bridson Edward, farmer, Crosby house

Cadman Peter, farmer, Ballahutchin
Cain Daniel, farmer, Ballagrawe
Cain Daniel bootmaker, Baldwin
Callow Wm., farmer, Ballakilley
Clague Robert, miller, Ballagrawe
Clarke Rev. B. Philpot, The Laurels, Crosby
Clucas Edward, farmer, Ballaclucas
Clucas Thos. K., farmer, Ballafreer
Collister Joseph, farmer, Ballavetchel
Coole John, farmer, Virginia
Corlett Joseph, farmer, Rock farm
Corlett Stephen, farmer, Ballacote
Corlett Thos, engineer, Elm bank
Corlett W. C., Halfway house, Crosby
Cowin John, farmer, Ballaqainnay
Cowin John W., farmer, Ballabarry
Cowin Matthias, farmer, Ballalough
Cowin Wm., farmer, Ballabeg
Cowley Thos., farmer, Garth
Cowley Wm, farmer, Braid
Craine Henry, butcher, Brookmoor
Craine Thon., gardener, Crosby
Creer Edward, farmer, Mountain rock
Creer John, farmer, Braid
Crellin Wm., farmer, Garth
Cretney Edward, farmer, Ballaglonney
Cretney James, farmer, Ballawilley
Cretney Wm., farmer, Braid
Cubbon John C., farmer, Cooilingall

Faragher Thon., farmer, Ballachary

Gell Evan, farmer, Bileralie


Jenkinson Joseph, farmer, Ballachrink
Jones Richard, butcher, Glenvine

Kaye John, farmer, Braid
Kaye Thoi;., farmer, Ballabeg
Kelly John, farmer, Garth
Kelly Mrs., grocer, Crosby
Kelly Philip, farmer, Ballagrawe
Kelly Robert, farmer, Ballaingham
Kelly Wm., tailor, Garth
Kennish John, joiner, Ballabarry
Kermode John, farmer, Ballamona
Kermode Wm., farmer, Ballacallin
Kirk John W., farmer, Ballagrawe
Kissack Thos., joiner, Crosby

Lace John, tailor, Ballabeg
Lace Wm., farmer, Ballakelly
Lewin John, farmer, Ballamona
Lewin Joseph, wheelwright, Glenvine
Lockerby Wm. C., agent, Crosby terrace

Maddrell Robert, farmer, Ballalough
Miller Wm., tea merchant, Bellavetchel
McMullen Rev. Jas A., Slieuchairn

Quayle Thos, overseer, Crosby
Quayle Wm., farmer, Egreton
Quine John, farmer, Ballagrawe
Quine Wm., farmer, Egreton
Quirk John, farmer, Ballaclucas

Shimmin.John, farmer, Braid
Shimmin Thos,, farmer, Rhenishent
Sims Wm, farmer, Rhyne

Teare Wm.,grocer, Glenvine
Templeton John, farmer, Ballagarey

Welsh Thos., corn miller, Ballaguinney


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