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LONAN is a mountainous parish in the sheading of Garff, on the east coast, between Maughold and Onchan ; nearly four miles long from north to south, and about three in breadth from east to west. Much of the surface is barren and unsusceptible of culture; but the lower grounds are productive, and the valleys fertile The sea bordering this distirct abounds with fish of every variety In the glen, about a mile from the village, is a valuable lead mine, which furnishes employment to a large number of men. It produces about fifty tons of lead ors and one hundred tons of blende monthly. The ore, yields fifteen hundred pounds of lead, and about one hundred ounces of silver per ton. The blende is manufactured into a semi-metalic substance called speltre. The parish church is situated on an elevated site, one mile from the village of Laxey; the living is a vicarage, to the gift of the Crown.

The village of Laxey in eight miles north-west of Douglas, and the like distance south of Ramsey, situated in a deep valley at the mouth of the streamlet of the same name, which falls into a fine bay, upwards of two miles across. The paper mill of Messrs. J. & A. Lewthwaite, is built on the stream close to the village. In the parish are two singular relics interesting to the antiquary. One of these, about half a mile from the village on the Ramsey road, was until recently, conjectured to be one of the many Druidical remains, similar to others discovered in this island and in Wales The proprietor of the land, however, having occasion for stones to repair his fences, proceeded to remove some of the smaller fragments, where it way found that they formed the covering to a large tomb comprised of two immense stones lying parallel. Some teeth and bones of a hourse, supposed to be portions of the steed of the "tenant of the tomb," is all that have hitherto rewarded exploration. The other "relic of otherdays" is about two miles from Laxey on the Douglas road ; it consists of a small group of stones called the "Cloven Stones," and is said to mark the resting place of a Welsh prince, who invaded the island, and was slain by the natives. A memorandum of the Insular Court of Exchequer, states that in 1786, 237 silver coins were found in this parish, which were claimed by the crown. Other ancient coins have been discovered in the parish subsequently. But few seats ornament Laxey parish, those of Godfrey Tate, Esq., Ballamanaghbeg, and J. J. Moore, Esq., Balijean, may however be mentioned as ornamental residences. The Primitive Methodists have a meeting-house at Laxey, and the Wesleyans at Ballaconnal.

POST, LAXEY, Receiving house at Joseph Rich's.-Letters arrive every morning at seven, and are despatched every evening at half-past seven.


Moore Mr. John James, Balijean
Mylchreest Mr. William, Ballamaanaghmoar
Qualtrough Rev. Joseph, Vicarage
Simpson Mr Matthew, Baldromma
Simpson Mr. Philip, Baldromma
Tate Godfrey, Esq- C. P. Ballamaanaghbeg


NATIONAL SCHOOL, Laxey glen James Connor, master
PAROCHIAL SCHOOL, Keelcullen-'Thomas William Kerruish master and parish clerk


Corkill Peter, Baldromaymoar
Kelly John, Balderine
Kelly John, Laxey
Joughin Daniel, Laxey glen
Lewin Thomas, Ballagawne


Cower James Laxey
Cowen Thomas, Laxey
Crane William, Ballig
Kermeen William, Ballamaanaghbeg
Kermode James, Kirk Lonan
Kermode William, Ballacannell
Mylrae Daniel, Laxey glen
Scarffe Thomas, Barruse


Clague Joseph, Ballagrow
Clague Robert, Ballacregga
Clague Robert, Ballaquirk
Clague William, Ballavarane
Cojeen James, Ballig
Coole William, Skinsco
Corkill William, Ballabeg
Cowin John, Ballaquine
Cowin Thomas, Ballacowin
Cowin Thomas, Ballacannal
Cowin Thomas. Ballagawne
Cowley John, Ballacullister
Craine Richert, Ballig
FargherThomas, Grawa
Fargher William, Gutchmoar
Garrett William, Grane
Hampton Juhu, Pollylley
Kelly Thomas, Barruse
Kermode James, Cronkachooil
Kewley James, Ballacoar
Kewley James, Baldooin
Kewley James. Gretchveg
Kewley John, Ballayolgaue
Killey John, Ballagawne
Killip Patrick, Ballycojeen
Kinnish John, Baldooin
Kneale Daniel, Raah
Kneale John, Mollaghour
Kneale William, Rash
Looney Thomas, Ballamoar
M'Kneale Thomas, Gretchvane
Moore Thomas, Ballakilley
Quay. John, Brundel
Quayle Thomas, Ballmyljen
Skillicorn John, Ballaragh


The HOPE COMPANY Laxey-Joseph Rich, manager; Samuel Rogers, secretary ; Gilbert Torrance, treasurer
The LAXEY COMPANY, Laxey glen Richard Rowe, manager


Cain Isabella Glengawue
Christian William, Laxey
Fargher Margaret, Laxey
Henry Thomas, Laxey glen
Kelly Margaret, Laxey
Rich Joseph, Laxey
Toplis Ann, Baldromaymoar


Brew Thomas, Ballamanaghmoar
Cain Edward, Ballagawne
Clucas Thomas, Laxey glen
Corrin James, Ballacannell
Cowin John, Ballagawne
Kelly John, Balladoo
Kewley John, Laxey


Cannan James. runner. Gretchveg
Casement John, millwright, Laxey
Cowin James, joiner, Laxey
Garrett Thomas, shopkeeper, Laxey glen
Hutchinson Robert, temperance coffee house, Laxey
Kelly William. brewer, Laxey glen
Kermode Daniel.joiner, Laxey
Kewley John, hatter. Laxey
Lewthwaite John & .Alexander, paper manufacturer, Laxey glen
Moughton John, corn. miller, Laxey glen
Mylrea Daniel shopkeeper. Laxey glen
Mylrea William, banker. Laxey
Southwood & Corlett, dyers, Laxey glen
Williamson James shopkeeper, Laxey


PARISH CHURCH, Laxey-Rev.Joseph Qualtrough. Vicarage


To DOUGLAS. a Coach, from Ramsey. calls at Mr, Joseph Rich's, every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at one, during summer, and even Monday, Wednesday and Friday, during winter, at half past one.

To RAMSEY, a Coach, from Douglas, calls at the above house, every forenoon
(Sunday exceped) at eleven and afternoon at six doting winter, and every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon, during winter at one.


to DOUGLAS. James, Kewley, from Mr. Joseph Rich's, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and John Gale, William Starkey and John Draughty, three times a week.

To RAMSEY, James Kewley, from Mr. Joseph Rich's, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and John Gale, William Storkey and John Draughty, three times a week.




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