[From Slater's Directory, 1846]



CASTLETOWN is a well-built respectable market town in the parish of Malew, and is the capital of the island, being the seat of the insular government; it is 12 miles s. of Peel, 16 s. of Kirk Michael, 25 s.w. of Ramsey, 4 E. of Port St. Mary, and 9½ s w. of Douglas. The town consists of serveral good streets, all clean and in good repair. Over the small river which forms the port is a stone bridge for carriages, and below that is a wooden draw-bridge for foot passengers. The bay is spacious, but rocky; there is a buoy on the Lheeahro Rock at the entrance to the bay, which is covered at spring tides at two hours flood and large vessels can enter the harbour at low water. There is very good anchorage. A fine new pier, nearly finished, on the south side of the harbour, is to be terminated by a lighthouse, and other improvements are in progress In the centre of the town stands Castle Rushen, a most noble specimun of Gothic architecture, which, according to tradition, was built by Guttred in 960; the workmen who were making some alterations in the castle in 1815, however, found a beam bearing the date of '947;' it is, therefore, naturally conjectured that the castle was erected in that year. The walls are from seven to twelve feet thick, from seventy to eighty feet high, and the limestone of which they are composed is as fresh as though it had been taken from the quarry only a few years since. Eleven new cells have recently been added to the gaol, where prisoners convicted of the more serious classes of offences are confined; and a female gaoler has also been appointed. Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, besieged this fortress for six months, in the year 1313; it is now used as the permanent prison of the island, and also for holding the insular courts Those of the chancery and exchequer are held on the first Thursday of every month except January and September, but if necessary special Courts are called; a Court of common law sits in February, May, July and October; a court of general gaol delivery takes place twice a year, and oftener should the lieutenant governor deem it requisite; the deemster's court sits every alternate Monday, the water baliliff's and high bailiff's courts every Saturday, the insular debtors'court in the months of February and August, the house of keys' court once a year, and a Tynwald the 5th July. The House of Keys court sits one a year for the purpose of hearing appeals from the courts of common law, and the governor can, at any time, convene the Keys for the consideration of legislative matters.

There is little in the way of manufacturing here; but from the frequent sittings of different courts of law, and the number of pupils educated at the college, the town generally presents an animated appearance. Considerable quantities of agricultural produce are brought to the market-place, which forms a fine area, almost square, ornamented in the centre with a chaste fluted freestone column, nearly fifty feet high, in the Grecian style, erected in 1836 to the memory of the late venerable Lieutenant-Governor C. Smelt.

Two fine hotels are established in Castletown, the 'George' and the' Grecian' The first named, situated in the Market-place, is admirably conducted by Mr. Kneen, and stands deservedly high for the superior accommodation and excellent fare furnished to its numerous guests. The ' Grecian,' situated at the Bowling-green, and recently opened by Mr. Poole, offers great atractions to parties visiting Castletown. It stands close to the mansion of the Hon. Lieutenant-Governor, and commands delightful prospects-embracing the neighbouring mountains, Castle Rushen, etc., together with an extensive sea view, and the rich scenery of pleasure grounds and Gardens with which the hotel is surrounded. There is a branch of the Isle of Man Commercial Banking Company here, of which Mr. William Downes is the manager.

The places of worship are the parish church a mile and a quarter north of Castletown - the living is the gift of the crown; St. Thomas's chapel forming part of King William's College; and St. Mary's chapel on one side of the parade; the latter which was first erected in 1698, and rebuilt in 1826, is a chaplainacy in the gift of the governor : the present incumbent is the Rev G. S. Parsons, the Government Chaplain which gentleman has purchased the principal part of the property in College-lane, near the grammar school, A large portion of which he has converted, at a considerable expense, into alms-houses or dwellings for the blind, aged and infirm poor. About twenty of these are, by the munificence of the reverend gentleman,provided with comfortable homes and separate apartments, over the entrance to each of which is a suitable text of scripture. Some of them are employed at the spinning-wheel, or other occupations as their age and infirmities allow, by which they earn a small pittance, while the remainder of their wants are supplied by their kind benefactor. There are commodious cellars under the same building where coals, potatoes, &c. are gratuitously distributed to to the poor during winter, from donations collected by Mr. Parsons from the governor, and gentry, &c. of the town and neighbourhood. In the same street are alms-houses for four widows, left by the late respected and benevolent Robert Quayle, Esq of West hill.

The Wesleyan and primitive methodists have each a chapel; and there is also,one for Roman catholics, in College green. Half a mile north-east of the town, and about three hundred yards from the shore, stands King William's College, one of the finest public buildings in the Isle, erected in 1830 in the early English style; it is two hundred and ten feet long and one hundred and thirty five feet broad, including St Thomas's chapel, which stretches from the centre at right angles with the college; from the intersection rises a square embattled tower, ninety-seven feet high. The buildings cost upwards of £6,500.; the accumulated funds left for educational and other purposes in the hands of trustees supplied £2,692. 1s. 5d, and the rest was furnished by voluntary subscriptions, or still remains to be paid. More than one hundred and fifty pupils, chiefly boarders, are educated in the college at present, and are prepared for the British and Irish universities, and for the professions; two students are educated on the foundation for the Manx church. The college contains four spacious class-rooms, and a library is attached to the institution. On the 14th of January 1844, the college, with the exception of the vice-principal's house, was destroyed by fire, but was restored by the liberal contribtions of friends in the Island, and was rendered more commodious than before. There is an excellent grammar-school in College-lane, and also a national school; in the latter, fifty boys and fifty girls are educated. Halsall's school, in the same street, is for the education, free, of twenty children. Saint Mary's national school, Hope street, has been furnished with a good library by the Rev. Mr. Parsons. Taubman's school, Douglas street, is for teaching gratuitously, twenty five boys the usual branches of learning together with navigation. The market-house and assembly rooms were built in 1830 and are situate in the centre of the town. The weekly market is held on Saturday.

BALLASALLA is a village of prepossing and respectable appearance, consisting of about one hundred houses; it is situate in the parish of Malew, nearly two miles northof Castletown, at the point where the Peel and Douglas roads separate. This is the largest and most English-looking village in ther island; the roads in the vicinity are generally lined with newly cut hedge-rows; and the country around being well sheltered with wood, and varied by gently-swelling eminences, the prospects, though not very extensive, are pleasing. Not far from Ballasalla are extensive limeworks, and an ochre umber and Roman cement manufactory. The primitive and the Wesleyan methodists each have a chapel, and Malew parish school is here. Two fairs are held annually, on 12th August and 29th September.

MALEW parish is situate in the sheading of Rushen, in the southern division of the island, and is comparatively very extensive being eight miles in length from north to south. and at least four in breadth from east to west. Besides the parish church, there is a chapel of ease, dedicated to St. Mark, situate about five miles north of Castletown; the living is a chaplaincy, in the gift of the crown. The parish also contains two Primitive and two Wesleyan methodist chapels. A great portion of the parish is fertile and the northern part, which is mountainous and not susceptible of tillage, has several slate quarries, and likewise produces lead ore. Two annual fairs are held at St. Mark's—one on the 5th January. the other on the. 12th May

POST OFFICE Market place, CASTLETOWN, George Duck, Post Master.-Letters from all parts arrive every morning (Sunday excepted) at eight, and are despatched at four in tire afternoon.


Bell Miss Sophia, Arbory st
Bennett Mrs. Matilda Maria, parade
Blundell Mrs. Harriet, Arbory st
Boazman Mrs. Mary, College green
Bridson Mr. John, Ballavane
Bridson Mrs. Mary Ann, Ballasalla
Brine Mrs. Ann, Croft
Cain Mrs. Elizabeth M. Malew st
Campbell Capt. Donald.Croft crescnt
Carlton Airs. Harriet, Arbory st
Carrirk Mr. -, South Abbey' Cottage
Cholmondeley Mr. Thomas, College green
Christie Mr. William, College green
Clarke Rev John Thomas, St. Mark's grebe
Crellin Mrs. Capt. Westhill Cottage
Crellin Mr. John, Westhill Cottage
Crellin Mr. Robert Quayle, Westhill Cottage
Crighon Mr. Thomas, Arbory st
De Renzy Major Genl Webb, Malew st
Elliott Mrs. Mary, Malew st
Fallows Mrs. Catherine, Ballasalla
Fawcett Mr.John Henry, Douglas st
Gelling Miss Elizabeth, castle st
Geneste Mrs Elizabeth,College green
Gill Rev. William, Malew vicarage.
Hamilton Major Thomas, College green
Hanwell Col. -, College green
Harpour Major William Conway. Sea View
Harvey Rev. Gilmour, College green
Hatton Mr. John Gordon, Ballasalla House
Hope His Excellency the Hon C. Lieut-Governor of the Isle of Man, Government House, Castletown
Jeffcott Mrs. Catherine, Malew st
Kelly John Esq.(High Bailiff and M.H.K. and visiting magistrate), parliament square
Kewley M r. Thomas, College green
Lawton Richard, Esq. .College green
Llewelyn Mrs. Christian Catherine, Arbory st
Lucas Mrs. Ann, Knock Rushen
Lucas Mr. John, Knock Rusher
M'Hutchin John Esq. (clerk of the Rolls)', Orry House
Marshall Rev.J. D. Rushen Abbey
Moore Mr. William, Dreemfreaie
Morss Mrs. Elizabeth Arbory st
Mühlhauser Mrs. Anne M. Arbory st
Nelson Mr. John, College green
Newton Mr. George Henry, West Ham Cottage
Parsons Rev. George S. (government chaplain), Parade
Pickering Mrs. Charles,College green
Quayle Mrs. Ellen, College green
Quayle Mark Hildesley, Esq. J.P. and M.H.K. Douglas st
Ready Mrs. Sarah College green
Roberts ,Mr. -,North Abbey Cottage
Smalley Mrs. Mary, Arbory st
Taubtman, Mrs. Catherine, Malew st
Thompson. Mrs. Jane, College green
Underwood Thomas. M. D. Parade
Wallace Captain William, Elderslie
Warren Mrs. Sarah, College green


Clarke Rev. John James {gent's boarding) St. Mark's glebe:
GRAMMAR SCHOOL, College lane Rev. George S. Parsons, master; James Cain, assistant master
HALSALL's SCHOOL, College Lane Harriet Finnigan, mistress


Rev. Robt. Dixon, A. M. principal
Rev. Joseph George Cumming, M. A-, F. G. S., vice
Rev. Gilmour Harvey, third master
Hugh Coleman Davison, teacher of English and modern literature
Fredeliek UysseGrisel, teacher of the French and German languages
Alfred D. Lemon, drawing master

Lloyd My.Ann (day & brdng) parade
NATIONAI. SCHOOL (Saint Mary's), Hope st - Thomas Kay, master; Sarah Cain, mistress
Olridge Elizabth.{day),College green
PAROCHIAL SCHOOL Ballasalla John Watterson, master
ST. MARY's SCHOOL Dreemfreaie Philip Mylrea. master
TAUBMAN'S SCHOOL, Douglas St James Cain, master


Gelling Frederick La.Mothe, Castle st
Jeffcott John Moore. Malew st
Kelly John, Parliament square
Moore James William (and commissioner in chancery ),Drawbridge
Quayle Mark, Hildesley, Drawbridge


Brine Thomas ;(to Lloyd's and for the underwriters of Glasgow), Croft
Torrance Joseph (;to Gavin Torrance & Co. umber, ochre and Roman cement-manufacturer) Ballasalla


Boyd Robert Malew st
Cain Julia, Arbory st and Windmill
Clague Robert, Malew, st
Clague William (corn and flour dealer), Arbory st
Fargher John, Malew st
Gelling Stephen, Malew st
Kelly Henry, Arbory st
Kelly John, Arbory st
Phillips James, Malew st
Ratcliffe William, Malew st
Wood James, Malew st


ISLE OF MAN COMMERCIAI. BANKING CO. (branch) Castle st-draw on Prescott, Grote & Co. London)-William Downes, manager


Boyd Thomas, the Bank
Boyd Thomas, jun. Hope st
Bridson Richard, Ballasalla
Bridson William, Ballachrink
Corkhill Lewis, Hope st
Cubbon William, Malew st
Curry Thomas, Ballasalla
Moore Thomas, Sr Mark's
Quayle Thomas, Malew st


Bridson John, Malew st
Kneale Charles, Mill st
Moore John, Quay
TurnbulI Robert, College green and Derbyhaven


Buchan David, College green
Caugherty Henry, Ballasalla
Clucas Thomas, Kirk Malew
Corrin John Knockdoo
Corrin Thomas, Portobello
Corrin Wiliam, Douglas st
Costain John, Hope st
Cubbon Thomas, Malew st
Fell Edward, Malew st
Garratt John Mill st
Kaighen John, Ballasalla
Kelly William, Malew st
Kermode Henry (& leather cutter), Malew st
Kermode William, Ballasalla
Kinvig John, Malew st
Kinvig Richard, Arbory st
Schofield Thomas, parliament sq
Shimmin Edward, Ballasalla
Shimmin John, Malew st
Watterson John, Ballahott


Bell Thomas, Ballakilley
Foulder Henry, Market place
Quayle John, Douglas st


Beedon William, parliament square
Comish Henry, Market hall and Arbory st
Comish Wm. Arbory- st
Gell Thomas, Market place and the Bank


Gelling ,William, Ballasalla
Jones Thomas, Malew st
Wilson John. Douglas st


Callow Edward, Douglas st
Collister John, Ballasalla
Gelling James, Ballasalla
Marton John, Malew st
Quayle Thomas & John, Hope st


Harper Catherine (and smallware dealer and stationer) Malew st
Marton John, Malew st
Smith Andrew, Malew st


Cregeen Jonathan, Arbory st
Stowell Joseph John (& atationer), Malew st
Taylor Henry & Charles, Malew st


Anchors Thomas, the Bank
Bridson John, Malew st
Duff John, Castle st
Kelly Henry, Malew st & Arbory st
Mylchreeet James, Quay


Cowin Ann, Douglas st
Johnson Margaret, Bank
Rothwell John, Malew st


Bell John, Mill St
Blyth John, Ronaldsway
Braid John, Ballakew
Bridson Robert, Ballagrenjey
Burrow Wm (Steward), Creggans
Cain John, Renshant
Cain John, Arbory st
Cain Thomas, Cordeman
Cain Thomas, Ballajerie
Cain William, Cleighchorbeg
Campbell Isabella, Glassin
Carran Thos.,(steward) College green
Casement John, Ballawilley
Clague Charles, Dray
Clague John, Malew st
Clague Thomas, Orrisdale
Clarke Edward, Ballamodda moar
Clarke Margaret, Arbory st
Clarke Margaret, Malew st
Clucas Thomas, Ballachrink
Collister Edward, Shenvalley
Collister Paul. Knockranney
Cooile William, Grennaby
Creer John, Arbory st
Cretney Thomas, Totaby
Cubbon William, Malew st
Fargher John, Balladool
Fargher Peter, Ballawetson
Fargher Phillip, Ballachrink
Fargher Thomas, Derby haven, Ballagllly and Langness
Fargher William, Barroole
Fargher William, Cooilecam
Fargher William, jun. Ballacroak
Faulder Henry, Market place
Gale John, Ballawoods
Gelling Richard, Balown
Gick William M. Ballaquaggen
Harrison John, Big Meadow
Jefferson Thos- Ballahott & Ballavell
Kegin John, Close clark
Kelly William, Ballachrink
Kennaugh Jnhn, BallAtrrvdling
Kennaugh William, Baltain, Ballauinney and White stone
Kennish John, Ballajeres
Kennish Thomas. Corderman
Kennish Thomas, Mullinarogher
Kermode James, Ballagarey
Kneale Thomas, Ballabridson
Maddrell John, Grennaby
Moore Thomas, Billown
Mylchreest Humphrey, Ballamodda moar
Mylchreest Robert, Billown quayle
Mylchreest Wm (Steward),Crossack
Preston Henry, Lhergay
Quayle John-Bilown Taubman
Quayle John Kerrow moar
Quinn Henry, Ballabeg
Quine Jane, Arbory st
Quinney John, Ballastrang
Quinney Thomas, Ballaglonna
Roney John, Karrowkail
Shimmin Thoms. Hango hill & Ballagilly
Shimmin William Ballabeg
Taggart William. Ballagilbert
Teare John, Ballawilly
Teare Thomas, Silver-bourne
Turnbull Robert, Derby haven
Watterson John, Arbory st
Watterson John, Ballarobin
Watterson Thomas, Malew st
Watterson William Warfield


Cain John, Windmill
Holmes Henry & Sons, Derby st


Marked thus * are also Seedsmen,
(See also Shopheepers, &c.)
*Downes William, Castle st
*Duck George, Market place
*Duff John, Castle st
* Ferguson John, Malew st
*Harrison Edward, jun. Market pl
Harrison William, Malew st
Kegg John, Arbory st
Kelly John, Derby haven
Kewley John, Arbory st
Killey Matthew John, Arbory st
M'Meiken John, Arbory st
Thomson James, Malew st


Curlett Edward, the Bank
Kewin Edward, Market place


Mylchreest John, Malew st
Rothwell John, Malew st


George, Thomas Kneen (and livery stable keeper), Market place
Grecian Hotel, William Robert Poole, Bowling green


Boyd Thomas (furnishing), Quay
Davvson Jos. (& tinman), Arbory st


Cain John Wm. (& builder), Hope st
Cannell John, College green
Collister John, Ballasalla
Gelling William, Ballasalla
Harrison William, Cross-four ways
Kelly William, College green
Kneale John, Ballasalla
Stowell Flaxney, Hope st
Stowell James, parliament square
Stowell Richard, College lane
Stowell Thomas, College lane
Taubman John, Malew st


Jefferson Thomas, Ballahot
Moore Thomas, Billown


Cubbin Henry &Thomas & Co Market place
Dakin John, parliament square
Wilby Benj. Franklin & Co. Castle st
Wilson Thomas & Co. Castle st


Cannell Leonora, Maiew st
Christian Catherine, Arbory st
Christian Claude, Malew st
Cleator John (and boarding), Parade
Dinwoodv Margaret, College green,
Kelly William, College green
M'Gray Jane, College green
Stowell James, Parliament square


Cain John, Castletowu Windmill
Cashen James, Ballasalla mill
Kinnish Thomas, Mullinarogher
Maddrell Robert, Grennaby
Simpson William, Castletown Mill


Bridson Jane, Ballasalla
Cain Eleanor, Ballasalla
Curry Sarah, Ballasalla
Drennan Ann, Arbory st
Harrison Ann, Malew st
Killey Jane, Ballasalla
Kivig & Chesterman, Arbory st
Kitchin Elizth & Eleanor, Malew s'
Kneen June, Ballasalla
M'Quire Elizabeth, Ballasalla


Boydl Thomas,, Quay
Watterson Thomas Malew st


Gelling Fredk. La Mothe, Castle st
Kelly John, Parliament square


Cain, John, the Bank
Christian. (&plumber),Malew st
Gale john (& plumber), Arbory st
Smith Alexander (ornamental and grainer), Malew st
Smith Andrew (and dealer in oil colours and glass), Malew St and Douglas street


Dinwoody Thomas, College green
Fargher Thomas, Douglas st


Corlett William, Ballasalla
Karran John, .Arbory st
Kelly Philip, Ballasalla
Kermode & Harrison (and leather cutters). Malew st
Kinvig Thomas, Arbory, st


Dinwoodly Thomas, College green
Kelly John, Derby haven


Boyd John, Ballasalla
Caugherty Henry, Ballasalla
Clarke Robert, Ballasalla
Corlett William, Ballasalla
Creer Sarah, Ballasalla
Cubbon Thomas, Malew st
Dinwoody Jane, Malew st
Kaighen Catherine, Ballasalla
Kelly William, Quay
King John, Arbory st
Kneale Catherine, Ballasalla
Malone John, Malew st
Radcliffe William.jun. Malew st
Turnbull Robert, Derby haven
Williams Mary, Arbory st


Cregeen James, jun, Malew, st
Kelly Henry, Malew st and Hope st
Quilliam &Creer (and marble masons), Hope street


Cain Robert (and stone, brick, slate cement and lead merchant, and builder and contractor;, Hope street and Ballasalla
Clague James, Mill st
Costain Henry, Malew st
Costain John, Hope st
Kelly Henry, Hope st and Albory st
Kelly Robert, Mill st
Quayle Thomas, Malew st
Tyson James, Ballasalla


Cain Sarah, Arbory st
Kinvig & Chesterman, Arbory st
Quayle Esther, Malew st
Schofield Ann, Parliament square
Stowell Elizabeth, Arbory st


Butler George, M. D. Malew et
Cregeen Jonathan, Arbory st
Fell James, College green
Jones John, Malew st
Lewins Robert, M. D. Albory st
Qualtrough Alexander, Arbory st
Underwood Thomas, M. D. (and surgeon to the household & medical officer to the troops), Parade


Bridson Thomas, Ballasalla
Cain John, Ballasalla
Collister Thomas, College lane
Fargher William, Malew st
Kewin William, Ballasalla
Lawson John, Ballasalla
Looney George, College green
Ore Richard, Arbory st
Quayle James College green
Quayle John, Malew st
Watterson George, Arbory st


Hudson John (and leather cutter), Malew street
Kinvig Thomas (and oil and colourman), Arbory st and Hope st


AnchorsThos. (Manchester) the Bank
Bell Ann. Ballasalla
Brown Wm. (WheatSheaf) Castle st
Cain John (Liverpool Inn) the Bank
Cain William, Malew st
Clarke John, Quay
Coole Richard (Swan) Queenhithe st
Cowell Ts.(Coach & Horses)Malew st
Cowell William (Cornmercial Inn,) and car owner and livery stables) Douglas st
Cubbon Jane (Wheat Sheaf) Malew st,
Eyre Thomas ( Union Tavern, and livery stables) Arbory st
Gibson David (Rose & Crown) Quay
Kelly John (Ship), Derby haven
Kelly William, Quay
Kerruish Robert (HighlandLaddie), Quay
Kinvig Daniel, Ballamauderbeg
Kneale Catherine, Ballasalla
M'Garry Lawrence, Quay
M'Greavev John, Orrisdide
Maddrell Robert, Grenaby
Muncaster Thomas (Union) Ballasalla
Taubman Ann(Queen's Arms)Douglas st
Turnbull Robert. Derby haven
Witton Jane, Malew st


Cain John William, Hope st
Downes William, Castle st


Downes Williaml, Castle st
Duff John, Castle st


Qualtrough William, Ballasalla
Quayle Thomas & John, Hope it


Torrance G.& Co. Ballasalla; North quay, and Duke street, Douglas Joseph Torrance, agent, Ballasalla;


Kneale John, Douglas st
Muncaster William, Castle st


Downes William, Castle st
Duck George, Market place
Duff John, Castle st
Ferguson John, Malew st,
Harrison Edward ,jun. Market place
Killey Matthew John, Arbory st
M'Meiken John, Arbory st


Archer William, tide waiter, Hope st
Bellion William Walter, inspector of police., Douglas st
Chesterman John, clerk, Arbory st
Chesterman John, chief constable, Arbory st
Clarke Thomas, gardener, College lane
Colquitt Stanley,road survryor, Malew st
Cox John Goodwin, Wesleyan preacher, Malew Street
Craig William,turnkey, Malew st
Crolly Patrick, sub-collector of customs, Scarlet House
Dawson George, primitive methodist preacher, Hope st
Gilchrist William, tide waiter. Hope st
Heyton John Phillipson, sub-comptroller of customs, Malew st
Kewley James, custom's broker, Custom House
Kewley William, clerk in Rolls office,College green
King John. cooper Arbory st
M'Donald William, auctioneer, Malew st
Mylchreest James, harbourmaster, Quay
Ponsonby Hy.master mariner,College grn
Rankin Robert, gardener, Malew st
Ross Finlay,draper's assistant. Arbory st
Stowell Thomas, clerk of Saint Mary's,College lane
Taggart James, parish clerk, Ballaaalla
Thompson W'm.barrack Sergeant,Malew et
Varley Robert, car owner, Hope st
Wood John, gardener, Malew st

Public Buildings, Institutions, Offices, &c.


PARRISH CHURCH, Malew - Rev. Wm Gill.
SAINT MARK'S CHAPEL. Dreemfreeie - Rev. John Thomas Clarke.
SAINT MARY'S, Parade-Rev. George S. Parsons
SAINT PATRICK'S (Catholic), College green.
Sainr Thomas's King William's College
PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPELS,Hope street; Ballasalla; Clogher, and Little Foxdale.
WESLEYAN METHODIST CHAPELS,Arbory-street; Ballasalla; Ballamoda;Saint Mark's and Kerrowkeil.


(Sub-Port under Douglas.)
Sub-collector-Mr. Patrick Crolly.
Sub-Comptroller-Mr. John Phillipson Hayton.
Tide-Waiters-Philip Kewley, William Archer. William Callow, and William Gilchrist.

ALMSHOUSES ( G. S. Parsons'), College lane.
ALMSHOUSES (Quayle's), College lane.
BARRACKS, Market place--Major George W. De Renzy ,barrack master; William Thompson, barrack sergeant.
CASTLE RUSHEN-Philip Caley,goaler.
HIGH BAILIFF'S OFFICE, Parliament square-John Kelly, Esq. J. P. and M.H.K.. High bailiff; Mr. John Kelly
jun. clerk; John Chesterman,chief constable and Queen's messenger.
HOUSE OF KEYS, Parliament square Edward Colquitt,keeper.
POLICE STATION,Castle Rushen- William Walter Bellion,inspector.
ROLLS OFFICE, Castle Rushen-John M'Hutchin,Esq. Clerk of the Rolls
WATER BAILIFF'S OFFICE, Castle Rushen-George Quirk, Esq. Water bailiff and receiver general, clerk of the council and secretary to His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor.
WEIGHING MACHINE,Parliament square William Beedon, manager.


To DOUGLAS, Cowell's Coach, the King Orry, from the Commercial Inn, Douglas street, and the Market place, every morning (.Sunday excepted) st at ten ,returning on the arrival of the Packet from LIVERPOOL.

To DOUGLAS,the Civility and the Regulator, from the George Inn, every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at four-returning on the following morning at ten.


To DOUGLAS, William Collister, from Malew Street, and Thomas Kelly, from Mill street, daily (Sunday excepted).



To LIVERPOOL, the Duchess of Kent, Prince Albert. Castletown, Flower of the South, Speedwell.Vulcan, & Jersey Lilly.
To WHITEHAVEN, the Venue, Speculation, Margaret, Lady Garden, Three Sisters, end the Map,

The following Vessels occasionally to different parts of the United Kingdom
the Emily Maria, John Quayle, Ellen and Cratheriner, Cadiz, the Roe,Ellanvannin, Diamond, Liverpool Village Maid, Mary andJoseph, Sarah Ann, John Taubman, Queen Adelaide, and the Greyhound.



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