[from Porter's Directory, 1889]


A CONSIDERABLE parish in the Sheading of Glenfaba, and the midland parish of the island; is bounded on the east by Braddon, on the south by Santon, on the west by Patrick, and on the north by German. It is about five miles long and three broad. The northern and southern parts are mountainous and barren The Parish Church is about 4½ miles from Douglas, and is dedicated to St. Rooney, from whom the parish takes its name. The living is a vicarage in the patronage of the Crown, and held by the Rev. Benjamin Philpot Clarke. Population in 1881 was 1121.


Addison Mrs., owner of Earyvane
Alford John, cattle dealer
Ashburner —, Crosby

Baron Edwd. tenant farmer and machinist, Rhyne
Boyne Miss, grocer and postmistress, Crosby village
Burrows Ann, Crosby

Cadman Peter, tenant farmer, Ballahutchin
Cain Philip, tenant farmer, Ballavagher
Caldwell Jessie, owner of Nab and part of Ballakelly
Cannell John Thos., farmer, Ballaglonney
Carlysle Joseph,-nmarket gardener, Crosby
Clague John, farmer, Eary
Clarke Rev. Benjamin P., vicar of Marown and owner of part. of Eyreton
Clarke Edward, joiner, Ballawilleykilley
Clayton Wm., Crosby -
Clucas Mrs., owner of part of Ballakelly and part of Ballaclucas -
Clucas Thos. Kewley, farmer, Ballafreer and the Garth
Collister Joseph, tenantfarmer, Ballavitehel -
Cooper John, railway foreman, Crosby
Corlett John, tenant farmer, Rock end Cooil Angle
Corlett John, miner and tenant farmer, Ballavitchel
Corlett Stephen, farmer, Ballacotch
Corlett Wm.C., licensed vict and tenant farmer, Half-way house
Cowin Daniel, tenant farmer, Ballaharry
Cowin John,tenant farmer, Ballaquinney -
Cowley Miss, tenant farmer, Corvalley
Cowley John,.tenant farmer, Ballalough
Cowley Thomas, tenant farmer, Garth
Cowley Wm., tenant farmey, Garth
Crellin James, Ballavitchell
Crellin John, tenant farmer, Garth
Cretney Jamess, tenant farmer, Ballawilleykilley.
Cretney Robert, tenant farmer, Ballingan
Cretney Robert, farmer, Ballagarey
Cretney Wm., blacksmith, Braid
Cretney Wm., part owner of Corvalley
Cubbon John Caesar, owner of Ballalargy

Elphinstone James Hy., theatre proprietor Rock cottage

Faragher Thos., tenant farmer, Ballaharry.
Fargher Wm., tenant farmer, Ballaquinney

Gell Ryan, farmer, owner of Ellerslie
Gelling Richard, landowner, Ballavagher,
Gelling Wm., tenant farmer, Ballachrink
Gelling Wm. S., jun., private apta, Crosby house, Crosby
Gelling Wm, Sinclair, farmer, Bawshen

Haynes —, licensed vict., Half-way house,.Crosby village -
Holt Fredk. John, owner of Ballaquinney

Karran J. J., owner of Ballingan
Kaye Thomas, farmer, Ballabeg
Kelly Edwd., farmer and butcher
Kelly John Kerruish, farmer, Trollaby
Kelly John, tenant farmer, Garth
Kelly Philip, farmer, Ballagarrow
Kelly Thos. Edwd., farmer, Ballagare
Kelly Thos, owner of Ballavitchel
Kelly Wm., owner of Rhyne
Kermode Wm., farmer, Ballacallin -
Kermode Wm. K., owner of part of Eyreton
Kewley Thos. Wm., owner of Cooil Angle
Killey Philip, farmer, Ballacallin and Balla willeykilley
Kinnish Mrs., tenant farmer, Ballavitchel
Kissack Thomas, joiner and owner of part of Ballavitchel
Kneen Robert, tenant farmer, Eyreton

Lewin Joseph, blacksmith and agicultural implement maker, Ballawilleykilley
Lockerby Wm., landowner, Crosby

Maitland Dalrymple, farmer, Brockmoor
McGlashin Mrs., licensed victualler, Highlander Inn
McMullen Roy. Jas., owner of Dreamlang

Quay Mrs., farmer, Fochronk
Quirk John, farmer, Ballaclucas

Ralston Alexander and Robert, tenant farmers, Nab

Shimmin John, tenant farmer, Cooil ingle
Smythe Mrs., ladies’ school, Crosby
Spittall James, owner of Ballalough
Symes —, landowner, Hope lodge

Tipper Wm., market gardener, Cedar lodge, Crosby

Watson Robert, farmer and butcher, Braid
Wood Thomas A., Crosby


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