LURG geurey dy niaghtey,
As arragh dy rio,
Va ny sheen chirree marroo,
As n'eayin beggey vio.

(twice after each verse).

Oh! irree shiu boch'llyn,
As gow shiu da'n chlieau,
Ta ny kirree fo niaghtey,
Cha dowin as v'ad rleau.

Shoh dooyrt Nicholas, Raby,1
As eh 'sy thie ching,
"Ta ny kirree fo niaghtey,
Ayns Braid-farrane-fing."2

Shoh dooyrt Nicholas,
Raby Goll seose er y lout
" Dy row my shiaght vannaght,
Er my ghaa housaue muilt.

Kirree tiayms ayns y laggan,
Kirree-goair 'sy Chlieau-rea*
Kirree keoi Coan-ny-chistey3
Nagh jig dy bragh veih."

Dirree mooinjer Skeeyll Lonan,
As hie ad er-y-chooyl;
Hooar ad ny kirree marroo
Ayus laggan Varoole.*

Dirree mooinjer Skeeyll Lonan,
As Skecylley-Chreest neesht,
Hooar ad ny kirree beggey
Ayns laggan Agneash.*

Ny mnilt ayns y toshiaght,
Ny reaghyn 'sy vean,
Eisht ny kirree trome-eayin
Cheet geiyrt orroo shen.

Ta mohlt aym son Ollick,
As jees son y Chaisht,
As ghaa ny three elley,
Son yn traa yioym's baase.


AFTER winter of snow
And spring-tide of frost,
The old sheep were dead
And the small lambs alive.

(twice after each verse).

Oh ! get up shepherds, and
To the hill go ye,
For the sheep deep as ever
Are under the snow.

This said Nicholas, Raby,
And he at home sick,
" Beneath the snow are the sheep,
In Braid-farrane-fing."

This said Nicholas, Raby,
Going up on the loft,
" Be my seven blessings
On my two thousand sheep.

I have sheep in the hollow,
And goats on Slieau-rea,
Wild sheep in Coan-ny-chistey
That will never come home."4

The men of Lonan rose up,
And they went forthwith;
In Baroole's hollow,
They found the sheep dead.

The men of Lonan rose up,
And of Kirk-Christ too,
They found the little sheep
In Agneash hollow.

The wethers in the front,
The rams in the midst,
The ewes heavy with lamb
Coming after them.

I've one sheep for Christmas,
And two for Easter,
And two or three others,
For the time of death.5


* The name of a mountain.
1 A farm in the parish of Lonan.
2 A short distance from Raby,
so called from a stone in the form of a chest.
3 A hollow near Snaefell mountain.

4 "From it."
5 "I shall get death"


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see Manx Soc vol XVI p126/132; music p257

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