[from Manorial Roll, 1511/1515]



Extracted from the Lord’s Composition Book of Charles, the 8th Earl of Derby,

A.D. 1703.

[ q = quarterland - see elsewhere for treens, quarterlands etc]


Shedyngs of Rushen, Medall, and Garff


Treen of ffisgarth.—Glansast, 1 q.Corvalley, 1 q. ffisgarth, 1q. Port le murrey, 1 q.
Treen of Glayton.—Ballahaine, 1 q. Ballacregin, 1 q. Glendowne, ¼ q.
Treen of Cregneash.—Cregneash, 1 q.
Treen of Rowany alias Edremony.—Ballaqueeneij, ½ q. Rowany Gawne, 1 q. Rowany Cottier, 1 q. Balla Nele, 1 q.
Treen of Shenvalley.—Ballnahow, 1 q. Ballacarrane, ½ q. Kerrowcorrin or Droghadfayle, 1 q. Shenvalley or Ballamaddrell, 1 q.
Treen of Breda.—Bradda more, 1 q. Kerrow onna 1q. Cronaback, 1 q. Bradda West, 1 q.
Treen of Saureby.—Saureby, 1 q. Ballagell, ½ q. Balla mollavory, 1 q. Ballacruink, ½ q. Ballafesson, 1 q.
Treen of Kentraugh.—Kentraugh, 3 q. Oristall, ½ q.
Treen of Suason.—Ballachurry, 1 q.Ballakillowey, Eq.Ballagawne, 2 q.
Treen of Scaldaby.—Ballacorkish, 1 q.Scaldaby, 1 q. Crot e Gaily, ½ q.
Treen of Balla Kill Patrick.—Knock y Dooney, 1 q. Ballavear, 1 q.Ballakillpatrick Har, 1q.
Treen of Renwiilin.—Renwillin, ½ q.
Treen of Scard.—Scard, upper and lower, 1 q.
Treen of Legar or Lingeage.—Lingeage, ½ q.
Calf Isle and the Isle called Kitterland.
Miln.—Kentreagh Miln.
Intacks.—Leany Howemoar. Leany vore. Curragh how. Close a Gell at Greenavore. Close an Boaly voile in the mountains. Leandan vegga. Curragh Cottier. Leany runt. Leany Droghad. Close Vicaragh. Tradbery. Intack lying betwixt Greena corkish and Greena Ballakillowey in the mountaines. House and Gardens in Port Ern. Chamber in Port le murraij. Closenmoore. Leany Keondroughad. House and Garden at Renwillin. Nelson’s Garden in Port le mauraij. Tanhouse and Tan Pitt Stead, Do. An old Sellar or Salthouse, Do. with the easements thereto.
Kk. Christ Rushen Abbey ffarms.—Ballnakilley. Ballafurt. Crot a Gaul dow Ballavrara.


Treen of Balladoole.—Balladoole, 3 q. Ballakagin, messuage, 3 q.
Treen of Bewmaccan.—Bemaccan (Ballanorris), 2 q. Martilimore, parcell. The ffryery, 1 q.
Treen of Ardarry.—Ballavarkish, 1 q. Ardary (Ballastroke), 1 q. Ballamaddrell, 1 q. Ballacubbon, 1q.
Treen of Ballafadda.—Ballafadda, 1 q. Ballakindry, 1 q. Ballacross, 1 q. Ballacomish, 1 q. Ballaclague, 1 q.
Treen of Testraw.—Ballaglonney, 1q.
Treen of Arishonock.—Knockshanaugh, ½ q. Ballaread, ½ q. Ballaconylt, 1 q. Ballacricyrt, 1 q.
Treen of Aristine.—Kerroomanaugh, 1 q. Creenaugh, 1q.Ballamore, ½ q. Ballaquiggin, ½ q. Ballagreney, ½ q.
Treen of Colby.—Colby more, ½ q. Colby beg, ½ q. Ballacubbon (Ballahom), ½ q. Claghbane, 1 q. Ballacallow, ½ q. Ballachrink, ½ q. Ballacregeen, ½ q.
Treen of Ballacarmick.—Ballakelly, ½ q. Boaly more. Balla Inney Oates. Ballacraij. Ardwolly. Crottmore. Ballablack. Ballarobert. Crottbell. Ballacarmin, ½ q. Ballagawne, 1 q.
Miln.—Colby Miln.
Intacks.—Garymore. Charry’s Croft. Bolly corni. Knocknemuckly. Grennymore. Deemster Parr’s garden in the highway. Crott è grinney.


Treen of Arerna—Moaneymore, 1q.
Treen of Totnemby.—Tosaby, 1q.
Treen of Greneby.—Ballagionna, 1 q. Ballatrollag, 1 q. Ballabeg, 1 q. Greneby, 1 q.
Treen of Comissary.—Langness and Colts Ground, 14 acres. The Island, 2 acres. Ronaldsway, 100 acres.
Treen of Lough.—Lough, 1 q.
Treen of Kk. Michell.—Balkthick, 1 q.Ballawoods, 1 q. Ballaquaggin, 1 q.
Treen of Warfeild.—Ballagiibert, 1 q. Ballarobyn, 1 q. Kerrowkeale, 1 q.Kerrowmoar, 1 q. Kerrowbarroole, 1 q.
Treen of Scarlott.—Knockrushen, 38 acres. Vausetown, 6o acres. Scarlett, 2 q. Close near Great Mill, 3 acres. Barry’s Close. Moore’s Close. The Red Gapp. Ballalough, 1½q. Pickard’s Closes. The Cloddaugh. The Bagnes Gardens.
Milns.—Two water corne Milns near Castletown. Maddrell’s Miln. Ballahot Miln. Greenaby Miln. Tuck or Fulling Miln.
Intacks.—Clyrower. Kerrowrhenny. Rheast. Cloddaugh. Leany Strew. The Court. The White Stone. The Long Croft ‘ going up to the cross ‘. West Croft. McGawne’s Croft, Garey Jo. Gave. Bell’s Close. Money ne modday. Drimroy. Cansoone’s Croft. Kinread’s Croft. Sixpenny Croft. Curragh Gorry. Rackey Croft. Cotteen’s Croft. Leany Keale. Quine’s Close. Gelling Beg’s Croft~ Connall’s Garden. Garrett’s Garey. Carey Bridson. Bare Mc e Gawn. Crebbin’s Croft. Quinney’s Close. Usta Mahallow. Croft Cailey. Cromwell’s Tanhouse. McTaggart’s Garden. Brooy’s Garden. Crott a Crine. Cubbon’s Croft. Scarff~ Croft. The Lough. The Causey. Moare’s Close.
Kirk Malew Abbey Demesnes.—The Two Abbey Meadows. Bellowne. Creggans. Boaly na muck. Clark’s Medows. Carrett’s Ground. Ballahott. Christians Ground. Halsall’s Hill. Walter Miller’s Land. Crot e Vally. Halsall’s Land. Skibrick. Lea’s Closes. Ballawhetstone. Boaltanbana. Slockfield. Boaly Vargeene. Kk. Malew Fields. The Great Hill. Ballagilley and Hango Hill. Boaltane. Crot Cabal Leonard. Crot a Quiggin. Crot na Killey. Crot na Broij.
Kirk Malew Abbey Farme Lands.—Ballaling. Billowne. Ballakew. Ballakewne. Ballaquine. Ballacreggey. Ballacaine moar. ffiidraw. Ballanank. Silverburne. Ballacruink. Knockbreck. Bell’s Close. Clycurr. Carnlea. Ballamodda. Ballanioddamenagh. Ballnakilley. Ballacharry. Ballafarrant. Balnagrangey. Ballagarey. Knockbrew. Cordaman. Balnalargy. Shenvalley. Ballavervane. Ballakew. Ballacroak. Ballageraij. Coilcam. Ballaglonna. Ballastrang. Ballacubbon. Ballaquaile. Ballasteene. Oristall. Knockdooe. Glashin. Ballavoddan. Knockdow more. Whitestones. Ballabredson. Crurnwell’s Croft. Ballacurry. Hango Hill. Bowling Green. Crot a Caran. Balla John Vark. Tottaby. Rensheant. Boaldolly and Tone Vane. Manowle. Leany Totaby. Ardvolly.
Kirk Malew Abbey Cottages.—Coile Cam. Crot a Quiggin. Corrin’s Croft. Crot a Quirry. Crot Drinagh. Quaile’s Garden. Crot Begg. Crott a Taggart. Quane’s Garden. Kewley’s Croft. Croft at Ballasalley Cross. Crot Varteene.


Treen of How.—Ballakermeene, ½ q. Ballalargy, ½ q. Ballacreggy, 2 q. Ball-nahow, 2 q.
Treen of Meary.—Part of Ballavilley. Meary, 2 q. Meary veg, 1 q.
Treen of Crenicle.—Part of Ballavilley. Ballakelly, .½ q. Ballahown, 1 q.Glona Greanagh, ½ q.
Treen of Knockshemegg.—Ballacorris, 1 q.Ballchrink, 1 q. Mullin y Quinney, 1 q. Ballavagher, ½ q. Crot na Cooily, ½ q.
Treen of Bendoill.—Ballachurry, ½ q. Ballakissage, 2 q. Ballagick, 1 q.Close na punt, ½ q.
Treen of Sandrabrick.—Sulbrick, 1 q. Kerrowdhoo, 1 q. Balla na Hown, 1 q.
Treen of Corbrick.—Ballacostain, 1 q.Ballaquiggin, 1 q. Knock a loughan, 1 q. Crogga, ½ q.
Treen of Ars Rogaine.—Rogaine more, 1 q. Rogaine beg, 1 q. Glentraugh, 1 q. Ballafurt, ½ q. Ballacrine, ½ q.
Treen of Knockaloughan.—Knockfreagh, 1 q. Knockaloughan, 2 q. Ballavarton, 1 q.
Intacks.—Ballyhollas. Rheast. Garymore Close of the Great Gate. Crott y furtt. Bolybane. Monell. Crot ne money. Hampton’s Croft. Ashole. Knock an alin. Keig’s Croft. Close Gibby. Brack Bolchen.
Milns.—Wood’s Tuck Miln. Quinney’s Corn Miln.


Treen of Balla Knickle.—Ballacallin, 1 q. Ballanicholas, 2 q. Balywoolley, 1 q.
Treen of Sandbrick
.—Ballacotch, 1 q. Ballnaquinney, 2 q. Ballnalargy, 1 q. Ballaquinney Beg, 1 q.
Treen of Cardall.—Ballacarran, 1 q. Corvalley, 2 q.
Treen of Glenlough.— Glenlough, 3 q. Ballagary, 1 q. Ballafreer, ½ q.
Treen of Greenegill.—Gart, 1 q.
Treen of Trolby.—The Nab, 1 q. Trolby, 1 q. Ballavargher and Ballona, 1 q. Ballaclucas, 1 q.
Treen of Ballatersin.—Ballnacraw, 1 q.Ballatersin, 1 q. The Brade, 1 q. Ballalough, 1 q. Ballagarow, 1q.
Treen of Baly Yeaman.—Ballawilleykilley, 1q.Ballaharry, 1 q. Cronck, ½ q. Ballahammy, 1q.
Particles.—[ ], ½ q.
Milns.—Mullen a Caine. Mullen Glona Groa. Mullen Ballanicholas. Cregbeg Miln.
Intacks..—Green a Spurr. Curragh na Largagh. Close è Nellan. Knock an Aley. Boalrenny. The Leijaghan. The Rennagh. Curragh Kipmore. Boalrey. Close ~ Killey. Curragh na Aary. Knock a Shoggell. Ary jora. Ary kellag. Close è Kerron. Stuck a dow. Boaly na mere. Balynicholas Fells. Knockadding. Knock Moughlane. Closejarge. Leny Ballna Largy. Droghad a Caine. Mony Laggagh. ffarlagg. Gary Dow. Laickin. Monanamuck.


Treen of Baldall Brey.— Ballaquine, 1 q. Ballabrew, 1 q. Ballakewish, 1 q. Awhallan, 1q.
Treen of Balla Christry. Owlican, 1 q. Algare, 1q. Ballamoddey, 1 q. Renscault, 1q.
Treen of Balna Regnilt.—Ballawyllyn, 1 q. Ballagary, 1q. Creg a Cowne, 1q. Naryween, 1 q.
Treen of Castleward.—Ballafletcher, 1 messuage. Knock y Troddan, 1 q. Ballabeg, ½ q.
Treen of Camlorge.—Ballacarown, 1 q.Ballavillaughan, 1 q. Knockrule, 1 q. Ballacrunk, ½ q. Camlorge, 1 q. Ballaoates, ½ q.
Treen of Testraw.—Balna clybaneij, 1 q.
Treen of Ulist.—Ballacottier, 1 q. Ballaglonney, 1 q. Ballacubbon, 1 q. Quoole Ulist, 1 q.Ballaquitchall, ½ q. Ballabunt, 1 q.
Treen of Middle.—Poleroash, 1 messuage. Ballavaugher, ½ q. Ballakenish, ½ q. Midle, 1 q.
Treen of Gresby.—Beal e Vare, 1 q. Ballashamregg, 1 q. Ballamoney, 1 q. Knockbane, 1 q. Ballaquiggin, 1q.Ballalough, 1 q.
Treen of All Gresby.—Ballachrink, 1 q.Ballalugg, x q.
Milns.—Baldall Miln. Mullin Oates (anciently Mullin Doway). Poleroash Miln. Nunnery Miln. ffietcher’s Walk Miln. Murrey’s Tuck Miln.
Intacks.— The Loughan. Intack near the Fell Ditch. Crot doo. Intack near the Fell Hedge. Anacurr. Ary. Gary na Mutton. Shen voal. Reast more. Gary flugh. Crot a dasing. Mona farick. Crott vatta. Crot my Quay. Boally vana, parcel of Caraghan. The Braid. Crot Yoky in the mountains. Parcell of Commons in Ingebreck. Curragh Harry.
Kk. Braddan Abbey ffarms.—Ardarry. Streneby. Ballalargey. Ballamanaugh. Ballacawne. Sulby. Ballacreech. Ballacrunk. Knock ne Sligg. Ballacregan. Kewaige. The Nunnery 4 q. Abbey Miln Rent : Mullen è Corran.


Treen of Douglas.—Balnabroij, 1 q. Ballakermeen, 1 q. Ballaquayle, 1 messuage.
Treen of Tromode
.—Glencruggery, 1 q. Ballaniid, 1 q.Ballamanaugh, 1 q. Tromode, 1q.
Treen of Tremessary.—Bernanghad, 1 q. Ballavinch, 1 q. Ballacurry, 1 q. The Hague, 1q.
Treen of Begoade.—Ballakarighen, ½ q. Begode, 1 q. Ballakilvartin, 1 q.Begode more, 2 q.
Treen of Alia Begoade.—Black Quarter, 1 q. Ballacayne, 1 q. Ballalugg, 1 q. Ballalugg more, 1 q.
Treen of Byballoe.—Byballoe, 2 q.Byballo beg, 1½ q.
Treen of Slekeby.—Clepps more, 1 q.Clepps Creei, 1q. Lanshecan, 1½q. Slegeby, 2 q. Ballacottier, 1q. Ballaskelly, 1 q.
Treen of Horalett.—Ballacrunk more, 1 q. Ballacrunk beg,1q. Ballnahow, 5 q.
Intacks.— Mony Cottier. Mony Mollaugh. Mony Slegeby. Mony Mainaugh.
Keondroughad (Conchan village). Money Begode. Garey ne Cliibbraugh. Intack near the ffence in Douglass. House Stead near the Ringsend by the waterside, Douglass. House and two gardens on the sand Side called the Coile, Douglass.
Milns.— Tromode Miln. Mollen e Corran. Growdell Miln. Ballacreetch Miln.


Treen of Grettest.—Grettest beg, 1 q.Grettest more, 1 q. Grettest heas, ½ q. Ballaquark, 1 q.Crot a chule, ½ q.
Treen of Hegnes.— Ballagolgane, 1 q.Ballawill, ½ q.Ballaquilleash, ½ q. Balnacregga, 1 q.Ballacowle, 1 q.
Treen of Colby.—.Baljean, 1 q. Raby, 1 q. Grennane, ½ q. Baldrine, 1q.
Treen of All Colby.—Baldowine, 1 q. Ballamillan, 1 q. Ballagare, 1 q. Colby, 1 q. Balgene, 1 q.
Treen of Amogary.—Bullacowin and Ballaquine, 1 q. Ballamanagh, 1 q. Ballakey, 1 q.Ballaglass, ½ q.
Treen of Swarthaw.— Ballacoare, 1 q. Ballascarife, 1 q. Poleyilley, 1 q. Ballacotteen, 1q.
Treen of Grauffe. Ballaffargher Grawe, 1q.Ballacallister, 1 q. Ballacorrin Grawe, 1 q.Ballakneale Grawe, 1 q.
Treen of Rauffe.—Ballagawne, 1 q. Ballabeg, 1q.Ballacannell, 1 q. The Rae, 1q.
Treen of Morest.—Baldrine, 1 q. Barroose, 1 q. Balladooe, 1 q. Ballagroa, 1 q.
Treen of Shonest
.—Hoanes, 1 q.
Treen of Brandall.—Brandall, 1 q. Ballaleany, 1q.Glenroy, 1 q. Ballacawne, 1 q.
Treen of Raby.—Ballalugg, 1 q. Ballamenagh, 2 q.
Treen of All Raby.—Ballaverane,1½ q.Ballakilley, 1 q. Leikerrow, ½ q. Ballacregga, ½ q.
Treen of Rigg.—Baldromma heas, 2 q. Baldromma heis, 2 q.
Milns.—Mullen Vaatage. Moore’s Walk Miln. Parr’s Water Corn Miln. Parr’s Walk Miln.
Intacks.—The Mony. Knock a Tonnish. Brow Mullen a Gresy. Cley ne How. The Cloven Stones. Crot ne cushag. Lagboilly. Close na Eearkan. Mony Honess. Mona Caskin. Largy. Mona Cotteene. Keel Callaine. Crot allow. Lagdow. Crot a Coale. Largemanaugh. Largey Graw. Crot Kilney. Crott e Cally. The Mooney. Bollybane. Crot ne Lacken. The Braid. Close Gorram. Gary Noa. Close hoal. Close moar. Close Stij. Cowan more. Chibber Skoij. Crott Anny. Intack at the Cross. Largey Stij. Largey Moij. Quoole Conney. Cly ne Mony. Close Manaugh. Crot e Cotteene. Kelley Cowle. Kelley Mitchell. Crot è Glonney. Largey ne Mucklaugh. Largey Gretch. Crot ne Came. Glenwoolen. Crott Pedderag. Came. The Volgan. Crot ne Veyn. Crot William Done. Crot ffartij. Crot è Kermod. Crot Donald. Largey Garrow. Hogg’s Crofts. Crott e Grazey. Crott me Gaw. Crott e Carrown. Crott ffayle. Crott e ffanny. Crott me Quill. Crot ene Quitchell. The Nullen beg. Amogarry and Barraughan and Drim Holby in the Commons.
Kk. Lonan Abbey ffarms (Scinscoe).—Kerrow Doone. Ballarragh. Ballamore. Ballacrink. Ballabeg. Scinscoe. Abbey Cottage : Crot Kill Nicholas.


Treen of Ballure.—Ballastoale, 1 q. Ballure, 1q.Carrett’s Close, ¼ q. Ballacowle, ¾ q. Claghbane, ½ q. Clonaige, ½ q. Leaghearny.
Treen of Lewaige.—Lewaige, 1 q. Ballacreggan, 1q. ffolleaw, 1 q.
Treen of Balygilley.—Ballagilley, 1 q. Drim Skarry, 1 q. Balnabarna, 1 q. Ballasaig, 1 q.
Treen of Baly Fayle.—Ballafayle-e-CalloW, 1 q. Ballafayle.e-Cannell, 1 q. Ballafayle-e-Kerruish, 1q.
Treen of Balyskebegg.—Crowcreene, 1 q.Ballaskegg boij, 1 q.Ballaskegg, 1 q. Balnasloa, 1q.
Treen of Corna more.—Ballagorry, 1 q. Ballacruink, 1q.Corna, 1 q.
Treen of Corna begg.—Ren abb, 1 q. Ballagorry beg, 1 q. Ballashalhaige, 1 q.Kerrow na Urd, 1 q. Corrony, 1q.
Treen of Cardall.—Cardal more, 1 q.Cardal begg, 1 q.Ballaglass, 1 q.Magher a Cave, 1q.
Treen of Rencullin.—Rencullin, 1q.
Treen of Ballatersin.—Ballakilley, 1 q. Baltrim, ½ q. Ballatersin more, 1 q. Ballatersin beg, 1 q. Baldroma.
Treen of Ramsey.—1q.
Particles.—1½ q.
Intacks.—Clenaige Intacks : In Glenoldin, in The Fells, Crott Ermeen, Largavore. The Ron Intacks : In the Ron, Balnabarna. Lewaige Intacks : At Portlewaige, Crot a Skelly, Mary’s house, Boaly cholane, ffaijcleeij, Slockalane, Cross of Four Ways. Ballafayle Intacks : Crotkillnahow, Crot na ping, Garymore, Gary at Ballaskloe, in Port Corna, at Corna milns, Ping na broij, Cottiman’s and Wood’s lands. Ballaglass Intacks : Close na Mona, Gary Quaile, at Wood’s house, at the Pinfold, in the fells, Crot a Fundale, Gary, Curragh. Cardall Intacks : Cronkardall, Curragh, Huan, Largare adjoining to Christian’s Baron Land, at the Corony. Ballagorry Intacks : Gary Ballashulghage, Cronkbane, Close na hown, Narij. Taflowqueene Intacks : Boaley na Laggagh, Ping e Lagh glass, in the How, Larga na chibber, Shentallow, Crow Callin, Keon na Henning, Crot a Callin, Rengaroij in the ffells.
Milns.—Corna Miln. Lewaige’s Water Corn Miln. Ballure Water Corn Miln.


Shedyngs of Glenfaba, Kyrke Mighell, and Le Ayre.


Treen of Dalby.—Ballacreggan, 1 q. Ballelby. Balladha, 1 q. Borraine. Kerrowdoo, 1 q.
Treen of Alia Dalby.—Knock Kishty, 1 q. Kerrow Keale, 1 q. Carrick Lea, 1q. Ballacallin, 1 q. Thalloo Quislin, parcel.
Treen of Raby.—Ballacarkey, 1 q. Glanmoij, 1 q. Trellsey, 1 q. Rabymore, 1 q. Rabey beg, 1q.
Treen of Gourden.—Gourden, 1 q. Ballacallin, 1 q. Knock aloe moar, 2½ q. Knock aloe beg, 2 q.
Treen of Balla More.—Ballamoar, 1 q. Ballaquiggin. Ballaquillin (Balla willen), 1 q. Glan Keel Croaw, parcel.
Treen of Arnycaringan cum Foxdale.—Foxdale, 1 q. Ballacartoile (Glenneedle and Kerrow cottle), 1 q. Balla more, 1 q. Balnabennoo (Baltrooan). Ballalargy (Lheakerrow). Ballamanaugh, 2/3q. Keonslew, 1 q. Ballaneas, 1 q. Slewewhellin.
Treen of Ballahegg.—Ballahegg, 1 q. Ballavagher, 1 q. Ballaoates, 1q.
Treen of Glen Rushen.—Glen Rushen (or Balla cottier), 1 q.
Particles.—Slew whellin, 1 q. Kerrow Keale, 1 q.
Milns.—Mullin e chlugg. Tuck Mill near Peel. Great Mill in Glenmoij. Colvill’s Mill. Mullin Glonna.
Intacks.—Bolly Goat. Bolly Erd. Stack Stead. The Great Garden. Breck Bolly. Crott e Callin Vane. Boal ne Houghty. Crot Noa. Garry Carra. Neary. Close Noa. Crotey Cleator. Cry’s Garden. The Breck Willy. Cross Close. Currough Cleage. Constable’s Close. Bollrey. Garrydow. Closemore. Tallowegij. Bollylieu. Rougimany. Arrasy Quirk. Cowan Renny. The Cowan. Curragh Glass. Ballabenny. Bollybrakey. The Largy. Ballakingeague. Closebegg. Tallow Quishlin. The Loob. Slewhellin. The Great Hough. Hill called The Common near Peele.


Treen of Balla Skebag.—Kerrow Garrow, 1 q.Balla Oates, 1 q. Kenaa, 1 q.
Treen of Ballatersin.—Ballatersin. Close Toalt. Conny Green. Balnaharra. Struan a Kirkey. Congary. Shenvalley. Rheast. Clay Pits. Crot y Vod. Cronkbane. The Flat. Boaly Bittall.
Treen of Sandall.—Corvalley, ½ q. Ballaboy, 1q.Ballakaighen, 1 q. Ballanaire, 1q.
Treen of Scaresdaile.—Scaresdaile, 1 q.Ballaquine, 1 q.Ballacrank, 1 q. Stockhill, 1 q. Monyvore, 1q.
Treen of Lambefell.— Aryhimyn, 1 q. Cronkbane. Larnbefell moar, 1 q. Lambefell beg, 1 q.Airy Glass, ½ q.
Treen of Airyrhody.—Airey Veg, ½ q. Ballatruan, 1 q.
Treen of Kneebe.—The Bollough, 1 q. Cronkdoo, 1q. Airylaine, 1 q.Kerrow Clough, 1 q. Ballarenny, parcel.
Treen of Alia Kneebe.—Crochbreck, 1 q. Ballavarkish, 1 q. Kerrow Glass, 1 q. Kerrow Koar, 1q.
Treen of Balladoraughan.—Ballalugg, 1 q. Ballagharraghen, 2 q. Bery, 1 q.
Treen of Balladoyne.—Ballnehowne, 1 q. Ball a cronck, 1 q. Ballaweene, 1 q. Crock ne Killy, parcel.
Particles, 4 quarters.—Ballalough. Ballakille Mory. Dryny (or The Kew). Ballnahorra. Brackabrowme.
Milns.—Tuck Mill. Mollen a Kew. Mollen Renash. Mollen e Cowle. Mollen beg.
Intacks.—Bollrenny. The Tather. Corrough. Lenyherin. Corrough e Gell. Close Noa. Bollroij. Leany Droghad. Curragh Bugogue. Curragh Greeby. Curragh Craine. Curragh Keal. Close ne Brebagg. Currough Balla varkish. Crot Vore. Leany Cregga. Boaley Shoagell. Hunter’s Meadow. Close ne Loughen. Currough Ballagaraghan. Leany Garrow. Currough Doo. Currough è Groat. Currough Kennough. Kerrow Garrow. Cole Currough. Callow’s Meadow. Currough Kelly. Keontagher. Leany Yore. Crot Yore. Crot e Crellin. Close è Keery. Rheast. Currough Mollough. Curragh ffeaugh. Kylfarick è Dromma. Lime Kill Stead. The Leake, at Peeltowne. Colville’s Croft. Crott Leonard. The Green, Peel. The Tan Pitts. Mony More. Conny Green. Immer Lower.
Kk. German Abbey ffarms.—Largedow. Ballanair. Ballaboij. Carrett’s Ground in Largedow. Caine’s Land. Knock Sharry. Masemore. Ballawoollen. Balla Elletson. Ballajarg. Tallow Quayle. Ballaquane. Ballagirr.
Abbey Cottages in Peele Town.—Crot Lower, ‘ adjoining Mace More ‘. Crott Vonaughan. Brown’s Garden. Thomas Harrison’s Brewhouse. Shop near the Church-yard. Cottage upon the Cloddaugh. The School House. Colvin’s Croft. Colvin’s House. Ellis House. Twaites House. Old Mill Stead.


Treen of Ballacrynane.—Ballacrynane, 1½ q. Ballamaynough, 1½ q. Kerrow Glass, 1 q.
Treen of Ballister.—Ballacottier, 1 q. Ballana, 1 q. Ballister, ½ q. Arey Gau, .½ q.
Treen of Shalcagh.—Ballacayne, 1 q. Ballaquiggin, 1 q. Ballaluig, 1 q. Ballamanaugh, 1 q.
Treen of Ballanymade or Bargarrow.—Ballaley, 1 q. Ballacurleod, 1 q. Barregarrow (Chronk Ashen), 1 q. Quoole Darragh, ½ q.
Treen of Cammell.—Quoole Shallagh, 1 q. Cly Finn, 1 q. Ballakilley, 1q. Cammell, 1 q.
Treen of Barrick More.—Bark More, 2 q. Ballnacreggy, 1 q. Ballagawne, 1 q.
Treen of Dromerewaigh.—Largebreck, 1 q.Balloney, 1q.Ballacrink, 1 q. Ballakenaig, ½ q. Mony mollagh, x q.
Treen of Ballafadeen.—Balla na Quooley, 1 q. Ballamainaugh, 1 q. Barney garg ( Bernagh), 1 q. Ballnareny-beg, parcel. Largeaggas, parcel. Ballafadeen, 1 q.
Treen of Nerlough.— Ballagennall 1½ q. Nerlougher [variant is Analoage], 1 q. Bolly Gawidry, parcel. Balla Gilkey, 1 q.
Treen of Oristall.—Ballacallow (or Ballahowin), 1q. Ballamanaugh, 1 q.Orristall, 1 q. Keondroghead, 1q.
Treen of Leyre.—Balleyra, 1 q.Lough na Masha, 1 q. Kerrowkruin, 1 q.
Treen of Rencullin.—Rencullin, 1q.
Treen of Aryhorkill.—Druidale (or Airy Corkill), parcel.
Mills.—Borodall Mill. Waste Mill in Glanwillin. Mullin Harry. Mullin Kelly. Mullen e Gawe. Ballagawn’s Miln. Miln in Glanwoillan. New Water Corn Miln on the Great River.
Cottages.—Cannell’s Garden in Glanwillen. Several cottages in Slewcuirne. [an Aryhorkill Intack]. ‘ Part of a Largarage called Ballatruan’s Croft ‘ [a variant is Largaragage. This is a Leyre Intack]. Crott Corkil in Glanwhyllan. ‘ Adam Callister for a Parcel of Intack adjoining to his Quarterland in the Four Towns.’ [Adam Callister owned land in Ballafadeen, Oristall, and Rencullin Treens.] ‘ 4d. Intack in Kk Michael Towne. Candroughead Gill Intack. A Parcell of Commons in the Mountains of Kk Michael and Ballaugh lying between the Gill beyond Gruinnchary and Douglas Road, beginning a little below Chibber Slew ne Magarell ‘ [? modern ‘ Brandy Well ‘].


Treen of Broughjarge.—Lower Broughjarge, 1½ q. Higher Broughjarge, 1½ q.Ballnaquooley, 1q.
Treen of Ballaskebag.—Ballakeog, 2 q. The Corvalley, 1 q.Ballabeg, 1 q. Crot è Grazy, ‘ small parcel now taken away by the sea’.
Treen of Ballacurne. — Ballnalargy, ½ q. Ballacurne Beg, ½ q. Ballacurne Moar, 1q.
Treen of Ardrenk.—The Forester’s Lodge.
Treen of Ballamoney.—Ballakenny, 1 q.Ballamoney Beg, 1q. Ballamoney, 1 q. Crawyn, ½ q. Ellan e Callow.
Treen of Ballacaine.—Ballacaine, 1 q. The Dollagh, 1 q. The Dollaugh Beg, 1 q.Ballacorraige, x q.
Treen of Ballatersin.—The Lower Ballatersin, 1 q. The Higher Ballatersin, 1 q. Squeen, 1 q. Ballacroshey, 1q.
Treen of Ballavally.—Ballavalley, 1 q. Ballacry, 1q. Knockoale, 1 q. Ballaneddin, 1q.
Treen of Carmodall.—Carmodall Moar, 1 q. Carmodall Beg, 1q. The Glaick, 1 q. Ballamore, 1q.
Treen of Scrandall.— Glenshogell, 1 q.Cronkan, ½ q. Balla en Tore, 1 q.Glandow, 1q.
Intacks.—Crott Garratt. Nellan More. Close Clark. Close a Callow. Lough Caine. Gary Ween. Close Cordias. The Lane of Close a Volley. Lagbane. Close na Tunagg. Quark’s Croft. Leany Ballacrosty (Treen of Ballacayne). Inclosure taken out of the Highway in Barnaneighan. Ellan a voddij. Christian’s Lower Close. Bare na Ellan Renny. Close Woods. Leany Keal. Close a Quackin. Intack of 6d. in a Turbary.
Close a Captain. Close Emell. Close a Vona. Glanshellagh. Close e Kelly. Close Ballacally. The Largy. Close na Cregga. Close Cronstall near Gob a Volley. Close Moar. Close Cowley. Crott Gubbon. The Acre. Ballateare’s Meadow. Craine’s Meadow. Addunging. Close ne Chibbrough. The Roddagaugh. The Gary. Lough è Caine. Crott ne Coning. Quid ne Binney. Sharraugh Bane. Close Corrin. Close è Gell. Caine’s Common. Close Reij. Cleycurry. Close a Coraige. Crot na Slate. Carmodal’s Curragh. Close Kilna. Lag Bane ‘ in the Mountains ‘. Arij Cottiman. Kudnaping. Slieu Volley. Crott Cly Curry. Dorlish Cubon. Tycloaddy. Crott a Creen.
Miln.—Scrandall Miln.


Treen of Sertfell.—East Napping, 1 q. Sertfield Moore, 1 q. Sertfield Beg, 1q.
Treen of Knock shavell.—Ballasally, 1 q. Knockmore, 1 q. West Nappin, 1 q. Kerlane, 1q.
Treen of Lez Sulby.—Ballachurry, 1 q. Ballakneale, 1 q.
Treen of Sleckby.—Birage, 1 q. Ballamore, 1 q. Ballavarran, 1 q. Ballamanaugh, 1 q.
Treen of Dalliot.— Ballaquirk, ½ q. Adding Moore, ¼ q. Ballavollavory, ½ q. Ballacain, 1q.
Particles.—Ballaconley. Knockadowan.
Intacks.—Ellan y Callow. Leany Vark. Moughton’s Close. Close Keppaugh. Lough ne greagh. Ballaquane’s Close. Koolavy. Crott a Lough. Lougheroute. Close Killip. Crot ne Cleay. Close è Caine. Crotter Kegan. The Sandy Banks. Crot ne Bunt. Bolly Quiddy. Crott è Keeg. Crot è Vore. Bare ne Creaigey.
Miln Rent.—The Kerlane Miln.


Treen of Regaby.—Ballayoky, 1 q. Ardona, 1 q. Regaby more, 1 q. Regaby beg, 1q.
Treen of Cragby.—Ballacleator, 2 q. The Craige, 2 q.
Treen of Mullenlowne.—McTear’s Half Quarter, ½q.Ballavarry, ½ q. Ballacross, ½ q. Ballacrebbin, 1 q. Ballacurry, 1 q. Mullenlowne, 1 q.
Treen of Ballahestine. — Balla Steen, 2 q. Balla Ratcliffe, 1 q. Larebane, ½ q. Ballavoddan, 1 q.
Treen of Guilcaugh.—Ballavarry, 1 q. The Gilcaugh, 2 q. Ballabeg, 1q.
Treen of Leodest.—Leodest, 1 q. Ballaley, 1q.Ballakelly, 1 q. Ballacunder, 1 q. Dhowin, ½ q. Ballaquane, ½ q.
Treen of All Leodest.—Ballavastyn, 1 q.Keondroghad, 1 q. Ballakeey (Leodest), 1 q.Keroo Mc Saile, 1 q.
Treen of Ballamore.—Skaly Yore’s Quarter, 1 q. Ballnaloney, x q. Ballalane, 1 q.Ballaquirk, 1q.
Treen of Ballaclaughan.—Ballaquane, 1q.Balladaughan, 1 q. Kerrow Keall, 1 q.Gat è quin, 1 q.The Small Quarter, 1 q. Ballamacskelly, 1q.
Treen of Smeale.— Smealbeg, 1 q.Smealemore, 2 q. Smeallmanaugh, ½ q. Ballabirragh (part of Smealemore).
Treen of Smeal Beg.—Kerrowdoweij, 1 q. Kerrow downe more, 1 q. Balladowneij, 1 q. Ballaquane, 1q.
Treen of Breaust.—Braws, 2 q.
Treen of Ballachirm.—Ballachirrim, 2 q. Ballacottier (part of Ballachirrim). Ballaghau, 1q.
Treen of Ballamigg.—Ballacamaish, 2 q. Ballaclucas, 1 q.
Treen of Balla Quarrys.—Ballanoa, 1 q.Ballaquarryes, 1 q. Ballasligg, 1 q. Ballaleana, 1 q. Ballacrokane, 1q. Kerrowchirram, ½ q.
Treen of Ballasteere.—Ballasteere, 1 q. Crog a Cree. Ballakinneage, ‘ q. Knock a Doony, 1 q.Ballavoddan, 1 q.Ballakaneen, 1 q. Ballaseyr.
Miln.—Lane More Miln.
Intacks.—Close Reij. Close è Lough. Close Renboij. Coile Reij Naneyan, Curragh Curry. Reast a Caiskell. McSayle’s Meadow. Ye Acre. Close è Vollaugh. Close è Droghad. Close è Nargitt. Close Corteene. Close Lake. Close Knaele. Lough Horn. Ratcliffe’s Close. Rheast Doane. Skinner’s Gate. Skinner’s Croft. Blackburn’s Croft. Tobacco Croft. Will and James’ Croft. Chronk Glass. Farrant’s Croft. Close Cleator. Close è Corraige. Close è Kee. Crott è Kissage. Gat a Vater. The Losty. Leany Vollough. Reast More. Turlagh a Rent. Cubon’s Croft. Creag’s Gat. Long Croft. Droughadre. Na Yeane. Ballavoddan’s Meadow. Lough a Varran. The Lame. Cottier’s Croft. The Creelough. Colleash’s Croft. Bird’s Croft. Close ~ Moalle. Close Vark. Crot na Cubbag. Crot Lough Gorry. Stony Croft. McSayle’s Reast. Kewny’s Croft. Lane More. Close è Kee. The Fern Rent. Knock Brack. Harry’s Croft. Sandy Intack. Peter’s Croft. Lough Gate a Whinny. Strong ford. Cundry’s Croft. Lough a Cunner. Knock Reij. MeYlvory’s Croft. Lough Ballakenny. Kneale’s Knock. Cowle’s Curragh. Cas è Mullin. Crot a Laggagh. White Boys’ Croft. Lough Druggaige. Ten Groats Curragh. Crot è Lough. Ren Gorren. Leodest Lough. The Cassa. Lough Rushinagh. Gat McSayl. The Acre Rent. Coile è Skillin. The Old Croft. Immer Glass. Curragh na Droghad. The Monnall. The Knight’s Croft. Gat è Wij. Kermode’s Croft. The Smithy Croft. Crott a volly. The Old Croft. Darnell Croft. Laggy Vollough. Kishain’s Croft. Gorse Tree Croft. Carrett’s Croft. Quark’s Croft. Kerruish’s Croft. Horse Puddle. Ten Groats Curragh. Ann’s Croft. McTeare’s Croft. Lough Eu. Crot a Creere. Golbrick’s Croft. Cool Reij na Yein. ffort Croft. Little Gat’s Rent. The Loughan. Stephen’s Croft. Ballaleney’s Curragh. Crot a Camaish. Curragh e ffunt.


Treen of Gendowne.— Ballanalargy, 1 q. Ballnacreggy, 1 q. Ballcarrett, 1 q. Ballawannell, 1 q.
Treen of Ballemin.—Ballaskelly, 1 q.Ballakewish, x q. Ballanachree, 1 q. Ballagenny, 1q.
Treen of Kk. Bride.—Ballacowle, 1 q. Comaish, ½ q. Ballamin, ½ q. Glen-trowan, q.Ballabeg, ½ q. Ballakeij, ½ q.
Treen of Ima Cranstall—Cranstall More, messuage and tenement. Ballacundre, 1 q. Ballafayle, i: q.
Treen of IIa Cranstall.—The Kerrowdhow, x q. Ballacowle, 1 q. Ballacrunk, 1 q. Ballakymmey, 1 q. Balla Nard (part of Ballacowle).
Treen of IIIa Cranstall.—Ballacallow, 2½ q. Kerrowdhow, ½ q. Kerrowfort, 1 q.
Treen of Ballavarranangh.—Ballavarkish, 1 q. Ballavaranaugh, ½ q. Ballaquark, 1 q. Knockbane, ½ q. Ballavark, 1 q. Ballayonaige (part of Ballavark).
Treen of Ramessey [1515 Rennesse].—Ballacasement, 1 q. Renneash, 1 q.
Treen of Crosby More.—Lea Kerrow ne Cronk, ½ q. Lea Kerrow ne Kymeraugh, .½ q. Shellage, 1 q. Crosby, 1 q. The Kymeraugh, ½ q. Balnakilley.
Treen of Crosby Beg.—Ballacrunk, 1 q. Ballakemaine, 1 q. Ballavare, 1 q. Keonlough, 1 q.
Treen of Greneby.—Greenaby, 1 q. The Cytty, 1 q.
Intacks.—The Nijrea. Clagh a Veila. Crot a Cowle. Lough Goar. Crotta Lye Loany. Lough Queenaugh. Loughan more. Curragh Breeda. Crott a Creggan. Keon Crot a Droghad. Loughan Sollaugh. Close Tappaugh. Curraugh more. Renowle. Keonadeam. Rencorka. Leany Yarga. Curragh ne Gay. Close Adding. Close ne Scra. Ballatrumman in the Neyra. Knock Renny. Curragh Tappagh. Neyra in the Rennagh. Leany veg. Crot Droghad. The Reevona. The ffarranan. Curragh Patrick. Ton Reaghan. Crot Ally. Crot Steen. Crot Crea. Bealna. Curragh Greenaby. The Rheast. Lough Goar. Crot è Kegg. Crot e Cray. Barnageij. Pollan Torn. Bare a Polerey. Crott Birraugh. Shen Howland. Pole Ushta. Reastagh Boij. Laggagh Guse. Close ne Craigy.


Treen of Sulby.— Ballacoobragh, 1 q. Slewmanagh, q. Ballavally, 1 q. Arikillew, 1 q.
Treen of Alia Sulby.— Coilebane, 1 q. Ballabrooie, 1 q. Kellay vegg, 1 q. Cleanaugh, 1 q.
Treen of Altadale.— Milntowne, ' one messauge and tenement containing near two quarters, one in this Treene & the other in Brerick Treene'. Glenauldyn. Kerrow ne Cregg, 1 q. Ballagarrow.
Treen of Brerick.— Ballaknock, 1 q. Milntown, 1 q. Ballavilly, 1 q.
Treen of Allchest.— Gary, 1 q. Baldromma, 1 q. Balleij, 1 q.
Treen of Corrack or Corrony.— Ballaskella, 1 q. Corony, 1 q. The Creggan (part of Corony).
Treen of Grest.— Grest, 1 q. Cloughbane, 1 q. Ballakebra. Narymore, 1 q. Ballavoile, 1 q.
Treen of Aust.— Ballacottier, 1 q. Ballacowle, 1 q. Aust, 1 q.
Particles. — Ballakillingan, 1 q. Glentraman, q. Ballacree, q.
Milns.— Sulby Miln. Walk Miln. Glonmore Miln. Altadale Miln. Mullen Smeare. The Middle Miln. Carrett's Miln. The Cloddaugh Miln. Tuck Miln. Glenauldyn Miln.
Abbey Miln.— The Tuck Miln.
Sulby Intacks.— Close Begg. Nard Vane. Poddaugh. Curragh na Mona. Carrin Croft. Cosh na Mona. Bealna na Croft. Nught Vane. Crooked Corner. Carrett's Croft. Close Vark.
Ballakillingan Intacks.— Crot Inny Killy. Middle Curragh. Curragh Mollaugh. Knappan Doow. Drim Vane. Close Mollaugh. Small Meddow. Close Edmond. Close Geill. Barley Gate.
Other Intacks.— Ballacallye's Meadow. Noalt Doo. The Cappagh. The Vony. Carrett's Curragh. Deemster's Curragh. Gybbon's Croft. Close a Corraige. Deemster's Close. Heath Close. Close Donald or Close Reij. Knock Attin. Close Noa. The Coilbane Meddow. Monaugh Curragh. Ballacarky Meddow. Close a Vair. Gat ne Leaij. Crappan's Close. Drim Arridall. Coole a Voddy in the Myres. Close ne Howne. Garry Bane. Kewney's Close. Dry Close. Knockgarrow. Brystone. Nolk dooe. Toltarwilly. Largarhenny. Crammag. Sherragh Bane. Crot na Howne. Cregvore. Largavore. Close ne Leana. Killabricky. The Larga. Gob Carrin. Kneen's Close. Hard Meddow. Close a Nolly. Curragh ne Mona. Ling Close. Mona Kewne. Mona Quay. Crott Greijs. New Gate. Close Gell. Sayle's Land. The White Spot. Crot a Greasy. Cottier's Croft. Ling Close. Rush Close. Canolye's Close. Archdeacon's Close. Ariny's Land. Ballnahowne's Curragh. Long Butt. Crott e Kegg. The Reng. Close Killip. Close Mannaugh. Close Nellan. The Knappanes. Crot a Vollan. Crot na Muck. Kerrow-more Curraugh. Black's Croft. Close na Crappan. Tallan more. Close e Nargid. The Monarchas. Dry Hill Gate. Flax Croft. Crot na Mooghill. Loughan a Geij. Gate a Vanny. Leany Arick Bearna Nernaugh. Willy Robin's Gat. Leany Vreu. Braid e Glonna. Bower's Close. Torrorne. Crot ne Garnane. Gob ne Gree. Penny Croft. Bridge Croft. The Lagg. Gray Coane. Boalyvane. Crenaughvore. Grey Butt. Roaly Vane. Rentoure. The Bravost. Killey's Croft. McAweey's Croft. Renloure. Goose Meddow. Edmond's Close. Balley's Meddow. Red Close. Close Coile. Mona Vocky. Ann's Croft. Crott a Quill. Poledowey's Meddow. Rheast More. Goldsmith's Close. Pinfold Croft. Myre Croft. Cunnery's Croft. The ffirr Moss. Lough Mallow.Receiver's Close. Block Ayry. Close Hom. Mcffayle's Close. Deemster's Close.The Kappagh. Close na Gaule. Crott Vessy. Clarke's Gate. Penny Nook. Parcels on The Mouragh. Keonlogh Close. Ellan a Foillan. Leany Vunney. Close e Nellan or Green Island. Goose Corner. Rein Lowyer. Loughan. Mona Vocky. Silver Lane.
Kk. Christ Lezayre Abbey farms.— Glanduff. Nappin. Kerrow more. Grange and Knock Shemerick. Kella. Ellanbane. Ballabroij. Carrick. Nerindale. Ballamannaugh.


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