[From List of Manx Antiquities, 1930]


Pre-Christian Remains.

1. Cronk Aust. Tumulus at corner of lane with highroad to Andreas: levelled in 1886- Urns, M. O.S. V/2

2. About 50 yds. E. of the last, on the N. side of the road, was another mound, levelled when the road was lowered about 1870. Two Urns found, 12 in. to 24 in. high, one having a pattern of cross-lines (O.S. V/2)

3. Cronk yn Howe, Balleigh. About a mile N.W. of Ramsey and 233 yds. N. of highroad to S. Jude’s. Excavated in 1928, revealing foundations of a small Chapel with B.G.. and traces of a Pre-Christian Settlement. A pillar-stone with engraved figures, of the Bronze Age, M. had been used in the later foundations. Antiquaries Journal, Oct., 1929, pp. 372-5. O.S.V/6

4, 5. Cronk Allisha (30ft. by 6ft. high)and another Tumulus, about 66 yds. from it, Skyhill, 230 yds. N.W. of the Farm house. O.S. V/9

6. Cronk Crock. Site of Tumulus (14 to 20 ft. by 4 ft. high) levelled in 1883; about 430 yds. s.w. of Skyhill farm. Fragments of Urn, M. see Y.L.M., II, p. 86, 87. (O.S.V/13)

7. ‘Giant’s Grave,’ Gob y Vollee. Quartz blocks, 400yds. N. of Earybedn, near Chibbyr lanch. (O.S. IV/15)

8. Gob y Vollee. Fragments of Cinerary Urn found in the quarry by the highroad. Y.L.M. (O.S. IV/1l)

9. Oaie ny foawr. Tumulus on N.W. slope of Carrin, about 500 yds. s.w. of Eary Kelleu, (48 ft. by 4 ft. high). Y.L.M., I, part ii, p. 95. A polished-stone axe was found here, M. and some fragments of Urns. C.H.C. O.S. IV/15

10. Remains of Ring Tumulus at the head of Glen Keeill Vael, Glen Aldyn, E. This is on the N.W. slope of Barrule, 333 yds. N.W. of the mountain road, at the stone wall crossing Barrule, and 22 yds. E. of a little gill. A circle 39 ft. inside diam. by 2 ft. high, of white quartz boulders, slate slabs, rubble and soil. Cist. When the mountain road was made ‘Graves’ were found here. Y.L.M. I, p. 116. (O.S. V/14)

11. Tumulus, Killabragga, 133 yds. N.E. of house and about 217 w. of river. Urns. O.S. VI 1/3

12. Site of Tumulus on Slieau Managh, opposite the last and about 383 yds. E. of river. O.S. VII/4

13. Paris, (i.e. Pargys, Paradise, an old term for Meadow). About 600 yds. S.E. of Block Eary house. On the N. slope of Snaefell. Groups of seven and of ten mounds which look like Tumuli. (O.S. VII/8)

14. Corrody. Stone Circle, 200 yds. s.E. of house and 50 yds. S. of site on Corrody marked on O.S. ‘Chapel and B.G.’ Foundations of Keeill within the Circle. Urn found. Arch. Sur. 4th Rep., 1915. O.S. VII/7.

15. Site of Tumulus about ½ m. E.S.E. of Lhergyrhenny. On the brink of a small gully 200 yds. below the mountain road. (16 to 20 ft. diam. by 4 ft. high). Levelled 1883, when it was found to contain a small Cist of flat stones about 12 in. square. Some baked clay and a fragment like the handle of an Urn. Near the centre was a grave, 5 ft. by 2½ and 2½ft. outside height, built of flat stones in courses, resting empty on the soil. On the ground level were ashes on a pavement of flat stones. Y.L.M. I. 27. (O.S. VII/12)


1. Cronk yn Howe, Balleigh, about 1 m. N. of Ramsey. Hearths and ashes found, suggesting occupation in prehistoric times. Engraved Pillar, M. (O.S. V/1)

2. Brooghs, N. Ramsey, above the mouth of the river. Cooking places. Flint implements and chips with Pottery of Bronze Age. (O.S. V/6)

3. Bog oak piles, pointed, found on the E. slope of Snaefell, near the present Bungalow. (O.S. VII/12)


1. Fort on the brooghs at the N. end of the Mooragh, Ramsey; overlooking the old mouth of the river. Can this be the ‘Danes’ fort,’ mentioned in C.R.P., 1719? J.J.K. p. 522. O.S. V/6

2. Camp, Cronk Sumark, A.M., about three furlongs S. of Sulby Bridge. O.S. IV/12

3. Craig Bouyr. Small Fort or Watch Station, Skyhill. About ½ m. S. of Ballakillingan house. Excavations in 1912 revealed Bronze age burials; fragments of two Urns and Polished-stone Axe or Chisel, M. Proc., ii, p.22. Erroneously marked ‘Chapel Ruins’ on O.S. V/9

4. Cleigh yn arragh. Above Lhergyrhenny, about 330 yds. E. of the house. Rampart 12 ft. wide at base and 6 ft. at top, by 10 ft. high on the N. side and 15 ft. on the S., having a ditch on the S., from 9 to 12ft. wide. This crossed a neck of land N.N.E. and s.s.w. originally from stream to stream, i.e. about 550 yds; it is now less than 200 yds. long, but the ditch can be traced for another 150 yds. The area enclosed by this dyke and the streams is about a mile long by a quarter of a mile average breadth. O.S. VII/8,12

Keeills or Chapels.

These are described, with plans and illustrations, in the Third Report Arch. Survey, 1911.

1. Foundations of Ch. and B.G., Cronk yn Howe, Treen of Alkest. The name of the adjoining farm, Ballacarbery, suggests a Keeill Cairbre. On the E. side of the boundary of the Abbey lands. Lintel graves and several early Cross-slabs occupying the site of earlier habitations and burials. Engraved Pillar, M. (O.S. V/6)

2. Site of Ch. and B.G., Bellevue, Quarterland of Knock Shamark, Abbey lands, 200 yds. W. of house. Lintel graves found both sides of highroad.O.S. IV/12

3. Site of Ch. and B.G., Ballakillingan, Particles; at 200 yds. E. of house and 66 yds. N. of highroad. O.S. V/9

4. Foundations of Ch. with B.G. on Magher ny hoaieghyn, Skyhill; Particles. 200 yds. E.S.E. of the farmhouse. The unploughed remains of the Cemetery measure about 30 yds. by 16yds. Lintel graves. O.S. V/13

5. Keeill Phooigyn; possibly this name may be a corruption of Hoaighyn, giving the meaning Church of graves. Site of Ch. on Ballagarrow, 50 yds. S. of the bridge of the two streams, Glen Aldyn Treen of Altdale, (O.S. V/14)

6. ‘The old Cabbal, or Chapel.’ Foundations with B.G., Ballameanagh, Glen Aldyn, E. Treen of Breryk, 66 yds. S. of stream and 183 yds. s.E. of bridge. This was visited on the Eve of S. John for purposes of divination. (O S. V/14)

7. Keeill Vael. Site of Ch., the Lageel; about 233 yds. up Glen Keeill Vael, Glen Aldyn, E. Treen of Breryk. (O.S. V/14)

8. Site of Ch. and B.G., Ballacubelagh, Treen of Soulby, about 20 yds. W. of the Sulby river at the Old Starch Mills. (O.S. IV/11)

9. Killabragga, (15 ft. by 10 ft. 6 in.), in ‘Chapel Field’ on Craigmooar; graves found. Intacks. (O.S. VII/3)

10. Cronk y Keeilley, Corrody, Treen of Corrark. Foundations of Ch. with B.G., about 183 yds. s.E. of house (being 63 yards S.E. of the site as marked on the map). Excavations showed that this Keeill had occupied the site of a Bronze age burial. It is surrounded by a circle of stones 42 ft. diam. A Cinerary Urn was found under the floor at the s.w. end. Arch. Sur. 4th Report, 1915. (O.S. VII/7)

Fair Grounds.

‘Close ffere,’ a site probably at the Parish Church, is mentioned in the Manorial Rolls, 1703.

Sulby Claddagh became a popular site for Fairs, for which it is conveniently situated and well adapted. In Feltham’s time, 1747, two Fairs were held here, which had formerly been held near the Church. On Midsummer Day, 24 June, Laa’l Eoin, also called Trinaid veg, Little Trinity. Mr. Kneen thinks it probable that the Chapel on Bailameanagh, Glen Aldyn, had been dedicated to S. John. and the Fair on his day was originally held there, but in recent times at Sulby. A Fair at Sulby, 24 Sept., might (from its date) have been originally at Keeill Traie, on the shore of Malar Logh, at the N.E. boundary of the Parish and immediately below Ardonan, i.e. ‘Adamnan’s height’; this Saint being venerated on 23 Sept. SS. Simon and Jude’s Fair, 11 Oct., was held at Sulby until recently. This would be the date for Cairbre’s Fair, and it may have been held originally at a Keeill Cairbre which gave rise to the name Ballakerbra, 1648, in the Manorial Roll. J.J.K. pp. 71 and 76. At p. 80, also, Mr. Kneen explains how the Fair held latterly in Ramsey on S. Thomas’ Day, .21 Dec., may have been held originally near Bailakillingan within the octave of S. Fingan’s Day, 23 Dec.

Sacred or Healing Wells.

1. Chibbyr y slaint, i.e. Well of Health; in the Rullic Chibbyr coan slaant. Grange, Sulby; Abbey lands. Offerings. (O.S. IV/12)

2. Chibbyr lanch. Gob y vollee, 565 yds N. of Earybedn. Three basins close together. Good for sore eyes, etc. Rags on the gorse and Coins in the Well, W.W.G. (O.S. IV/15)

3. Caley’s Well. Feltham, p. 148, refers to this as a Healing Well. Mx. Soc. VI.

4. Chibbyr Karrin, S. Ciaran’s Well, by the Keeill on the Corrody. J.J.K. p. 510.

5. Chibbyr y varnagh, the Gill, Glen Aldyn. Good for warts. W.W.G. O.S. V/14.

6. Chibbyr broth, Glen Aldyn. Used for bathing the eyes, etc. W.W.G. O.S. V/14

Watch and Ward Stations.

‘Hill for the Day Watch, Scayhold.’ This may have been at Craig Bouyr, Skyhill. C.R.P. 1627. (O.S. V/9)

‘Port for the Night Watch, Hangman’s Hill.’ This was the name of the little promontory with the Fort overlooking the mouth of the river, above the Mooragh, Ramsey. (O.S. V/6)

Loose Relics.

Flint Flakes, Scrapers, Cores and Chips, Ramsey brooghs.

Polished-stone Axe-heads, M. 586, 1655, 594, 578, 1394, 587, 582, 615.

Bronze Sickle, (flat not socketed form), Balleigh. M. 810

Bronze two edged Sword from site by Cronk Aust. Lost.

Cinerary Urns, 572, 573; Food-vessel type, 1117.

Stone pillar showing Bronze-age engravings of Reindeer. Cronk Conoly, Balleigh. M.

Glass bead of Viking age from same Cronk. M.

Querns. Upper stone, Lower stone, Glen Aldyn. M. 814.

Cross-slabs. In Parish Church, 83, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158, 159 (with Runes).

Sundials. Thornhill; Slate, square, horizontal, 1830:

Ramsey, slate, circular, horizontal. M.

Rushlight holders, 3, M.

Coins. Some silver coins found; about the date of the Heptarchy. Mx. Soc. xvii. p. 36.


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