[From IoM Charities, 1831]




Margaret Cubbon

£1 0 0


Catherine Killey

1 0 0


Catherine Christian

3 0 0


Robert Creer

0 10 0

Extract from the Will of the Rev. Thos. Christian., A. D. 1752.

" I leave and bequeath the sum of seventeen pounds, to be laid out at interest, for charitable uses, the interest thereof to be applied to the relief of any poor person, in the Parish of Kk Marown, suffering loss by the death of cattle, or by fire, or any other great or grievous loss or calamity. that in such ease, twenty shillings shall be lent to such poor person, to be repaid if ever the said person be able, or otherwise to be remitted at the discretion of the Minister and Wardens then being"

17 0 0


John Kewley, Ballafreer.

1 0 0


William Cottier


Isabel Clucas


Bishop Wilson

2 10 0


M. Kewley, Ballafreer

5 0 0

Extract from the Will of Jane Kelly, alias Quilliam, of Cooilin Hill, A. D. 1761.

" Unto the Vicar and Wardens of Kk Marown, for time being, and their successors, the sum of twenty pounds, to be laid out at interest and the interest to be applied by them as they shall think proper, towards the assisting of any poor man that shall accidentally lose a cow or horse, or to any poor man that will have a large family of children"

20 0 0


Mr. Kewley, Bollagh

1 0 0


John Cubbon, Ballacubbon Veg

5 0 0


John Cowin

0 10 0

Extract from the Will of John Kewley, Braid, A. D. 1789.

" I leave to the paupers, or poor people of Marown aforesaid, the sum of twenty pounds, the usanee or interest whereof to be paid unto them perpetually"

20 0 0

Manks £79 0 0 or British

67 14 3


Patrick Clague, Sen. of the Neary.

3 0 0


Patrick Clague, Jun. Neary

3 0 0


Margaret Clucas, of the Garth

7 0 0


The Rev. John Bridson, (see Malew)

5 0 0

Interest, and perhaps some other legacies unaccounted for 12 6 8

£98 0 0

Which sum of £98 is secured by bond and mortgage, to the Vicar and Wardens.

The foregoing Bequests appear to be secured in the following manner:-

Bond and Mortgage from John Kelly, on his lands called the Ellan,for the principal money of £71 8 6 Dated 10 June, 1825: Interest 5 per cent.

Bond and Mortgage from Wm. Karran, to the Vicar and Wardens, on his lands, called the Big Meadow, for the principal money of 27 0 0 Dated 19 June, 1824: Interest 6 per cent.

£98 8 6

The yearly income arising to the poor is

5 3 9

Payable to poor Widows yearly, under the Will of Mrs. Bridson,(see Malew)

1 10 0

Yearly Income

£6 13 9


Valuation of the Vicarage in the year 1821.

Tithes, one third

£80 0 0

Royal Bounty

6 0 0


3 3 0

Surplice Fees, and one-third of Offerings

3 3 6

£92 1 6

The Vicarage House is entirely uninhabitable. An agreement respecting the Boundaries of the Glebe in this Parish, made between the Rev. Wm. Bridson, Vicar, and Thomas Christian, Sen. and Thomas Christian, Jun., of Ballakilley, is recorded in the Seneschal's Office, May, 1719, confirmed by Bishop Wilson.



He receives from the Impropriate Fund

£5 10 0

from lady Elizabeth Hastings' Charity

2 13 7

£8 3 7

He has 30, and sometimes 40 scholars. Two free scholars are taught at this School on the nomination of the Proprietors of Ballakilley. The Rev. Thomas Christian, by Deed dated 2 May, 1741, granted a parcel of ground to Bishop Wilson, on which the School-house is erected.

It appears by Deed dated 29 May, 1742, and recorded in 1749, that Thomas Christian, of Ballahutchin, granted a parcel of his estate of Ballaquinney, viz., seven yards in the clear and five yards another way, in the most convenient place on the north-west side of Ballaquinney highway, within fifty yards of the Glenbeg river, to John Kewley and John Quilliam, In trust for the use and benefit of a School-house for the said Parish.


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