[From Isle of Man, Cumming 1848]

Appendix I

the island, gave for a sample taken from Kirk Bride parish, near Point Cranstal, only 5·145 per cent. of lime, whilst a sample from Hango Hill, near King William's College, yielded about 24·5 per cent. A sample taken at Ronaldsway, near Derby Haven, a little to the westward of the basset edge of the old red sandstone, gave 6·75 per cent., and the same was very nearly the proportion of a mass from Strandhall, where the limestone beds a little to the eastward are greatly altered and crystalline in consequence of the intrusion and overlying of masses of trap.

These facts indicate the extremely local character of the contents of great part of the boulder clay ; and show also that the great use of the marl in the north of the island is to give consistency to the sandy soil, rather than to supply it with a proper quantity of lime, of which 20 per cent. should be added to make it a good manure.

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