[From Brown's Directory, 1894]


[note the allusion to Castletown being a Roman town is nonsense - the town grew, after the building of the Castle which it serviced and keeps all of its medieval characteristics. I guess that this section was influenced, though probably not written, by Canon Quine - it is true that some Roman coins were found under the altar of the demolished St Mary's but like the Roman memorial found in Lorne house they were brought across as souvenirs.]

CASTLETOWN (Manx, Balley-chastal), formerly called Russen, or Rushen derives its present name from the ancient fortress whose huge bulk towers so prominently over the neat little town fastened around it. It stands on the Bay of Castletown, at the mouth of the Silverburn, and is the principal town and port of the south. The country for some miles both alone the coast and inland, is low and undulating, and the coast is flat and rocky; but the district is healthy and pleasant and the land is well cultivated. Castletown is one of the oldest towns in the British Islands. From certain discoveries of Roman remains in its Market-place, it appears to have been a considerable town in Roman times. On the conquest of the Island by the Northmen, in the early part of the 10th century, it was selected as one of the principal seats of the royal authority and a strong fortress was erected in its centre. After the destruction of this Danish stronghold by the Bruce, in the beginning of the 14th century, the present noble specimen of the military architecture of the Middle Ages was erected by the English Lords of the Isle, and made their principal residence in the Island This distinction it retained until the seat of the Government was finally transferred to Douglas by Governor Loch in 1863. the Castle, which is in a wonderfully good state of preservation, is in the centre of the quaint old town; and from it the streets of the town branch northward and westward They are narrow and winding like all the old Manx towns, and, from the unequal height and character of the houses, they have a very irregular appearance; but they are clean and pleasant. and the houses being built of the grey limestone of the district, have a more attractive look than the cemented houses of the other Manx towns. The suburbs are especially neat, and the houses comfortable. The old castle is the pride of the town and its chief attraction to strangers. It is built on the western side of the river, of large blocks of the hard local limestone. The main building is a square keep, with massive towers of the same stone at each of its four corners. The walls of the keep are 12 feet thick at their base, and 7 feet thick at their summit. The north, or Flagstaff Tower, is 80 feet high and the others are 70 feet. Surrounding this central mass is an embattled wall, 25 feet high and 9 feet thick, defended by seven square towers; and outside this rampart was a moat, or ditch, fed from the river, now filled up. The castle was formerly used chiefly as a prison. Castletown possesses one church, St. Mary's, in the Market-place and the various dissenting bodies have each their own chapels. In the Market place is a Doric column, erected in 1836, to Governor Smelt. Down to 1706 the Keys assembled in the castle; since that time down to the removal of the Legislature to Douglas. they met in the plain building, in a small square on the south side of the castle The town possesses a grammar school and other educational facilities. It possesses several good hotels, together with several respectable inns, refreshment rooms and lodging-houses. In the immediate vicinity is King William's College a very successful public school, originally intended for the education of the Manx youth.



Callow Daniel Teare, Castle-street
Martin Edward, Arbory-road


Gell & Gell, the Parade
Gelling Henry, Parliament-square
Quayle George H. Bridge House
Stevenson Wm. A, The Quay


Callow Daniel Teare, Castle-street

Bakers and Confectioners.

Cain William, Malew-street
Clague Edwin, 13 Arbory-road
Clague Miss Margt, 7 Malew-street
Clarke Wm. Jas, 59 Malew-street
Kermode John Frederick, 73 and 2 Arbory-street
Lace David, Castle-street
Kelly Jane the Parade
Woods Mrs Jane, 17 Malew-street


Dumbell's Banking Company -George Kewley, local manager
Isle of Man Banking Company-T. Corrin, manager
Manx Bank Limited-R. C Cretney manager


Bell Joseph Lewin 13 Malew-street
Bell William, 30 Malew-street
Christian John Geo., 11 Arbory-street
Gell Peter, 73 Malew-street
Hudson Robert, 13 Malew-street
Kinvig T. H., 17 and 19 Arbory-street
Lawson Edward, 43 Arbory-street


Castletown Brewery Co. Herbert A Cox, secretary


Clague Robert, 5 Arbory-street
Crebbin Wm., 2 Arbory-street
Gell John Thomas, Market-place

Car Proprietors.

Gilbert John, the Parade
Holden Walter George Hotel
Taggart James, 13 Bridge-street

Coal Merchants.

Clague John, 20 Hope-street
Kewley Robert, I Parliament-square

Corn and Flour Merchants.

Costain John James, Bank-street
Sansbury Thomas, 31 Malew-street


Bradshaw Mrs Mary Rebecca, Compton House
Qualtrough Richard, 15 Malew-street
Taggart James, Arbory-street


Corrin William , 4 Arbory-street
Kermode Robert K., 20 Malew-street

Fancy Repositories.

Corrin William 4 Arbory- street
Shimmon Sarah, 30 Arbory-street


Cain Elizabeth, 51 Malew-street
Dodd Tom M, Malew-street
Kewley Robert, Parliament-square
Kneale James, 6 Bank-street
Mylchreest James & Co, Malew-street
Thompson Catherine 1 Market-place
Wilson Joseph,27 Malew-street


Amlroyd W. C, Arbory-street
Austin Charles, Bank-street


Boyd Thomas, 2 Malew-street
Clague Margaret, 23 Malew-street
Hudson George, 10 Arbory-street

Joiners and Builders.

Blackburn James 12 Milner-terace
Cannell James W 7 Milner-terrace
Condon Richard, Malew-street
Cooper James, 33 Arbory-street
Schofield T. S., Parliament-square
Stowell Flaxney, Arbory-street

Leather Dealers.

Clucas William, Castle-street
Hudson Jane, 50 Malew-street
Kelly John James and Thomas, 12 and 14 Arbory-street
Kernode Wm. Henry, 6 Malew-street

Licensed Victuallers.

Brine Wm G., Crown Arms. the Quay
Holden Walter, George Hotel
Johnson Richard, Castletown Hotel Railway Station
Kelly Jane Railway Inn, Hope-street
McMullan John, Victoria Inn, Malew street
Meacock Mary, Railway Station
Murray Thomas, Castle Arms
Shimmin Richard, Union Hotel and Mona Inn

Marble Masons.

Cubbon John, 49 Malew-street
Quilliam John, 3 Mill-street

Mineral Water Manufacturers

Castletown Mineral Water Company-W E Pollock, secretary

Painters and Decorators.

Corrin William, 37 Malew-street
Kelly James, 25 Malew-street
Stowell Flaxney, Queen- Street

Printer and Stationer.

Backwell Matthew J. 12 Malew-street


Crellin Sarah, 74 Malew-street
Crellin Elizabeth Chapel-lane
Lace Agnes Girls' Collegiate school 42 Arbory-street
Sparrow Ellen, Girls' High school, Castle-street


King William's College
Castletown Grammar School — J T. W. Wicksey, head master
Castletown National School — Edwin T. Shepherd, master, Miss Cubbon, mistress


Clucas William, Castle-street
Kelly John J and Thomas, 12 and 14 Arbory-street
Kermode Wm Henry, 6 Malew-street


Clague John L R C P, Lon., Crofton
Hannah H P Castle-street
Jones Rowland Wm, 2 Victoria-road


Callow William 7 Arbory-street
Collister George, 5 Malew-street
Duke John, 27 Arbory-street
Duke Wm John, 49 Arbory-street
Mullen Charles, 28 Malew-street

Timber Merchants and Net Manufacturers.

Qualtrough Joseph &Co, Springfield Place


Clarke William T, 14 Malew-street


Cubbon George, 22 Arbory-street
Prew Charles 4 Malew-street
Swailes J, 28, Malew-street
Wilson Joseph, 27 Malew-street

Wine and Spirit Merchants.

Cain Miss Elizabeth, 51 Malew-street
Dodd Tom M, Malew-street
Mylchreest James Malew-street




Alexander Alfred, pensioner, Malew-street
Allan John, 2 Bowling Green-road
Austin Charles Miles, hairdresser, Bank-street
Austin Isabella Mary, 56 College Green
Armroyd John, hairdresser, Market-place


Backwell Matthew J. printer, bookseller and stationer; l: Malew-street
Barrett William John, general dealer, 18 Arbory-street
Bell Joseph Lewin, bootmaker, 13 Malew-street
Bell Miss Margaret Jane, 17 College Green
Bell William, joiner, t8 Hope-street
Bell William, bootmaker, 30 Malew-street
Bickerstaff Charles Bowman, accountant, 34 Hope-street
Bickerstaff Chas. Henry, secretary and manager to the Manx Steam Trading Company, 34 Hope-street
Bishop Philip, gymnastic instructor, King William's College, College Green
Blackburn James, master joiner, 12 Milner-terrace
Boul Miss Elizabeth, district nurse, 8 Douglas-street
Boyd Thomas, ironmonger, 2 Malew-street
Boyd Julia, confectioner, Bank-street
Bradshaw Mrs, general draper, Parliament-square
Bridson James, fisherman, 11 Queen-street
Bridson James, seaman, 30 Queen-street
Bridson John, dairy, 82 Malew-street
Bridson John, 44 Queen-street
Bridson Mrs Mary Ann, City View
Bridson Richard, labourer, 27 Queen-street
Bridson Thomas, hostler, 122 Malew-street
Bridson Thomas, tailor, 80 Malew-street
Bridson William, fisherman, 48 Queen-street
Brine William Gibson, licensed Victualler, Crown Arms, The Quay
Brown Thomas, coachman, 19 Queen-street
Buchan Miss Jane, 4 Bowling Green-road


Callow The Misses, dressmakers, Queen-street
Callow Daniel Teare, auctioneer, Coroner for Rushen; commission:, house, and estate agent, Castletown
Callow William, tailor, and glass and china dealer, 7 Arbory-street
Callow William, fisherman, 41 Queen-street
Cain Richard, grocers manager, 40 Crofts
Cain Mrs Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 78 Malew-street
Cain Miss Elizabeth, grocer and wine and spirit merchant, 51 Malew-street
Cain Philip, sail maker, 39 Hope-street
Cain William, inspector of police, 5 Douglas-street
Cain William Thomas, plumber and gasfitter, Gas Works
Camaish Alexander, police constable, 84 Malew-street
Campbell Mrs Margaret. washerwoman, 9 Athol-terrace
Cannell James Wood, builder and contractor, 7 Milner-terrace
Cannell John, master mariner, Derby House, Castle-street
Cannell William, coachman, 10 Bridge-street
Carr Mrs Louisa, 15 Queen-street
Cary Colonel, Beach House
Castletown Brewery Company-Herbert A. Cox, secretary and manager, Victoria-road
Castle Rushen Military Gaol-Francis Edward Keene, governor; Alfred C.Callow, chief warder; Mrs Jane Jones, housekeeper
Caugherty Henry, labourer, 38 College Green
Christian Charles, draper's manager, 9 Hope-sttteet
Christian James, labourer, Queen-street
Christian John, sailor, 15 Hope-street
Christian John, fisherman, 54 Queen-street
Christian John George, family bootmaker, 11 Arbory-street
Christian John Henry, car driver, 51 Arbory-street
Christian Matthew, Aigburth House, College Green
Christian Philip, seaman, 4 Milner-terrace
Christian Robert, labourer, 17 Queen-street
Christian William, retired, 45 Arbory-street
Christopher Henry S., secretary King William's College, 16 Bowling Green-road
Clague Mrs Ann, lodging-house, 38 Crofts
Clague Charles, coachman, 55 Malew-street
Clague Edwin, baker, 13 Arbory-road
Clague Mrs Isabella, 83 Malew-street
Clague James, plumber, 56 Queen-street
Clague James, master carter and coal merchant, 14 Hope-street
Clague John, master mariner, 26 Hope-street
Clague John, principal officer of Customs, 3 Crofts
Clague John, M.D., Crofton, the Crofts
Clague John, retired mariner, 38 Arbory-street
Clague Miss Margaret, College Green
Clague Mrs Margaret, ironmonger, &c., 23 Malew-street
Clague Miss Margaret, baker and confectioner, 7 Malew-street
Clague Robert, mariner, 17 Bank-street
Clague Robert, butcher, 5 Arbory-street
Clague Robert, shopman, 34 Queen-street
Clague Thomas, labourer, 50 Queen-street
Clague Thomas John, mason, 94 Malew-street
Clarke George Adam, mason, 3 Athol-terrace
Clarke Joseph, police constable, 11 Milner-terrace
Clarke Wm. Tbos., tobacconist, 14 Malew-street
Clarke William James; baker and confectioner, 59 Malew-street
Creator Fred., mariner, Quay-lane
Cleator Miss Margaret, 2 Quay
Clucas John, mariner, 63 Malew-street
Clucas Simpson, bootmaker,39 Queen-street
Clucas William, saddler and harness maker, Castle-street
Condon James, labourer, 57 Queen-street
Condon Richard, joiner, 38 Malew-street
Collister George, tailor and draper, 5 Malew-street
Collister William, sailor, 36 Queen-street
Comaish Alexander, policeman, 85 Malew-street
Comaish Mrs Ann, 12 Mill-street
Coole John, fisherman, 129 Malew-street
Coole Mrs Margaret, Alexandra-Road
Coole Thomas, labourer, 48 College Green
Cooper Daniel, joiner, 4 Athol-terrace
Cooper M Alicia, . Malew-street
Cooper James, builder and contractor, 33 Arbory-street
Cooper Thomas, mason, 39 Arbory-street
Corbyn Mrs Margaret, Bay View
Corkill Louis, blacksmith, 6 Athol-terrace
Corkill Thomas, joiner and wheelwright, 5 Hope-street
Corkill Thomas, seaman, 47 Arbory-street
Corlett Mrs Elizabeth, 40 College Green
Corlett John, joiner, 52 Malew-street
Corlett Mrs Margaret, 74 Malew-street
Corlett Thomas, mariner, 12 Bridge-street
Corlett Thomas, mason, 126 Malew-street
Corrin Miss Ann, College Green
Corrin Mrs Ann, fruiterer, 24 Malew-street
Corrin Miss Elizabeth, private school teacher, Chapel-lane
Corrin Miss Catherine, infants school teacher, Malew-street
Corrin John, labourer, 80 Malew-street
Corrin John, farmer. Arbory-road
Corrin Mrs Martha; Parliament-square
Corrin Thomas, manager Isle of Man Banking Co., Parade
Corrin William, painter and decorator, 37 Malew-street
Corrin William, chemist and druggist, 4 Arbory-street
Corrin William, mariner, E\ridge-street
Corrin Frederick, mason, College Green
Corrin William, joiner, Springfield-terrace
Corteen Hugh, joiner, College Green
Corteen John, labourer, 16 Bridge-street
Corteen John, mariner, 16 Athol-terrace
Costain Edward, master carter, 50 Malew-street
Costain Edward, carter, 10 Bank-street
Costain John James' corn, flour, provender, seed and manure merchant, Bank-street and 33 Crofts
Costain Miss Jane, 86 Malew-street
Costain William, mason, 123 Malew-street
Costain William, mason, 53 Malew-street
Cowell Edith, 1 Douglas-street
Cowin Thomas, railway labourer, 74 Malew-street
Creech Mrs Catherine, Parliament-lane
Creetch Mrs Jane, 17 Hope-street
Crebbin William, butcher, 2 Arbory-street
Creer Miss Esther, 28 Arbory-street
Creer Miss Ellen, the Crofts
Creer Mrs Sarah, retired, 30 Crofts
Creer Thomas, labourer, Cod Malew-street
Cregeen, James, bootmaker, Bridge-street
Cregeen Archibald, 28 Queen-street
Cregeen John, mariner Bank-street
Crellin Miss, West Hill, Arbory-street
Crellin Edward, retired farmer, Elderslie, Malew-street
Crellin Miss Sara, private school keeper 74 Malew-street
Cretney Robert, C., manager Manx Bank, Castle-street
Cretney Thomas, 54 College Green
Cringle John, mariner, Arbory-road
Crookes Mrs Blanche, Rose Cottages, Bowling Green-Road
Cubbon George, watchmaker, 21 Arbory-street
Cubbon Henry, joiner, 90 Malew-street
Cubbon Henry, farmer, 77 Malew-street
Cubbon Henry, retired, Arbory-road
Cubbon John' marble mason and stonecutter, 2 Crofts
Cubbon John, stonemason, 17 Athol terrace
Cubbon John, marble mason, Hope-street
Cubbon Miss Mary, school-mistress, 4 Hope-street
Cubbon Richarcl, joiner, 96 Malew-street
Cudd Wm. Henry, retired, 1 Arbory-Road
Curphey Mrs Elizabeth, 7 Douglas-street
Curphey Frederick, coachman, 1 Bridge-street
Curphey John, mariner, 40 Malew-street
Curphey William, mariner, 5 Milner-terrace


Davidson Rev. Hugh C., Market-plce
Dickson General Edward John, Croft House
Dixon Mrs Catherine, widow, 118 Malew-street
Dodd Tom M., grocer, ale and porter bottler, and wine and spirit merchant, 19 Malew-street, residence-Crofts
Douglas Mrs, The Rock, Douglas-street
Dowling Charles, labourer, 29.Malew-street
Duke Mrs Elizabeth, Bridge-street
Duke Miss Elizabeth, 9 Parliament-square
Duke John, tailor, and glass and china dealer, 27 Arbory-street
Duke Richard, fisherman, 4; Queen-street
Duke Henry, painter, 1 Crofts
Duke William, fisherman, 21 Queen-street
Duke William John, tailor, 49 Arbory-street


Eadie William, M.D., the Parade
Edwards Mrs Margaret, 7 Chapel-lane


Fairless Mrs Eleanor, retired, 36 Arbory-street
Faragher Mrs Martha, 65 Malew-street
Fayle Mrs Jane, 3 Douglas-street
Ferrer Rev. Edward,B.A., 3 Arbory-road
Fisher Miss Jane, 22 Bowling Green-road
Fisher Thomas, H.K., Arbory-road
Furnell John, carter, 10 Bank-street
Furnell William, brewer's labourer, Hope-street


Gale John, mariner, 20 Hope-street
Gale Mrs Margaret, Malew-street
Garbett Hubert, Rushen House
Gell and Gell, advocates, Parade
Gell Mrs Ann, retired, 6 Market-place
Gell Hugh, 5 Arbory-road
Gell Sir James, Attorney-General, the Parade
Gell James Stowell, advocate, High-Bailiff of Castletown and registrar of births, deaths, and marnages, Parade; residence-Sandy Mount
Gell John Thomas butcher, 5 Market-place
Gell Mrs Mary, 98 Malew-street
Gell Peter, bootmaker, 73 Malew-street
Geldart George, refreshment rooms and stationer, 21 Malew-street
Gelling Mrs Catherine, dressmaker, 60 Malew-street
Gelling Henry Evans, advocate, Parliament-square
Gelling John, joiner 61 Malew-street
Gelling Thomas Richard, joiner, 11 Athol-terrace
Gilbert John, car proprietor, Market-place
Gill Rev. Hugh S., M.A., Chaplain to the Bishop and Surrogate of the Diocese, Vicar of Malew
Goodwin Edward private boarding-house, Castle-street
Graig John, tailor's cutter, College Green


Hannah Henry Percival, M.D., Surgeon, Stanley House, Castle-street
Harrison John, salesman, 5 Athol-terrace
Harrison John, seaman, 2 Milner-terrace
Harrison Mrs Margaret, 81 Malew-street
Henry James, butler, Springfield-terrace
Hogg Albert John, station master, agent for the British Empress Life, Kent Fire and Life, agent for the White Star Line Liverpool to New York; for the Allan Lines, for the American Line Southampton to New York; Langhan Cottage, Castle Green
Horne G. H., dentist (attends on first Tuesday in each month), 79 Malew-st
Horsham Edwin, coastguard, 39 Arbory-street
Howden Mrs Mary, 13 College Green
Hudson Charles, labourer, 102 Malew-street
Hudson Edward, mariner, 121 Malew-street
Hudson George, ironmonger, lo Arbory-street
Hudson Miss Jane, retired, 50 Malew-street
Hudson Joseph, mariner, Quay
Hudson Robert leather dealer and bootmaker, 18 Malew-street


Jennings Rev. F. S. F., Curate of St. Mary's, Crofts
Jeffcott Misses Catherine and Annie, 54 Malew-street
Jeffcott Mrs,16 Crofts
Jefferie John, coastguard, 24 Crofts
Jones Mrs Mary, Bowling Green-road
Jones Rowland William, surgeon, 2 Victoria-road
Jones Mrs Jane, housekeeper, Castle Rushen
Johnson Richard, licensed victualler, Castletown Hotel, Railway Station


Keene Francis Edwin, Governor of Castle Rushen
Keig Miss, retired, 21 Arbory-street
Keig Philip James, salesman, 35 Malew-street
Kelly Mrs, 12 Athol-terrace
Kelly Caesar Albert, stonemason, 1 r3 Malew-street
Kelly Henry, mariner, 1 Athol-terrace
Kelly Henry, 28 Hope-street
Kelly Miss Isabella, 63 Queen-street
Kelly James, painter and decorator, 25 Malew-street
Kelly Mrs Jane, licensed victualler, Railway Inn, Hope-street
Kelly James, labourer, 32 Queen-street
Kelly John, railway policeman, 3 Victoria-road
Kelly John James and Thomas, saddlers and harness-makers, and leather
Kelly Jane, refreshment rooms, Castle-street
Kelly Phllip, mason and shopkeeper, 3 Arbory-street
Kelly Richard, 16 Hope-street
Kelly Thomas, mariner, Quay-lane
Kelly Thomas, painter, 34 Queen-street
Kelly William, 57 College Green
Kennedy John, pensioner, 120 Malew-street
Kennaugh Henry, labourer, 131 Malew-street
Kennaugh John, farmer, College Green
Kermode Henry, master mariner, Springfield-terrace
Kermode James, grocer and provision dealer, r Milner-terrace
Kermode John Frederick. baker and biscuit manufacturer, 23 and 25 Arbory st
Kermode Robert K., chemist, 20 Malew-street
Kermode William Henry, saddler, harness maker, and leather dealer 6 Malew- street
Kewley Mrs Eleanor, Old Lodge, 34 Arbory-street
Kewley Miss Elizabeth Ann, glass and china dealer, 22 Malew-street
Kewley George Edward, manager Dumbell's Bank, Parliament-square; residence-Arbory-road
Kewley Robert, grocer, coal and provision merchant, Coroner of Middle and Rushen , Parliament-square
Kewin Edward, coal dealer, 91 Malew-street
Kewish James, harbour master, 1 The Quay
Kewish William, fisherman, 8 Bank-street
King Mrs Pumice, 13 The Quay
King Miss Sarah, dressmaker, 13 Quay
Killey Edward, stone mason, 58 Malew-street
Kinley Mrs, 32 Crofts
Kinrade Mrs John, ro8, Malew-street
Kinvig Thomas, fisherman, 27 Hope-street
Kinvig James. bootmaker Arbory Road
Kinvig Thomas Henry, bootmaker and postmaster, 17 and 19 Arbory-street
Kinvig John, retired, Arbory-street
Kinvig John, fisherman, 36 Malew-street
Kinvig Richard, butcher, 125 Malew-street
Kinvig Thomas, joiner, 53 Arbory-street
Kirwin John, agent for the Refuge Assurance Co., Springfield-terrace
Kneale Henry, quarryman, Arbory-road
Kneale James, grocer and provision dealer, Bank-street
Kneale Mrs Margaret, Springfield-terrace
Kneale Robert, postman, Parliament-lane
Kneale Wm. Robert, fruiterer, 14 Arbory-street
Kneen Miss, 28 Crofts


Lace Mrs Agnes, ladies' school, 42 Arbory-street
Lace David, mason and confectioner, Castle-street
Lace Mrs Jane, 40 Queen-street
Lanaghan John, pier inspector at Douglas, Bank-street
Lawson Edward, bootmaker, 43 Arbory-street
Layland James, mason, 5 Mill-street
Lewin Mrs Elizabeth, 64 Malew-street
Llewellyn Miss Christian, retired, West End
Looney Mrs Elizabeth, 13 Hope-street


Maddrell John, stone cutter, Bank-street
Magill David pensioner, 31 Queen-street
Manx Steam Trading Co Ltd-C. B. Bickerstaff, secretary and manager; office-Bank-street
Martin Edward, H.K., Tower Mill, Arbory-road
Martin Miss Mary Jane, glass and china dealer, 24 Arbory street
Martin Wm., pensioner, 18 Athol-terrace
McClellan Miss Clara, retired, Westham, Arbory-street
McGratten Henry, mariner, 11 Castle-street
McLaughlin William, farmer, Parliament-square
McMullan John, licensed victualler, Victoria Hotel, Malew-street
Meacock Mrs Mary, licensed victualler, Station Hotel and Restaurants Railway Station
Moore Major George, 15 Bowling Green-road
Moole George B., labourer, 25 Queen-street
Moore Wm. platelayer, 117 Malew-street
Monks.Mrs E'., 2 Douglas-street
Mullen Mrs Eliza, College Green
Mullen Charles, tailor and draper, 28 Malew-street
Murray Thomas, licensed victualler, Castle Anns
Mylchreest James, mariner, Quay-lane
Mylchreest James, Bay View
Mylchreest James & Co., grocers, ale and porter bottlers, and wine and spirit merchants, 8 Malew-street
Mylchreest John, retired, Arbory-street
Mylchreest Thomas, labourer, 55 Queen-street


Newton Miss Augusta M., retired, Westham, Arbory-street


Openshaw Mrs Margaret, College Green


Pat!ie Thomas, master carter, Mill-street
Pleignier Victor, professor of languages,Barrowscroft
Preston William John, joiner, 9 Milner-terrace
Preston Thomas, baker, 22 Crofts
Prew Charles, watchmaker, jeweller, and optician, 4 Malew-street
Pyne Horace Seymour, B A., science master, King William's College,


Qualtrough Joseph & Co., timber merchants and net manufacturers, Springfield-place; residence-Alexandia-road
Qualtrough Richard, general draper and milliner, Peveril House, Malew
Quayie Mrs Ann, dairy, 41 Malew-street
Quayle Mrs Elizabeth retired, Queen-street
Quayle George H., advocate, Bridge House
Quayle John, farmer 62 Malew-street
Quayle John, 46 College Green
Quayle John, fisherman, 47 Queen-street
Quayle John, labourer, 10 Milner-tcrrace
Quayle Mrs Margaret, 39 College Green
Quayle Robert, tailor, 44 Malew-street
Quayle William, joiner, 11 Hope street
Quilliam George, car proprietor and cowkeeper, 40 Malew-street
Quilliam John, marble mason, 15 Mill-street
Quilliam John, cowkeeper, 3 Mill-street
Quilliam John George, railway carrier, 56 Malew-street
Quilliam Thomas, labourer, rl5 Malew-street
Qullllam William, oil dealer, 23 Hope-street
Quine Edward, mason, Arbory-street
Quine Henry, policeman, 13 Athol-terrace
Quine William, labourer, 60 Queen-street
Quinney Mrs Elizabeth, 49 Queen-street
Turnkey James, warbler, Quay-lane
Quirk Robert, coachman, College Green


Radcliffe James, labourer, 58 Queen-street
Radcliffe James, railway porter 7 Athol-terrace
Radchffe Mrs Sarah, Queen-street
Rielly James, salesman, 6 College Green
Roberts Mrs Alma, Malew House, 48, Malew-street
Ryland Frank, hostler, 42 Queen-street


Sansbury George, salesman, 21 Hope Streetr
Sansbury John, labourer, 29 Queen-street
Sansbury George, joiner, 21 Hope-street
Sansbury Thomas, corn, seed and flour merchant, 31 Malew-street
Sansbury Mrs Catherine, 49 College Green
Sayle John, mariner, 24 Hope-street
Sayle William, 119 Malew-street
Schofield Miss Ann, retired, 4 Parliament-square
Schofield Hugh, 41 College Green
Schofield Robert, 21 College Green
Schofield Thomas Garrett, joiner and boatbuilder, Parliament-square
Scott William, pensioner, S Athol-terrace
Shepherd Edwin Thomas, master of National School, ~ Hope-street
Shimmin Henrv, Water Edge, College Green
Shimmin John, gardener 4 Crofts
Shimmin Firs Mary Ann; retired, 36 Malew-street
Shimmin Richard, Union Hotel and Mona Hotel, Arbory-street
Shimmin William, foreman, 6 Milner-terrace
Shimmon Miss Sarall, fancy repository, 30 Arbory-street
Simpson Robert, labourer, 71 Malew street
Sparrow Miss ladles' school, College Green
Steverson William A., H.K.,J.P., advocate, the Quay
Stowell Flaxney, painter and decorator, Queen-street
Stowell Flaxney, sen., builder and contractor, Elderbank, Arbory-street
Stowell James, manager and secretary of the gas works, 34 Crofts
Stowell Quayle, Queen-street
Swales James, watchmaker, jeweller, and photographer, ^6 Malew-street
Sykes Christopher B. Wesleyan Methodist Minister, Crier Villa, Crofts


Taggart James, general draper, 20 Arbory-street
Taggart Mrs Isabella, 33 Malew-street
Taggart James, car proprietor, 13 Pridge-street
Taggart Louise, washerwoman, 3 Bridge-street
Tamer William, tailor, 67 Malew-street
Taubman Mrs Letitia, 43 Queen-street
Taubman John, mariner, 13, Queen-street
Teare Charles, general smith and implement agent, the Quay
Thomson Mrs Catherine, grocer and provision dealer, Market-place
Thomson John, refreshment rooms, 13 Arbory-street
Tripp Rev. Ebenezer Robert, Primitive Methodist, 76 Malew-street
Turner Edward, 47 College Green


Varley Miss Eleanor, milliner and dresmaker; Athol House, 3 Malew street
Varley Thomas, gardener, Arbory-street
Vondy Miss Annie, 52 Malew-street


Walkington Janet, Bowling Green-road
Walkington Mary, lodging-house, 20 Bowling Green-road
Walters Rev. J., M.A., head master of King William's College, the College
Watterson Charles, mariner, 15 Bank-street
Watterson al homes, retired customs officer, 6 Douglas-street
Watterson John, stoker, 92 Malew-street
Watterson John, quarryman, 58 College Green
Watterson Thomas, farmer, Arbory-road
Watterson Thomas, 46 Queen-street
Watterson Thomas, mariner, 14 Bridge-street
Welsh William, joiner, Springfield-terrace
Wheeler James, labourer, 5 l Queen-street
Whitehood William, barrack sergeant, 45 Crofts
Wicksey J. T. W., Grammar School
Wilson Miss Eleanor, retired, 15 Arbory-road
Wilson Mrs Elizabeth, dressmaker, 13 Queen-street
Wilson James, refreshment rooms, the Quay
Wilson Joseph, watchmaker, 11 Malew-street
Woods Mrs Ellen, Parliament-lane
Woods Mrs Jane, confectioner, 17 Malew-street
Wright Mrs Ann, 75 Malew-street



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