[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]


Marown, the Midland Parish of Man, is the only one which does not touch the sea. It includes the middle section of the central valley from Greebah to Union Mills, with the mountainous regions on either side from Colden and the village of Baldwin to the Santon Burn. It contains about 9 square miles. Its only river is the Dhoo, which flows into the valley, and into which several smaller streams fall. It is an agricultural district, but its soil is only moderately fertile. A great part of the valley is boggy and subject to heavy floods. The population is agricultural, and in 1871 was 1,121. The present vicar of the parish is the Rev. Benjamin Philpot Clarke.


Alfred, John, farmer, Mountain Rock


Ballawillie Water Mill, James Cretney
Bowden, John, mine agent, East Foxdale
Borrows, Miss Ann, 3 Crosby-terrace
Borrows, John, 3 Crosby-terrace
Borrows, Miss Sarah, 3 Crosby-terrace
Bridson, Edward, farmer, Crosby House
Bridson, Henry, Ballaquinney-beg
Bridson, James, miner, Ballalough
Bridson, Robert, engine driver, East Foxdale
Brown, John, miner, Ballavitchel


Cadman, John, labourer, Ballavitchel
Cadman, Peter, farmer, Ballahutchen
Cadwell, Mrs. Jessie, The Nab
Cadwell, Miss Jessie, The Nab
Cain, William, fisherman, Ballavagher
Caine, Alexander, miner, Ballabeg
Caine, Andrew, labourer, Ballagrawe
Caine, Daniel, farmer, Ballagrawe
Caine, Daniel, shoemaker, Baldwin
Callow, William, farmer, Ballakilley
Campbell, William, labourer, Ballabeg
Cannell, Miss Ann, Baldwin
Cannell, John, labourer, Ballavagher
Cannell, William, labourer, Eyreton
Cannell, William, labourer, Trollaby
Carine, Mark, joiner and builder, Glenvine
Central Foxdale Silver Lead Mining Company, Limited, William T. Norris, manager, Foxdale
Challender, Mrs. Eliza, widow, Closemoar
Christian, James, labourer, Eyreton
Clague, John, farmer, Eareynesooi
Clague, Miss Mary Ann, Crosby
Clague, Robert, miller, Ballagrawe
Clague, William, miner, Ballavitchel
Clarke, Rev. Benjamin Philpot, Laurels, Crosby
Clark, James, miner, Baldwin
Clark, William, labourer, Glenvine
Clayton, William, 4 Crosby-terrace
Clucas, Edward, farmer, Ballaclucas
Clucas, Miss Jane, Ballaquinney-moar
Clucas, Miss Mary, Ballaquinney-moar
Clucas, Olave, labourer, East Foxdale
Clucas, Thomas Kewley, farmer, Ballafreer
Collister, John, labourer, Ballagrawe
Collister, John, labourer, Baldwin
Collister, Joseph, farmer, Ballavitchel
Collister, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Baldwin
Coole, Edwin, Hope Lodge
Coole, John, farmer, Virginia
Coole, John, labourer, Greeba Rock
Corkhill, Edward, miner, Eyreton
Corkhill, John, labourer, Ballaharry
Corkhill, Robert, labourer, Baldwin
Corlett, Henry, miner, Eyreton
Corlett, Joseph, farmer, Rock Farm
Corlett, Stephen, farmer, Ballacotate
Corlett, Thomas, engineer, Elm Bank
Corran, James, miner, Ballavitchel
Corrin, Edward, labourer, Ballafreer
Corrin, Richard, labourer, Ballafreer
Cottier, James, labourer, Ballaharry
Cottier, Mrs. Jane, widow, Ballacallin
Cottier, John, labourer, Slieuchairn
Cottier, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Glenvine
Cottier, Mrs. Mary, widow, Ballagrawe
Cowin, Henry, miner, Ballabeg
Cowin, John, farmer, Ballaquinney
Cowin, John, Baldwin
Cowin, John Wade, farmer, Ballaharry
Cowin, Matthias, farmer, Ballalough
Cowin, Thomas, labourer, Ballagrawe
Cowin, William, farmer, Ballabeg
Cowell, James, labourer, Eyreton
Cowell, John, labourer, Trollaby
Cowley, John S., labourer, Ballanicholas
Cowley, Miss Mary, 4 Crosby-terrace
Cowley, Thomas, farmer, Garth
Cowley, William, farmer, Braaid
Craine, Henry, butcher, Brook-moar
Craine, Thomas, gardener, Crosby
Creer, Edward, farmer, Mountain Rock
Creer, John, farmer, Braaid
Creer, John, miner, Ballawillie-Killey
Creer, Robert, miner, Ballavitchel
Crellin, William, farmer, Garth
Cretney, Caesar, fisherman, Ballavitchel Cottage
Cretney, Edward, farmer, Ballaglonney
Cretney, James, farmer, Ballawillie-Killey
Cretney, James, farmer, Ballawillie-Killey
Cretney, Thomas, labourer, Ballavagher
Cretney, William, farmer, Braaid
Cretney, William, farmer, Tosoby
Crosby Hotel, William Herlofson, proprietor, Crosby
Cubbon, John C., farmer, Cooilingal
Curphey, Mrs. Eliza, widow, Ballavagher
Curphey, Mrs. Mary, West Boshen


Edwards, John, labourer, Ballabeg


Faragher, Thomas, farmer, Ballaharry
Fell, Mrs. Amelia, widow, Laurels, Crosby
Frith, Walter, 5 Crosby-terrace


Gell, Evan, farmer, Ellerslie
Gelling, Alexander John, Ballavagher
Gelling, John, labourer, Ballalough
Gelling, William, farmer, Ballachrink
Gelling, William, farmer, Boshen
Gelling, William, miner, Garth
Goldsmith, Charles, mason, Ballawillie
Goldsmith, Henry, labourer, Eyreton
Grindley, Thomas, schoolmaster, Ballagarey House


Hampton, James, miner, Eyreton
Hannah, William, tailor, Ballalonay
Harris, Walter Thomas, mine agent, Airy House, Reshent
Herlofson, William H., hotel keeper, Crosby


Jenkinson, Joseph, farmer, Ballachrink
Johnson, John, labourer, Ballavitchel
Jones, Richard, butcher, Glenvine
Jenkinson, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Eyreton


Karran, Thomas W., Eyreton-terrace, Crosby
Kay, James, mason, Ballagarey
Kay, John, farmer, Braaid
Kay, John, farmer, Braaid
Kaye, John, miner, Ballakelly
Kaye, Thomas, farmer, Ballabeg
Kazer, Robert, mason, Ballagarey
Kelly, Mrs. Ann, widow, Ballafreer
Kelly, Miss Ann, Ballakelly
Kelly, Charles, miner, Slieuchairn
Keny, Edward, labourer, Ballalough
Icily, James, Crosby
Kelly, James, labourer, Ballagarey
Kelly, James, labourer, Eyreton
Kelly, James, labourer, Rose Cottage
Kelly, John, farmer, Ballalonay
Kelly, John, farmer, Garth
Kelly, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Baldwin
Kelly, Miss Margaret Ann, Cyprus House, Crosby
Kelly, Philip, farmer, Ballagrawe
Kelly, Philip, Baldwin
Kelly, Richard, labourer, Ballagarey
Kelly, Robert, sen., postmaster, grocer, provision dealer, and agent for The Isle of man Times, Crosby
Kelly, Robert, farmer, Ballaingham
Kelly, Robert, jun., tailor, Eyreton-terrace, Crosby
Kelly, Mrs. Sarah, widow, Ballacallin
Kelly, William, labourer, Ballalough
Kelly, William, tailor, Garth
Kermode, James, labourer, Ballacallin
Kermode, John, farmer, Ballamona
Kermode, John, farmer, East Foxdale
Kermode, John L., wine and spirit merchant, Halfway-house, Crosby
Kermode, Robert, labourer, Ballanicholas
Kermode, Stephen, miner, Mount-pleasant
Kermode, William, farmer, Ballacallin
Kermode, William, labourer, Ballawillie-Killey
Kermode, William, miner, East Foxdale
Kerruish, William, fisherman, Ballacallin
Kewley, Mrs. Frances, widow, Baldwin
Kennish, John, farmer and joiner, Ballaharry
Kirk, John W., farmer, Ballagrawe
Kirk, Thomas, labourer, East Foxdale
Kissack, Thomas, joiner, Pink Cottage, Crosby
Knealy, Mrs. Ellenor, Bunchay Farm


Lace, Edward, labourer, Eyreton
Lace, Edward, labourer, Sawmill House, Crosby
Lace, Henry, miner, Ballachrink
Lace, John, tailor, Ballabeg
Lace, Thomas, miner, East Foxdale
Lace, Thomas, labourer, Eyreton
Lace, William, farmer, Ballakelly
Langton, Mrs. Mary, Trollaby
Lewin, Miss Catherine A., Glenvine
Lewin, John, farmer, Ballamona
Lewin, Joseph, blacksmith and cartwright, Glenvine
Lockerby, William J., 2 Crosby-terrace
Lockerby, William C., agent, 2 Crosby-terrace


Maddrell, Robert, farmer, Ballalough
Maddrell, Thomas, agent, Ballacallin
Miller, William, tea merchant, Ballavitchel
Moore, Mrs. Catherine, shopkeeper, Ballagrawe
Murray, Thomas, farmer, Eareyvane
McMullen, James A., clerk in holy orders, Slieuchairn


Nelson, Thomas, 1 Crosby-terrace
Nudgon, Michael, labourer, Ballahutchen


Oldham, William, 6 Crosby-terrace


Quay, John, farmer, Fochronk
Quay, Mrs. Margaret, Fochronk
Quay, Mrs. Mary, widow, Fochronk
Quayle, John, miner, Ballavitchel
Quayle, Thomas, parish overseer, Crosby
Quayle, William, farmer, Eyreton
Quiggin, Mrs. Charlotte A., widow, Eyreton
Quine, Henry, labourer, Glenvine
Quine, John, farmer, Ballagrawe
Quine, Thomas, labourer, Baldwin
Quine, William, farmer, Eyreton
Quirk, James, miner, Ballavitchel
Quirk, John, farmer, Ballaclucas
Quirk, Mrs. Mary, widow, Ballavitchel


Radcliffe, Edward, labourer, Ballalough
Radcliffe, John, labourer, Ballavitchel
Ralston, Andrew, farm manager, Ashmount, Ballakelly


Shimmin, Daniel, Ballacotch
Shimmin, Edward, labourer, Glenvine
Shimmin, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, Ballabeg
Shimmin, John, farmer, Braaid
Shimmin, Thomas, farmer, Renshent
Sim, Mrs . Esther, widow, Eyreton-terrace, Crosby
Sims, William, farmer, Rhyne
Smith, Charles, labourer, Ballahutchen
Smythe, Mrs. Ann, widow, Crosby Villa
Stephen, Mrs. Esther, widow, East Foxdale
Stephen, Robert, labourer, Glenvine
Stokes, Matthew, labourer, Ballawillie-Killey


Taggart, Matthew, farmer, Foxdale
Teare, Wm., grocer, provision dealer, & blacksmith, Glenvine
Templeton, John, farmer, Ballagarey
Thompson, James, labourer, Ballalough
Tippar, William, Eyreton-terrace, Crosby


Vogwill, George, miner, East Foxdale


Walkinson, Edward, labourer, Ballafreer
Welsh, Thomas, corn mills, Ballaquinney-moar
Wilson, David, labourer, Eyreton
Wilson, William, Trollaby Cottage


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