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Volumes i-xviii 1979-1996

Please note most of these files are large - an estimate of the length is given alongside each index and volume

I was given permission by the then committee of the IoMFHSoc over 10 years ago to reprint these issues in exchange for they being allowed to print (&sell) my index to the publications - as attitudes to copyright have changed over the last 12 years I will willingly remove any article that the author no longer wishes to have on-line - I have removed all contact addresses


Volume - files contain the text of the articles

  • Volume xiii 1991
  • Volume xiv 1992
  • Volume xv 1993
  • Volume xvi 1994
  • Volume xvii 1995
  • Volume xviii 1996

The text of volumes xiii - xviii is not on this site
- society members should request copies of back issues.

Generally each volume contains four issues - however vol 11 and vol 16 both had an additional special issue to mark the 10th and 15th anniversaries.

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