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Sacheverell, William (Gov. of the Isle of Man)

An Account of the Isle of Man, its inhabitants, language soil etc. With a voyage to I-Columb-Kil: to which is added, a dissertation about the Mona of Caesar and Tacitus; and an account of the acient Druids, etc by T.Brown
London: J.Hartley 1702
pp175 8¥

F64  942.79  287.a.38 G.4011  


Sanderson, Bill. McGregor, Bruce and Brierly, Andrew

Calf Of Man
:Immel Publishing ?1994 1-898162-80-8
mainly concerned with diving, marine biology


Sargeaunt, Bertram Edward

The Isle of Man and the Great War
Douglas: Brown & Sons [1921]
pp.211 8o

B114  940.34094279  9084.c.17  

Douglas: Brown & Sons [1922] second ed
pp.214 8o

B114  940.34094279  9084.bbb.23  

The Military History of the Isle of Man
Arbroath: Buncle [1949]
pp.94 8o

  940.54094279  8832.c.39  

The Royal Manx Fencibles [with plates]
Aldershot: Gale & Polden 1947
pp.101 8o

  940.34094279  8837.i.15  


When Seagulls Laugh: a breath from the Isle of Man
London: A.H.Stockwell [1927]
pp.32 180x125


Seacome, John

Memoirs; containing a genalogical and historical account of the House of Stanley from the conquest to the death of James, Earl of Derby in the year 1735; as also a full description of the Isle of Man 2pt
Liverpool: [1737?]

F69  923.14279  139.c.23  

Liverpool: 1767 another ed 4¥ 606.f.15

Liverpool: 1783 another ed 4¥ 605.e.42

Liverpool: 1793 another ed 8¥ 606.e.12

Liverpool: [1801] another ed 8¥ 9904.c.32

Liverpool: 1821 another ed 8¥ 9904.c.10

Seybold, W. N.

Ramsey Lifeboats 1829-1991
Ballaugh, Isle of Man : RNLI Ramsey Station 1991 0-9517945-0-7
viii,234 ill,fac plans,ports 30cm

  363.12381094279    B91-69757

Shearwater Press

Maps of the Isle of Man 1280-1760
Douglas:Shearwater Press 1975 Limited Edition 0-904980-00-6


Shepherd, John, 1944-

The life and times of the steam packet
Ferry Publications, c1994


Shimmin, Christopher R. (M.H.K.)

Illiam Kodhere's Will. A Manx Play
Douglas: Manx Language Soc 1913


Luss ny Graih. A Manx Comedy
Douglas: Manx Language Soc 1913


Outlines from Manx History
Peel: W.K.Palmer 1916
pp.26 175x118


The Charm: a Manx Comedy
Douglas: Manx Language Soc [1913]


Shimmn (W.H.) & Co

Motoring in Manxland. Selected Routes etc
Cheltenham:E.J.Burrow & Co [1933]
pp.25 8


Sims, G.R. (George Robert)

Dagonet on our Islands
London:T.F.Unwin 1894
pp.172 8°

F65    10368.aa.50  


Smith, David H. 1952-

The Groudle Glen Railway
Brighton: Plateway Press c1989
56p ill 24cm

  385.52094279    B91-07566
[nb 2nd ed tba]

Snelling, Bill

Aurora to Ariel the Motorcycling life of J.W.Graham Oates a pioneer Manx motorcyclist. (Front coverAurora..Motocycling Exploits of...)
Douglas: Amultree Publications 1993 0-9521126-0-4
pp106 ports, illus


The Tourist Trophy: in old photographs collected by Bill Snelling
Stroud: Alan Sutton 1994 0-7509-0635-9
128p pbk

  796.75094279    B94-44953

Somerville, Christopher

The Other British Isles A Journey through the offshore islands of Britain
London: Grafton Books 1990 0-246-13317-1
Chap 7:IoM 'Millennium way through the Hills' pp91/101


Standen, Frieda

Those were the days
Douglas; the Manx Experience 1992
72 illus pbk


Trivial Tales of Music and Mann


Stanley Gibbons

Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps
London:Stanley Gibbons 1984 combined ed ISSN 0265-5608

  769.56'9423    B86-02286

Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps
London:Stanley Gibbons 1987 4th combined ed? ISSN 0953-6027

  769.56'9423    B88-47682

Collect Isle of Man Stamps: a Stanley Gibbons checklist of the stamps and a postal history of the Isle of Man
London:Stanley Gibbons 1977 2nd 0-85259-865-3

  769.56'94279    B77-18305

Stenning, Ernest Henry

Isle of Man (in County Book Series)
London: Robert Hale 1950

F65  914.279  W.P.1690/24  B50-2554

Portrait of the Isle of Man
London: Robert Hale 1958
reissued 1962

F65  914.279  010390.m.6  B58-18767

London: Hale 1975 3rd revised J.Grimson 0-7091-5190-X
192p ill map plans 23cm
2nd ed 1965

942.79 B75-15900

Portrait of the Isle of Man: fully revised and with new photographs by John Grimson
London: Robert Hale 1975 4th ed 0-7091-7027-0

F65  914.279    B78-25749

Stephen, T. (Rev Vicar of Kirk Patrick & Vicar General)

A Poetical Guide to the Isle of Man. By a Manksman...
Liverpool: S.H.Sankey 1832
pp.53 illus 190x108


Stokes, E.P.

Barrow route to the Isle of Man
London: Hazell, Watson & Viney [1883]
pp.128 8¥

F67  914.279  10360.g.2  

Stowell, Bellanne Miss

Manxland: a Tale; with an introductory sketch of Manx Home Missions
London: James Nisbet & Co 1863
pp viii,199 (illus) 175x110

E 76    4415.ee.35  

Stowell, F. (Flaxney)

Castletown: 100 Years Ago.
Douglas: Cubbon & Lightfoot. 1902
pp76;port illus 190x124


Stowell, Hugh 1768-1835 (Rector of Ballaugh)

Life of...T.Wilson...Bishop of Sodor and Man
London: 1819

London:G..Rivington 1829 3rd
pp.ix.419 4903.ee.32

Memoirs of Mrs. Stowell [with selections from her papers]
Wellington,Salop: 1817


The Pious Manks Peasant: or the history of William Curphey
:Houlstons series of tracts no. 17 [c1820]


Stowell, John 1762-99(Pseud Sharp John) [Master of Peel Grammar School]

A Sallad for the Young Ladies & Gentlemen of Douglas. Raised by Tom the Gardener etc. [by John Sharp Junior, or John Stowell
Liverpool 1790

J8    C.108.bbb.41(3.)  

A Switch for Tom the Gardener: or, the Sallad dressed, and the lamb roasted
Douglas ?: 1790?

J8    C.108.bbb.41(4.)  

Salad for the Young Ladies & Gentlemen of Douglas, in the Isle of Mann Raised by Tom the Gardener etc. Price sixpence a bunch
?Liverpool 1790

J8    1489.a.46  

The Literary Quixote: or the Beauties of Townley versified
Douglas: C.Briscoe [1791]
pp16 193x146


The Retrospect: or a Review of the Memorable Events of Mona in the year 1790. By Philanthus
Douglas: C.Briscoe [1790]
pp.55 202x130



Sutherland, James Middleton

Douglas and other Poems
Douglas: B & S ?[c1885]


Popular Guide to Kirk Braddan
Douglas: B & S [c1890]
pp.59 163x98


Swete, H.B.

Poems: Mona's Isle etc
Douglas: M.Glover 52 North Quay [c1870]



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