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Gale, Norman & Gale, Margaret

Castle Rushen: Isle of Man
Douglas: [Goverment Property Trustees] [1980?]
16 p., [4 plans : ill.


Gallico, Paul

London: Pan Books 1972 0-330-23379-3
[no real Manx connection except amusing concept of a tailess mouse]

823.91J    B72-28165

Garner, R. (Robert)

Holiday Excursions of a Naturalist
London: Robert Hardwicke 1867
IoM p61-86


Garrad, Larch S. (Sylvia)

A History of Manx Gardens
Douglas: Collector's Choice 1985
A Present From...Holiday Souvenirs of the British Isles
Newton Abbot: David & Charles 1976 0-7153-7080-4
pp.160 illus
Though not specific to IoM many examples are drawn from Manx experience; does not cover printed souvenirs such as views

The Industrial Archeology of the Isle of Man
Newton Abbot: David & Charles 1972 0-7153-5440-X
266p ill maps 22cm

609'.4279    B72-07226

The naturalist in the Isle of Man
Newton Abbot: David & Charles 1972 0-7153-5628-3
234p ill

574.94279    B72-23529

Garrad, Larch S. (Sylvia) and Hayhurst, Yvonne M.

Samplers in the Collections of the Manx Museum
Douglas: Manx Museum and National Trust 1988 0-901106-30-5
p60 illus


Gartrell, Geoffrey

Rock-climbs Isle of Man
Manchester: Cicerone Press 1973 0-902363-06-9
50p ill maps 17cm

796.52'289    B74-11064

Garvey, Ronald Sir (Gov )

Happy Days in the Isle of Man
pp102 illus, ports, pbk


Gell, James Sir

Report on the Constitution of the Isle of Man...and more especially on several points in relation to the Council, dated 20th July 1881, and addressed to the Lieut-Governor [Loch]
London: Vacher & Sons 1881
pp24 330x210


An Abstract of the Laws, Customs and Ordinances of the Isle of Man
Douglas: Manx Society xii 1867


Gell, William

Old Douglas: a reminiscence (in verse)
Douglas: S.K.B. & Co 1905
pp12 180x120


Gill, J.F. (John Frederick) ed (Deemster)

The Statutes of the Isle of Man, i, 1417-1824
London: Eyre & Spottiswoode 1883
pp. xi,469 240x150


Gill, William Walter, 1877-

A Third Manx Scrapbook
London: Arrowsmith 1963
pp.416 8º

929.4279  10099.l.108  

Manx dialect, words and Phrases (Manx Scrapbooks No. 4)
London:Arrrowsmith 1934

929.4279  12978.ccc.16  A37-190

Manx Scrapbook (Manx Scrapbooks No. 1)
London: Arrrowsmith 1929

E244  929.4279  010390.eee.6  A34-1595

Second Manx Scrapbook (Manx Scrapbooks No. 2)
London:Arrrowsmith 1932 limited ed

E244  929.4279  010390.eee.9  A33-2755

Gilles, J.

Chronicon Mannaie;
or, Chronicle of the Kings of Man. Supposed to be written by the Monks of the Abbey of Russin.
With the Norwegian Account of Olave the black, King of Man; and of Haco's Expedition against Scotlandetc

Perth 1784
pp.iv.123 12°

F64.2  941.1'402  288.a.45  

Giovannelli, Nickolay Leonida (Nikolai barone) 1906-

A fleet of thoughts : poems by a voluntary Manxman
Laxey: pp author ?([Thie Ny Garee) [1982?]
16p ill, port 21


Bizarre thoughts : poems
Laxey: pp author ?([Thie Ny Garee) [1982?]
16p ill, port 21


Exile on an island
Infracombe: Stockwell 1969 0-7223-9968-5
classified under rural life

631.'0924    B70-12825

Paper hero 'At His Majesty's Pleasue': an account of life as a Manx internee during World War II
Douglas: Island Development Co 1971 0-9500585-2-1
90p 8plates pbk 22cm

940.5472420924    B71-23053

Reminiscent thoughts
Laxey: pp author ?([Thie Ny Garee) [1982?]
20p ill, music,port 21


The Manx influence
Douglas Mona's Herald P [1969] 0-9500585-0-5
2],41,[1]p 23cm sd

942.79'03  NLS QP4.85.1635   B69-17839

The Manx influence, second series
[Douglas] Mona's Herald P 1970 0-9500585-1-3
[38]p 2ill 23cm sd 23cm

914.279'03    B70-26293

Gleave, J.

A Complete History of the Isle of Man etc
bound with The History of the House of Stanley .. Manchester 1821
pp.260 Map 8º

pirated version of Bullock with some small additional material

F64  942.79  10368.d.28  10368.d.28

The History of the House of Stanley from the conquest to the death of the Right Honourable Edward, Late Earl of Derby, in the year 1776 Containing a Genealogical and Historical Account of that Illustrious House to which is added a Complete History of the Isle of Man with a comparative view of The past and Present State of Society and Manners; containing also Anecdotes of eminent persons connected with that Island
Manchester: J.Gleave 191 Deansgate 1821

F69  923.14279    

Goodwyn, A. M., .

All about the Manx Electric Railway.
:Isle of Man, Manx Electric Railway Society. 1989


Is this any way to run a shipping line: the crisis in Manx shipping affairs
Ballasalla:MER Soc c1986
112p ill,ports pbk,bibliography 22cm

387.51    B88-30140

Snaefell Mountain Railway
Douglas:MER Society 1987
43pp illus, maps plans pbk 21cm

385.62094279    B88-52121

Manx Electric
:Platform 5 Publishing 1993


Graves, F.S. & Ralfe, P.G.

Manx Birds
Peel: W.K.Palmer 1912
pp33 180x120


Greenstreet, J.H.

Further notices of W.Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby...as a poet and dramatist
London: 1891

F69  923.14279    

Grindley, Thomas

Broadbent's Concise History of the Isle of Man
Douglas: S.K.Broadbent & Co. [c1896]
pp.80 Map(Philips) 185x106


From Douglas to the Summit of Snaefell by Electric Railway, being the Official Guide of the Douglas and Laxey Electric Tramway and the Snaefell Mountain Electric Railway
Douglas: Brown & Son 1897
pp116 185x125


Grose, Francis

Antiquities of the Isle of Man. by Francis Grose, Extracted from his general work on the antiquities of England and Wales MDCCXCVII London: John Gray Bell, Bedford Street ,Convent Garden MDCCCXLIX
London: John Gray Bell, 1849

F7  913.79    



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